Buck Rogers in the 26th Century
"The Civilized"
Written by: Erin Weinstock
Novelization verison by: Reba Grayladyfalcon
I don't hold any of the copyrights in this story, and this story was made without profit. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"August 4, 1981"

At a campsite is Buck's family. There are two tents, the bigger one is meant for the parents, the smaller one is for Buck and his younger brother Ben. His parents are unpacking a nice sized car, getting out camping supplies. Buck and Ben are dashing about the campsite and woods. Buck is nine years old, Ben is seven years old. There's a campfire roaring. While Buck and Ben play, the two of them have sticks in their hands. Both of these sticks are lit at their ends, from having been poked in the fire. Just a touch lit, they're not truly on fire. All the while the two are playing, they're making light saber sounds as they move about the sticks.

"Darth Vader, surrender now!" young Buck says.

"Never Skywalker, my Death Star will kill your rebel scum!" Ben replies with his shirt up over his mouth to muffle his voice.

"Not if Chewbacca has anything to say about it!" Young Buck replies as he turns around. "Tramp! Here boy, Tramp!" young Buck calls out.

Tramp, a black cocker spaniel. The dog pokes its head up from just over a log. Looks towards Buck then puts its head back down.

"HA.. HA.. HA, even the Force won't save you now!" Ben says waving around the stick in his hand.

"Boys, play nice," Buck's mom said loudly as she sets things up in the campground.

"We are ma," young Buck replied.

"GIVE IN TO THE DARK SIDE!" Ben said with his mouth still covered.

Their mother turns to look at them. "Ben, what is holding that shirt on to your face?" she asked.

Ben stands where he is, swinging his stick a little, smiling.

She walks over to Ben, and bends down to him. She takes the shirt off his nose, exposing what he used to keep it on. Chewing gum can be seen coming off the nose with his shirt.

"Beeennn!" she said loudly.

"What did he do?" Buck's dad asked while holding a bag of marshmallows in one hand, and a packet of hot dogs in the other.

"He was holding his shirt on his nose with chewing gum," she replied with a soft laugh.

"Hot dogs!" Ben shouted as he started to run towards his father.

"Not until after you've cleaned up your nose young man," Buck's father said lifting the marshmallows and hot dogs above his head as Ben got closer.

"Aww dad," Ben said as he reached his father.

"Buck, you go with him to the washroom," Buck's dad said.

"Why? I'm not dirty," Buck replied.

"Because he's your little brother, and you're a good boy," Buck's mother replied placing her arm around Buck's shoulder and giving him a light squeeze.

"I don't want to go to the washroom," Ben said.

"You have to go honey, you have gum all over your nose," Buck's mom replied.

"I don't want to go, there's bad things in the woods," Ben said pointing towards the woods by the bathrooms.

"Like what sort of bad things?" Buck's mom asked.

"Like bears and wolfs and boogiemen," Ben replied.

"Buck, have you been telling him stories again?" Buck's mom asked looking over at Buck.

"No, I haven't," Buck replied.

"Frank!" Buck's mom said glancing over at Buck's and Ben's dad.

"They're just harmless stories, I tell them to Buck all the time," Frank replied.

"Frank, Buck's older, he can handle them. Ben doesn't know those stories are fake," Buck's mom explained.

"I'll take Ben to the washroom, I'll explain to him about the stories," Buck said as he reached for Ben's hand.

"That's a nice thing to do Buckster, now go take him to get cleaned up," Frank said with a smile.

The two boys head away from the campground. "What dad tells us about those stories, they aren't real," Buck said glancing down to Ben.

"But if dad says it, it must be," Ben replies.

"No, not everything. There aren't any wolfs or bears around here, and the boogiemen, they aren't real," Buck explains.

"Boogiemen aren't real?" Ben asked looking up to his older brother.

"Remember last year when I told you a monster lived in the bathtub? And that every time the water was turned on the monster would return to its home?" Buck asked.

"I remember," Ben replied.

"You believed me because I'm older than you. Dad sometimes makes up stories like I do, they aren't real either," Buck replied looking at Ben.

"So the boogiemen aren't real?" Ben asked.

"The boogiemen aren't real Ben, there are no monsters," Buck replied.

"Where's Tramp, I have food out and he's not jumping around me to get it?" Frank said.

"He's over there hon," Buck's mom replied pointing in the direction of the dog.

"Now what are you working away at, doofus?" Frank walks over to Tramp. "What is that?" Frank asked when Tramp glanced up to him for a moment.

"Eew, get that away from him, that's gross!" Buck's mom said with a ill expression on her face.

"Tramp, Tramp, give that here boy, be a good dog!" Frank said trying to take it away from Tramp.


Chapter 1

Now it's the present. Buck is sitting at a fire holding a stick out over it, with what looks like a marshmallow on its tip. Taking the stick away from the fire, he looks at what's being held on the end of it.

"This isn't a marshmallow, it looks like a puffed out, light yellow with pinkish and orange patches, poisonous mushroom," Buck says softly to himself. He takes the stick and slides it across a towel.

"Why did you do that?" Twiki asked.

"I must be old-fashioned Twiki, I'm not sure I want to try the 26th century's idea of a marshmallow," Buck replies.

"What's wrong with it?" Twiki asked.

"Nothing, nothing," Buck replied not wanting to go in to it with Twiki about what he really thinks of the food, or the moment.

"Do you require more wood for the fire?" Twiki asked holding up more firewood.

"No, it's fine," Buck said.

"Do you want to tell ghost stories?" Twiki asked placing the firewood next to the fire.

"What?" Buck asked looking up at Twiki.

"That was a tradition when camping that came from back in your time, right?" Twiki asked.

"I've had my fill of ghosts for one evening, Twiki." Buck hesitates "I just don't feel like talking about them right now."

"There have been ghosts here?! I was programmed to believe they weren't real, where were they?" Twiki asked glancing around.

Buck, without responding to Twiki in any way walks past his sleeping bag and picks up a bucket. He walks back to the fire and dumping the bucket, douses the fire in water. "Good night, Twiki." Buck says while unzipping his sleeping bag.

The next morning Buck is standing by a tall grouping of very wild looking greens. Buck holding a pop-out travel cup in one hand, and a toothbrush in the other. On the tree in front of him is a small mirrow nailed to it. He's brushing his teeth. Then behind him, he sees in the reflection of his mirror, a woman is running. She looks in pain, and fearful. Buck turns his head and look to see which way the woman is running. He drops his toothbrush and cup and starts running after her.

"What's going on?" Twiki asked watching Buck running in the direction of the woman.

"Stay!" Buck yells back.

Buck still running at full speed can still see the lady off in the distance. She seems to move through with woods with ease. Buck starts to run a little faster, soon he's catching up with her.

"What what's wrong, what are you running from!" Buck calls out to the woman who still seems to be running for her life. "Lady, ...if I can, I'd like to help!" Buck calls out.

Buck finally catches up with her and is running next to her, looking at her. They soon stop. The woman stares at Buck. After a moment she looks behind her and the panic becomes more on her face.

Buck glances behind them to see the brushs being pushed around.

She returns her gaze back to Buck. She puts out one of her arms to him. Buck reaches out and tries to take the out reached hand. She then backs up, on her stretched out forearm and hand the skin changes color from a normal skin color to deep red, then purple in and around the hand. Buck stares with astonishment. Then out of no where an unseen force blasts Buck backwards, and on to the ground. With Buck laying on the ground she starts run, moving past Buck, who is gathering his bearings and pushing himself up from being flattened out on to the ground.

Buck looks out and sees others coming. They're aliens, ones he had never seen before. Their faces are thickly covered in fur. Not shaped the way the Candoses' faces are. These faces were long spiked fur shooting out of it. On the face, the mouth was a "Y" shape. At the top of the "Y" there are two big, red eyes. The mouth has what appeared to be large rodent like teeth in it. The clothes look heavy and thick. There are three of these aliens. All of them are toting guns that look like they fit the clothes to match. Buck gets up more from the ground, then awkwardly gets to standing up. The aliens approach him.

"Are you chasing that woman up ahead?" He asked pointing behind him to where she ran off.

The alien in the lead speaks in an alien form that Buck doesn't understand, then raises his gun at Buck.

"Now wait, wait," Buck says holding his hands out towards the aliens.

The alien doesn't listen. It fires at Buck. Buck dodges the blast. Buck feels his side hoping to find his side arm, which isn't there.

"Listen, I obviously don't know even the half of what's going on here. Now I'm sure you're the people that young lady was running away from. If you want a fight, lets do it fair," Buck said. One alien continues running in the direction the woman run. The other two stay behind with Buck. They just stare at him while he's talking. "I have no weapon, so that means you fight without weapons," Buck motions out what he's saying about the weapons deal.

After several attempts the aliens finally holster their weapons, one of the two come up to Buck.

Some time later Buck is lying on the ground. After a few moments he gets up. He reaches his hand up to the pain he felt on his face. He touched his eye area and found that was where the pain was coming from. His eye was swollen and tender to the touch. He looked around and found that the aliens were gone. After Buck stands fully up he starts walking off, putting one of his hands on the black eye. He starts talking to himself softly.

"I try to help the woman, she knocks me down. I try to talk to the aliens, they beat the crap out of me. They fired at me. She, I don't know what she did. The robot has the smarts of a college grad, but thinks like a two year old. "What ghosts?" What a mess. Her arm changed color, that isn't right. She looked human, Draconian? Maybe, they seem to look like us, don't remember seeing Ardala do that. Have to get back to camp, maybe tell the Defense Directorate about the woman, the aliens." Buck hesitates. "Do they need to know about that, of course, maybe. Maybe I shouldn't be headed back to camp, maybe go to where she was coming from. Find some answers there, maybe find a doctor, get an ice-pack," Buck said talking to himself. He stops walking and looks around. He points out from himself, not in the same direction he's been walking in.

"That way," Buck said as he started to walk in the direction he believed the woman came from.

Buck hears noises coming from ahead, he pushes aside some plants at the edge of a clearing. In the clearing of the forest Buck sees a village of stone houses, with fine wooden roofs. The streets are a mess, with wreckage from various things. There are small scattered fires, and smoke dusts the air. The type of alien we saw earlier is roaming about this village. There's a whole mess of them, almost as much of them as we see people. The aliens are playing rough with the people, grabbing at some, pushing aside others. They're also pilfering this place, taking anything they want, little or big. Note in this scene, we can see nothing that has been made of metal. At least not in the village or on its locals.

"Yes, This is something I should tell the Directorate about," Buck says. He sqats down behind the plants and is looking around when he sees something off a little ways.

A space ship. One that Buck had never seen before. He glances over to the right and sees the woman who was running through the woods earlier being thrown to the ground. After a moment she looks up hurt then angry, she began shouting.

"I don't know what you want from me, but you can't have it!" she shouted.

The Alien that threw her down, bends down and grabs her by her hair. She's forced in to getting up as it pulls her along with itself. As it pulls her along, it spoke in a lanuage Buck didn't recognize. They come to an area where work was being done on the ship. The alien pulls her hair harder to get her attention and points out to the work. Then with a jolt it throws her towards the work. Once laying on the ground, she changes the color of the same arm that held out to Buck earlier. She holds it out at the alien.

Buck looks and could see that the wall behind the alien becomes dented in the outline of some of the alien's shape. It starts to laugh at her, then all of a sudden it kicks her, still laughing. Buck watches as she's laying on the ground holding her side in pain.

Chapter 2

Buck was in Dr. Huer's office explaining what he had seen and what happened.

"They're not like us Buck, they're mutants, unnatural beings," Huer explained.

"Just because they can do things we can't that shouldn't make them outcasts," Buck replies.

"They've chosen not to live among us. Their way of life is not like ours. It's a way of life that has made them alien to us, and to other aliens. I think those creatures you saw were them," Huer replied.

"I may not be familiar with mutants but I'm certain those beings weren't human or mutants," Buck said pacing the floor in front of Dr. Huer's desk.

"They are monsters, that's what those mutants are. They have their own set of laws that they live by, just as we have ours. She attacked you because you interfered with her in what she was up to or about to do. The others attacked you because you didn't belong among them," Huer said.

"I know this is speaking way out of line here sir, but I don't think you're right about this. I'm going to get to the bottom of it." Buck hesitated for a moment. "I don't fear these people because I don't believe in monsters," Buck said as he hits the door access pad with one of his hands, and leaves the room.

Buck heads for the holographic training simulator.

Wilma was in the training simulator with another trainee. The trainee is inside the Z-87 with the cabin cover open. Wilma is standing on one of the Z-87's many ridges. She points her finger around the inside of the Z-87, showing the trainee where things are.

"Now can you tell me what that is?" Wilma asked.

"That control lets me control the "Z" better when it's moving firmly in its X-axis?" the trainee replied.

"That's correct. Now can you tell me what that one is used for?" Wilma asked pointing to another switch.

The trainee hesitates for a moment. "That control lets me control the....."

"It lets you control the Z-87 when it's moving firmly in its Y-axis," Wilma explains.

"Then this one must let me control the "Z" when in it's firmly in its Z-axis!" The trainee pointed to the switch herself.

"That's good, next can you show me the proper way to move the Z-87 into the X-axis firmly?" Wilma asked watching the trainee demonstrate her request.

As Wilma is watching the trainee, Buck pops his head up over the other side of the Z-87, opposite Wilma.

"So what's on the training agenda today?" Buck asked startling Wilma in the process.

"Buck!" Wilma yelled.

"I was just wondering," Buck replied laughing.

"What are you doing here?" Wilma asked.

"I need your help," Buck replied with a strange look on his face that Wilma had seen many times before.

"Can it wait?" Wilma asked.

"I don't think so," Buck replied.

Wilma turns her attention back to the trainee. "I want you to work with the axis controls while I'm gone. Get the feel for how to move them smoothly," Wilma instructed the trainee.

The trainee nods her head in understanding. Wilma gets off the Z-87, Buck does the same on its other side.

"So what's so important that it can't wait?" Wilma asked.

"When I was camping, I encountered some people.. I think. I'm pretty sure they really need our help," Buck replied.

"What's going on that you think they need help?" Wilma asked with some concern.

"Well there were these aliens. I'm certain they were aliens, they were attacking the village these people live in," Buck explained.

"You're not sure whether or not they were aliens?" Wilma asked with a puzzled expression on her face.

"Dr. Huer told me he thinks they're mutants, just like the people they're attacking," Buck said.

"And you want to save mutants?" Wilma asked.

"I don't care that they're not like us, that they don't choose to live like us. They're still people Wilma, and they need help!" Buck replied raising his voice.

"So why don't you just go off and act as their cavalry?" Wilma asked.

"These aliens who are attacking, they're big and there's so many of them, I need help with this!" Buck replied.

"What did Dr. Huer tell you to do about this?" Wilma asked.

"He doesn't want us to have anything to do with this," Buck replied with a smug look on his face.

"If that's his position on this, then it's my position on this too," Wilma replied.

"You don't care what happens to them? They're people too, we provide defense to those in need of it," Buck said pointing to himself and Wilma.

"They may be people, but they don't live among us, and choose not to. They have their own way of living that they don't want us to take part in. Dr. Huer is my superior, and what he says goes. I'm afraid I can't help you in this," Wilma replied shaking her head.

"And just when was the last time we the normal humans, stretched out a hand to one of them. Offered them something they might need?" Buck asked.

"They don't want our help, Buck," Wilma replied raising her voice.

Buck has a flash back to when the running woman knocked him down.

"Maybe, but then again they are different than us. They might need help and just not know how to show it to us in a way we're used to." Buck looked at Wilma. "Are you sure you can't help?" he asked.

"I'm sorry Buck, I can't.. my hands are tied," Wilma replied.

Buck walked back to his living quarters and started to explain the things he saw at the space ship to Dr. Theopolis. Enraged by what Dr. Huer and Wilma said, he grasped a piece of furniture tightly.

"It's all bureaucratic BS, that's what it is!" Buck replied enraged.

"I fail to see how that is," Theopolis replied.

"A line got drawn in the sand at some point in time. And both sides want nothing from the other now, because of that old line. Correction, at least this side wants nothing to do with the other!" Buck said with anger.

"I find it hard to believe there is no one who will aid you in helping these mutants," Theopolis replied.

"I'm at the bottom of the barrel about this. I doubt there's a single ear in the whole Defense Directorate that will listen to me on this!" Buck said hanging his head.

"That might not be true Buck," Theopolis replied.

"And how, who's that?" Buck asked looking towards the wall unit of Theopolis.

"There is one person at the Directorate who looks up to you, in what could in a way be called role model like," Theopolis said.

"Forgot about him. Do you really think he'll listen to me?" Buck asked.

"There is only one way to find out," Theopolis replied.

"How many languages do you know?" Buck asked.

"2,650. Why did you want to know that?" Theopolis asked.

"I'd like to think there's someone around here that could talk to these aliens. And since you're the only one, well only one so far that will listen to me..." Buck stopped.

"You wish me to speak with these aliens you've been speaking of?" Theopolis asked.

"It's dumb, I shouldn't have brought it up," Buck said.

"How is it dumb? You do want me to speak with these aliens, correct?" Theopolis asked.

"I do, it's just you can't leave the Defense Directorate, you're not mobile," Buck replied.

"Oh but I am," Theopolis replied.

Buck turned his gaze back to Theopolis on the wall with a puzzled look.

Theopolis instructed Buck to go to the workshop, and that he will have Fox meet him there. Buck left his living quarters and walk to the workshop as instructed by Theopolis. Buck entered and saw that it was cluttered with bits and pieces of all sorts of machines. The bulk of this mess is on one of two island tables in the center of the room. The table that for the most part has nothing on it is used for work. There was cabinets lining the walls, some of them had Phasoft-doors for their openings. A moment after Buck arrived Fox showed up followed by Twiki.

"So what exactly is it you need me for, Buck?" Fox asked.

"There's a little task that Dr. Theopolis and I want to get done. And we think we might need your help in it," Buck replied.

"That's what I want to know. All I know is that Dr. Theopolis summoned Twiki and myself down here to assist you. Does Dr. Huer know about this task?" Fox asked.

"He knows, Wilma knows and a few others. Fox, from what I've heard the mutants are people we just turn our gaze away from because they're not like us, but in their roots. No wait that's wrong, they are human, and they need help," Buck replied.

"With what, their health?" Fox asked.

"No, these aliens, I saw them attacking the mutants," Buck replied.

"You've turned to me because after you went to all the others, I'm the only one you think will help you in this?" Fox asked.

"Theo is ready to help me. Remember, that's why we're here. Second, about humanity I can't believe there's no one who cares about these people other than myself!" Buck said.

"Whoah there, I never said I wouldn't help you in this. I just like to know what I'm doing before I'm about to do a task. If you haven't noticed this about me yet, I don't think like some of the others," Fox replied looking at Buck.

"Theo knows you well, doesn't he?" Buck asked with a smile.

"Dr. Theopolis knows my file, and what others have said about me. I've never talked to Theopolis much." Fox hesitated. "Speaking of Dr. Theopolis, I think I'd better get him out of storage," Fox said as he started to walk over to one of the walls.

"I don't understand this, Theo is part of the Defense Directorate, its buildings. He says he can be mobile, but how?" Buck asked watching Fox.

"He'll use Twiki," Fox replied as he's trying to find the Phasoft-door he wants.

"What? Theopolis will be downloaded in to Twiki?" Buck asked with a confused expression on his face.

Fox turned and saw the confusion on Buck's face. "No, Theopolis will use Twiki for his ride," Fox replied smiling as he finds the right Phasoft-door. He opens the door then reaches in to the cabinet and pulls out a tray with a blob on it.

"Buck, meet Dr. Theopolis," Fox said holding up a tray.

On the tray is a glob of transparent jelly, with wires and several pieces of metal stuck in to it. There are lights scattered about deep in the gel, connected to the wires and metal. Near the surface, on what could be called the end of this blob, there are three lights lined up like a face.

Chapter 3

"Uh uh er hum?" Buck said, making a clearing noise while standing there with a confused look on his face.

"When Dr. Theopolis comes in contact with Twiki, the circuitry within the gel will become activated by the energy that courses through the ambuquad," Fox replies as he places the glob on one of Twiki's shoulders.

"What, what's the gel for?" Buck asked.

"Well, it protects Theopolis. Plus lets him stretch with ease in to Twiki's motors and circuitry, to control his movements," Fox replies.

"Twiki-Tik are you OK with this?" Buck asked placing his hand on Twiki's back.

"If I wasn't OK with this I wouldn't haveeeeezzzz," Twiki started to reply but was cut short due to the jelly Theopolis is in started moving over different places on Twiki, creeping in to a few of the robot's joints. The lights are turning on in the jelly.

"Twiki!" Buck called out with concern.

A moment later. "I have been activated for mobile use. I don't know either of you. Please explain to me who you are?" The blob lifts up part of itself and turns to them.

"My name is Hieronymous Fox," Fox replied.

"Buck Rogers," Buck replies.

The face lights turn on. "Greetings Hieronymous Fox and Buck Rogers. Will one of you tell me why I have become activated?" it asked.

"You don't know?" Buck asked.

"The last time I was active in my mobile state was on November 3, 2516. The reason for my reactivation is something I'd greatly like to know. Will you, one of you please tell me?" it asked again.

Buck, Fox and Twiki with Dr. Theopolis attached to Twiki was making their way to the spot where Buck last seen the space ship and aliens. Theopolis was asking all sorts of questions along the way.

"I'm telling you, Theo, I'm the wrong one you should be asking these sort of things to," Buck replied.

"Truthfully Buck I don't see how that is," Theopolis replied.

"You really don't know anything of the events of the past two years do you?" Buck asked.

"I had not been in use at that time, and it's because of this that I'd greatly like an update as to current events," Theopolis replied.

Buck laughs lightly.

"Eh, Dr. Theopolis, Buck really isn't the best man you should be asking about the state of everything," Fox replied with a soft laugh.

"And why is that Hieronymous?" Theopolis asked.

"Long story," Buck replied looking over at Fox smiling.

"You know 2,650 languages, right?" Fox asked Theopolis.

"That is correct. Are there any new languages I should be made aware of?" Theopolis asked.

"None that I can think of," Fox replied.

As they approached the clearing. They see just beyond the village the massive space ship. They stopped for a moment. Fox took a few steps forward. "I've never seen a ship like that in my life," Fox said.

"Well then it had best be that one of the 2,650 languages I know is one of the ones these aliens use to communicate," Theopolis replied.

"Any ideas how we get in there Theo?" Buck asked.

"Judging them by how they treated you Buck. When you spoke with them earlier I'd say they understand English or at least body language. If they have such a want for physical objects, then presenting them with a gift might give us passage on board," Theopolis suggested.

"I don't have anything on me, well except for my sidearm which isn't going anywhere but in to my hand," Buck replied placing his hand over his weapon.

"I have my weapon but I also have my palmtop. I told my dad I'd work on some of his history files to day," Fox replied holding out his palmtop.

"Your palmtop might just do, Hieronymous," Theopolis replied.

"I think I see one of them," Buck said pointing in the direction he saw the alien.

They continued walking in to the village. They noticed one of the aliens is sitting at the corner of a building on a stump. It was eating some kind of animal native to the woods. The animal is uncooked and from the look of it the alien was the one who killed it and skinned it. The trio approach the alien, who doesn't notice them.

"Hi there, mind if we have a few words with you?" Buck asked as they walked up closer to the alien.

The alien looks up from its meal to the three, then continues eating.

"That is hopefully if you just understood what I just said. And don't want to beat the living tar out of me," Buck said.

"Cirr kack shoo?" the alien replied glancing up at Buck.

"Theopolis?" Fox asked.

"I'm unsure of what language that was in, Hieronymous. But if I were to hear a little more of this alien's tongue my database might find a match to it, or something of a similar sound," Theopolis replied.

"Um, nice looking rabbit? Raccoon?" Buck said pointing at the alien's meal.

"Pah gee pa neck?" the alien said.

"Well I'm sorry to say its language was not in my database. But however it sounds a lot like..Tinihale," Theopolis replied.

"What has it been saying?" Buck asked glancing over at Theopolis.

"Of course we can talk, why would I want to beat you up?" Twiki said in a low tone of voice.

"Twiki, you're there?!" Buck asked.

"Dr. Theopolis is using Twiki as the translator, just like he can access Twiki's motor functions," Fox informed Buck.

"Then why couldn't Theo just get the information from Twiki about what's been happening over the last two years?" Buck asked looking over at Twiki and Theopolis.

"Theopolis can't access the information part of Twiki's CPU, only its motors to send electrical currents telling the droid what to do," Fox replied.

"I see. Theo, what's the next thing it said?" Buck asked.

"You are referring to what I am eating?" Twiki said.

"Never mind that. Why have your people done this to this village?" Buck asked as he motions around himself at the surroundings.

"Siff as teal huy vuh kik was," the alien replies.

"We need workers and supplies for our ship," Twiki translates back to Buck and Fox.

"And we demand all of them back, they don't belong to you!" Buck says as he draws out his sidearm and points it at the alien.

The alien puts down its food, then pushing down with one hand lowers Buck's held out arm with the weapon. "Fuff ta du ho?" the alien asked.

"Why have you drawn your weapon on me?" Twiki again translates.

"The the people of this village, they're people of this planet! What gives you the right to just kidnap them and take them on board your ship for work?!" Buck said raising his voice a little.

"Pouh xi keel jah xib bib she," the alien replies.

"They will be given back," Twiki again translates what the alien had said.

"Row ot coek," the alien said as he started to walk towards the space ship.

"Come I'll show you why," Twiki said.

"So much for thinking we'd have to present a gift," Buck says turning to Twiki and Theopolis.

As the follow the alien they can see the whole ship.

They came up to a doorway. The alien lead followed by Buck, then Theopolis and Twiki, and Fox.

"Qwee rock yu ko," the alien said.

"We are almost done with our stop here," the alien said.

They continue following the alien in the same order.

"Hump jay de foul vuho," the alien said pointing towards the workers.

"Your people are hard workers, when motivated," Twiki translated.

"How is it you know English?" Buck asked looking at the alien.

"Tayu me pok," he replied.

"We've heard other species use it," Twiki said.

The alien turned towards Buck and Fox. "We get around," he said.

"So why is it you don't know how to speak it?" Buck asked out of curiosity.

"Rruk go heel oh jaz English bow sas," the alien said.

"We never stay anywhere long, no need to speak English if not needed again," Twiki translated.

"Are you headed somewhere to stay? Somewhere you will be staying long?" Buck asked.

"Kolge del ru," the alien said pointing towards the people working. Buck and Fox gazed at all the work they were doing. The workers were using an invisible force to move things, whether to push around on the floor, or move gently through the air.

"We are here," Twiki said.

"And they're not here to stay, right?" Buck asked almost growling.

"Sum ik lom hoil," the alien replied.

"When we leave, they'll stay," Twiki replied.

"Question for you that I've been thinking about for some time," Buck said.

The alien turns to him. "Why didn't you guys try to kidnap me?" Buck asked.

"Eme zax tool pa de nol hens er uy joy bim ta pa de pro he," the alien said with a un-human like grin.

"My species, we have the ability to look in to the genetic structure of a being and see traits of importance in it. I wasn't there when you encountered us before, but I can see in your genetic structure nothing of use to us," Twiki translated and then added a small robotic laugh.

"What my colleague asked earlier, are you headed somewhere for permanent stay?" Fox asked.

"Gool," the alien replied.

"Yes," Twiki said.

"To where? And what do you plan on doing when you get there?" Fox asked.

Chapter 4

Buck, Fox, Twiki with Theopolis and the alien started to walk towards the ship and something that looked with a vault door.

"Zas thed he iok ped kit jufa qava fed no miko rooty thasbo," the alien said.

"We have been on this journey for many generations. We have been looking forward with anticipation to its end," Twiki translated.

"Tub soon re yup id wer," the alien said.

"This is what our journey has been about, beyond having a new home," Twiki said.

"What's back there?" Buck asked pointing towards some closed doors.

"Dek goo there tup piff ci caller-may val," the alien replied.

"What will be a most wanted and the greatest prize for my people when we reach our new home," Twiki said.

The alien turns a dial-lock on the inside of the handle connected to the vault-like insulation. It then turns the handle just a little, then lets go of it. The vault-like insulation makes some clicking sounds, and then slowly opens up.
Inside is a very large room with lines of small shelves coating the walls. "V" shaped upside down islands are scattered throughout. They all have a small shelve like the ones on the walls built in to. On each shelve there's a small brown disks. That look similar to the memory disks on Earth. Only there's no center ring, and on their rims are labels saying what's on each disk. The alien led the way followed by Buck, Fox and Twiki with Theopolis. They had just entered the chamber when the alien stopped.

"io ko tup yuh paza coco hi we," the alien said extending his arm showing them.

"This is the prize my people will seek after ," Twiki said.

"Sa from ray-uk xin qaff kol," the alien said with what looks like a smile.

"This is my people's culture, their history," Twiki translated.

The alien grabs out one of the disks from the wall just beside it. "Cir huku trew jool ren," he said holding the disk out to Buck to examine.

"Everything that makes my people who they are," Twiki explains.

"Fo hte davgates vilgini ta eelfa minguez por iss linec tawer cie sedons minguez got acks hu-hen lylce own eady ills vage heya," the alien said with a sudden sadness in his voice.

"I hate to imagine what state those on the new home are in. They've been without this knowledge for hundreds of years. It'll take at least a few hundred more for us here to reach there. By then I think I'd shiver in fear at the sight what they will have become without this. What savages they'll be by that time," Twiki said.

"That being the case, why didn't you guys leave for the new home first?" Buck asked handing the disk back to the alien.

"Fdo kee bin pir juy some war xomer guss," the alien replied.

"Those of us who are skilled as builders needed to go first. And those that will give the new home air," Twiki said.

"Could you release one of your workers early? As a sign of good faith?" Fox asked.

Soon after Fox asked that another alien enters the Treasure chamber.

"Cov pottar deff bebe uto van gave," the second alien said.

"We will be leaving soon. Better get them out of here," Twiki translated.

"Pace ugh he sive er arf uld," the second alien said.

"Give you one, we'll give you all," Twiki said.

They soon exited the ship and was standing out side of it. Behind them stood a mass number of people. These are the people that work on board the ship, plus a few others who were from the village. Buck, Fox and Twiki with Theopolis and the others watched as the massive space ship took off and headed for space.

A short time later, Wilma is warily entering one of the village home, Fox leading the way. Following Wilma are a couple of others from the Defense Directorate. One of these people are wearing an outfit like Wilma's, the other one is an Saurian trainee. Wilma and the other two following her all have packages in their hands that are wrapped up.

"Come on, you're not fearful of your fellow man now, are you?" Fox asked as he walked inside.

"I'm not fearful, I'm ..." Wilma started to reply but hesitated.

"Glad to see you could make it," Buck said sitting at a table with the running woman.

"I'm just being cautious," Wilma said.

"Why the cautiousness? We're all friends here," Buck said with a smile.

"One of them hurt you! I had a talk with Dr. Huer after you talked with me. It was one of them that hurt you, gave you your black eye!" Wilma said looking towards the woman sitting with Buck.

"And I've apologized to him for it," the woman said.

"So you're the one who did that to him?" Wilma asked.

"I was being chased and he was in my way. I just wanted him out of my way so I could run. I wasn't really thinking about what I was doing to him, I just wanted to run away." The woman hesitated. "Second, I'm not the one who gave him the black eye," she said.

"She isn't?" Wilma asked a little confused.

"Just as I told Dr. Huer, it was one of the aliens that gave me the black eye," Buck replied.

"We've brought gifts for you, to help you recover from the alien's visit," Wilma said handing some of the gifts to the woman.

"I know, Buck here told me you were coming. I am very grateful for these gifts, thank you," the woman said with a smile.

Wilma is taken back a little by the lady's graceful acting and how she's speaking. "It was a pleasure." Wilma said smiling at this woman who knew their language even better than some of the others on Earth did. "I'll talk with my superiors back at the Directorate. See if I can get you anymore help in your recovery," Wilma said smiling.

"It would be appreciated." The woman answered then gazed up at Wilma. "You don't mind being here, Ms..?" she asked.

"Deering, Wilma Deering. And no, I don't mind." Wilma turns to Buck. "Times change, don't they Buck?" Wilma asked smiling.

"They sure do." Buck replied. "We're all civilized people, right? Who knows what's right and what's wrong?" Buck said.

"We are, and have been for a really long time," Wilma said acting a little bashful. "I'm sorry," Wilma said lowering her head a little.

"I'm not the one you should be saying sorry to," Buck said glancing over to the woman sitting across from him.

Wilma looks to the woman and starts to apologize. "Accepted, but in the future when aid is asked for, more will come?" the woman asked.

"We'll send more than two people next time," Wilma replied.

Buck and Fox look at each other. They turn away from each other.

"Wilma..." Fox spoke out.

"I." Wilma turns back to the woman. "I hope you like this," Wilma said as she hands her the package she has been holding.

Buck cocks his eyebrows at Wilma in anticipation.

"What else do you want me to say?" Wilma asked.

"What's going on?" the woman asked.

Buck looks away from Wilma. "I wish it had been said a little differently. But I think today that line in the sand has been washed away," Buck said.

"Here's to that. Um... where do you want the others put?" Fox asked pointing to the packages the others were holding.

"Over there will be fine," the woman replies pointing to a small table.

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