"Divide & Conquer"
Written by: Erin Weinstock
Novelization verison by: Reba Grayladyfalcon

I don't hold any of the copyrights in this story, and this story was made without profit.

Outside of the Defense Directorate shuttle park, Huer, Wilma, Dantin and Twiki with the mobile version of Theopolis stand on a nearly empty lot looking outward and upward at the sky.

"I see them," Huer said with broad smile lighting up his face.

"You'd think with centuries of war between them they wouldn't be flying so close together in formation," Dantin said.

"They're trying to put aside their differences, Major. To them it must be some show of trust," Wilma replied, glancing over at Dantin. Wilma turned her gaze back towards the sky.

"Look professional everyone," Huer said.

"How else would I look, Doctor Huer?" Theopolis asked.

Huer looks to Twiki and Theopolis with a shocked look on his face.

"Sorry, Doctor, my files momentarily merged with Twiki's," Theopolis said.

One after the other, the two ships of similar look land close by to each other, both are opposite colors of the spectrum when one is compared to the other. The group looks out at the ships, expecting their alien crews to emerge into sight.

A few moments pass and nothing happens. They all look to each other say if to say "now what?" A few more moments pass as they watch and wait.

"Doctor Huer?" Wilma asked, glancing over at Huer with a confused expression on her face.

Taking a breath. "They know where we'll be expecting them," Huer said.

"Major," Huer said, looking at Dantin. Then turning his attention to Twiki and Theopolis. "Doctor Theopolis," Huer said.

They turn away from the ships and start heading toward the interior of the Defense Directorate. Huer takes on a devilish grin.

In Corridor S-6, Buck and Hawk are walking side by side when Huer, Wilma, Dantin, Twiki and Theopolis come towards them from the opposite direction.

"Say, where are they?" Buck asked, looking behind them.

"We assume on their way, shorty," Theopolis replied.

"I don't think this is such a good idea," Hawk said.

"Nonsense, Hawk, you need to meet more people, become one with the melting pot," Buck replied, looking over at Hawk, then turning his attention back to Huer. "Any idea then when their ships will be arriving?" Buck asked.

Huer takes Buck's hands in his. "Their ships have already arrived, it's just they haven't cared to show their presence yet. Buck, I want to give the Marata a proper welcome when we get to meet them, could you help me with that?" Huer asked.

Wilma's face takes on a stern look of professionalism and she turns to Hawk. She reaches out and strokes Hawk's side head feathers. "Hawk, I'd like your help with something too. A warm welcome for the Oargon as well," she said softly.

Hawk backs up from Wilma, not sure what to make of the contact he just had with her.

She comes towards Hawk quickly and puts a gentle hand on the side of his neck. "Please Hawk?" Wilma asked.

Hawk takes on a warm smile and removes Wilma's hand from his neck. "Of course I will, Wilma, I'll help you with whatever you need when it comes to the Oargon," Hawk replied.

Huer catches that last line that was said and in a snap turns to Wilma and looks at her coldly. Wilma notices that and immediately gives Huer the same cold look. Both Huer and Wilma at the same time turn to look at Dantin.

Dantin, in a puffed-up looking manner. "Anything to serve the Marata," Dantin said. Dantin steps to being closer to Wilma and Hawk.

The whole party but Twiki / Theopolis move down the hallway from whence Buck and Hawk came.

"Twiki, I'd say that was abnormal behavior even for Humans," Theopolis said.


Chapter 1

Outside of the Armory, Buck and Huer stand to either side of a door with a label above it naming it "Armory".

"The Winchester 79's, at least 30 of our men," Huer said.

"No no, our Excalibur-G's, only ten men," Buck replied, shaking his finger at Huer.

"You're kidding me. It won't work, not against the Marata," Huer said, crossing his arms across his chest.

Taindair walks past them but Buck grabs him.

"Buck?" Then turning to Huer. "Doctor Huer?" Taindair asked.

"Have you seen Wilma, Hawk or Dantin lately?" Buck asked.

"No, should I have?" Taindair replied.

"Do me a favor. Correction, do US a favor. Keep an eye on them," Buck said.

"Report back to us about all their actions. Everyone they come in contact with, everything," Huer said.

"Sure, um sure I will, any reason why?" Taindair asked, looking confused.

Buck and Huer look at each other before looking back at Taindair.

"Have you come in contact with Wilma, Hawk or Dantin lately?" Buck asked.

"I already told you no." Taindair glances down at his arm. "Is there a reason you're holding my arm?" Taindair asked.

Buck releases Taindairs arm. Huer and Buck look away from Taindair and Huer puts a hand on the access panel to the armory. "We'll try your plan first," Huer said. Buck and Huer disappear to inside the armory.

Taindair turns and walks away.

A short distance from the armory. Taindair stops walking and looks back at where he just talked to Buck and Huer, he shakes his head "no" and walks away.

Inside Wilma's Office, Wilma is surrounded by a group of engineers dressed look like they could easily be mistaken for mechanics. As Wilma talks, her movements come across as overacting. Dantin stands blocking the access panel to the room's door. "The fleet has to be ready in under 24 hours!" Wilma said.

"It's a new design, the manufacturing and testing!" Engineer One starts to say, but gets hit in the arm by another engineer standing close by.

"We'll get the rest of our unit on board and make it happen," Engineer Two said.

Outside of Wilma's Office. Hawk is standing in front of the door and acting as if he's a guard.

Taindair comes running down the hall. "Hawk, tell me what's going on with Buck? He's acting odd, Doctor Huer too, a few others as well," Taindair said.

Hawk stares at Taindair.

"What?" Taindair asked, looking at the way Hawk is staring at him.

Hawk grabs Taindair's nearest hand to him. Taindair quickly takes back the grasped hand. Hawk cocks his head inquisitively at Taindair.

"Freak," Taindair said, as he turns and leaves.

Inside the workshop, Goodfellow sits in one of the chairs surrounding one of the two tables, Mallory is putting the mobile version of Theopolis back in its storage cabinet.

"It is dire isn't it, Mallory?" Goodfellow asked.

"You trapped us in here," Mallory replied.

"Ten years ago, it would have been different," Goodfellow said.

"How much of the Defense Directorate haven't you revisited since returning?" Mallory asked.

"This used to be my lab, my workshop," Goodfellow replied.

"Well it's just a workshop now," Mallory said.

"Mallory, are you in there? Goodfellow?" Jade calls out.

Goodfellow and Mallory look at the door.

"Bugger off," Goodfellow said.

"Isn't there anything we can do?" Twiki asked.

Mallory turned towards Twiki. "I'm afraid not Twiki, Goodfellow and I wouldn't make it to the lab," Mallory replied.

"But what about me?" Twiki asked.

"Goodness Mallory, how I wish I designed his series differently," Goodfellow said.

"Biddi...what's wrong with me!?" Twiki asked.

"Your hands were designed to do many day-to-day tasks but I'm afraid the grasp of a medical injector was not one of them. We need someone who could hold one in proper grasp but there is no one here. Oh this is a hopeless state we've fallen into," Goodfellow said.

"Then what about the other quads? Surely one of my brothers could help with getting everybody back," Twiki replied.

Goodfellow rubbing his chin. "None of them either, what we need is someone of flesh and blood, but anyone of that state could be taken over just as easy as the rest," Goodfellow replied.

"Why's that?" Twiki asked.

"The warmth of our bodies, our warm blood attracts them like nothing else," Goodfellow replied.

"Twiki, do you think you could get Taindair here?" Mallory asked.

"Who's Taindair?" Goodfellow asked.

"Goodfellow, he's with us all the way, there's nothing you need to worry about," Mallory replied.

"Then why are you telling me that if there's nothing to worry about?" Goodfellow asked.

"He's a Saurian, a fighter that has been with us for over a year now," Mallory replied.

Goodfellow stands up. "A cold-blooded, heartless reptile!" Goodfellow shouted, with anger in his voice. After settling back down. "Good point," Goodfellow said.

"The war's over, Doctor," Twiki said.

"I know, I know," Goodfellow replied.

"He's not heartless, he cares deeply for the wellbeing of both Earth and Sanopp," Mallory said.

Goodfellow turns towards Twiki. "Bring in the lizard," Goodfellow said, softly.

On the Defense Directorate's upper level shuttle park. Fox is looking down at Janet who is standing guard by one of the two alien ships. He pulls out his blaster and position himself like a sniper on the ledge of the building. His eyes completely focused on Janet. He pulls back the trigger of the blaster. With his sights still on Janet. In a snap his arms swing upwards and Fox makes a noise of surprise.

Taindair pins Fox's arms up in the air, with Fox still tightly holding the blaster. "To the heated sands, have you all gone insane?!" Taindair shouts.

Fox tries to fight Taindair's hold and is trying to stand up. Taindair puts a foot on his back to prevent it. "Let go, get off, I have a mission to accomplish!" Fox yells.

"That isn't going to involve killing Ms. Ward!" Taindair replied.

Taindair taking one hand off Fox, grabs away his blaster which then falls to the ground. "Hey!" Fox shouts.

Quickly Taindair takes back the arm he let go of and twists both of Fox's arms behind his back, releasing his foot off Fox's back to let him stand up. "I came out here for a breath of fresh air because of all the insanity inside the Directorate. Instead I find you out here ready to kill. Tell me what's going on?!" Taindair asked.

"Who are you with?!" Fox asked.

"The Defense Directorate, same as you should be!" Taindair replied.

"I serve the Marata and no one else!" Fox shouts.

"But I still serve the Defense Directorate," Twiki said.

Taindair turns to see Twiki coming in from the interior of the Directorate. "Twiki!" Taindair said with relief.

"I still have all my marbles. You don't have to worry about me," Twiki said.

"The others?" Taindair asked.

"You're going to help them," Twiki replied.

Taindair looks at Twiki in wonder.

Inside the workshop, Taindair, Twiki, Mallory are watching Goodfellow acting like he's not too wild about Taindair's presence by keeping his face downwards.

"That doesn't seem right," Taindair said.

"It's the only way to get them all back," Mallory said.

Taindair looks to Goodfellow, then back to Mallory. "Has he been touched too?" Taindair asked.

"Doctor?" Mallory asked, placing his hand on the Goodfellow's shoulder.

"I haven't, I'm sorry some habits die hard," Goodfellow replied, glancing up for a moment at Mallory.

"You have to do this, Taindair," Twiki said.

"Fine, tell me then, what I have to do to make them all sick?" Taindair asked.


Chapter 2

In Taindair's quarters, Fox is getting up from the couch rubbing the inside to his elbow and looking a little pale. Taindair is standing close by holding a device that looks like a large metal thorn with buttons on its side. Twiki standing close by.

"What did.. what did you just do to me?" Fox asked. Fully standing and looking at Taindair, sniffing out of sickness. "You made me sick," Fox said.

"Who are you loyal to?" Taindair asked.

"What?" Fox asked.

"The Defense Directorate, Oargon or the Marata?" Taindair asked.

"The Defense Directorate of course," Fox replied, as he falls backwards onto the couch. "I need to sit down."

"I need your help," Taindair said.

"No," Fox replied.

"Why?" Taindair asked.

"You made me sick," Fox replied.

"You were ready to kill Ms. Ward, and everyone else isn't acting too stable themselves," Taindair said.

"I'm missing something here aren't I?" Fox asked, confused.

"You don't remember any of it, do you?" Taindair asked.

Fox shakes his head "no" then carefully spreads himself out on the couch. "Could we talk about whatever is going on after I get better?" Fox asked.

Taindair walks over to Fox and crouches down in front of him. "If you weren't sick right now you'd have a microscopic army of aliens controlling your mind and body instead. I need your help getting everybody back to normal," Taindair explained.

Fox closes his eyes. "When you put it that way, yeah I'll help," Fox said.

"Mallory and Goodfellow are already on this too." Taindair said, as he pulls Fox upright on the couch.

"Tell me what happened to the aliens controlling me?" Fox asked, opening his eyes.

"They're fighting what I infected you with to regain control over you," Taindair replied.

"Oh." Fox then gets up from the couch. "So is there any way to really get cured of these microbe aliens permanently?" Fox asked.

"We need to make their commanders go into submission," Taindair replied.

"And who would they be?" Fox asked.

Inside the flight hangar, in one of the launch tubes, an Z-87 is moving at an incredibly fast speed out of the launch tube and into the open sky.

In the sky over New Chicago, eight Z-87s move at neck-breaking speed to a higher elevation.

Back in the flight hangar, Wilma, has a hand covering her mid-section. She moves towards one of the launch tubes when Hawk follows behind her by a few feet. Wilma stands in front of the launch tube she was headed for, Hawk joins her. Wilma removes her hand for a moment. Her outfit blood stained, she placed her hand back over it to cover the wound.

"Why didn't you leave with them?" Hawk asked.

"The Oargon still have forces here, I must assist our troops on land," Wilma replied.

"You haven't stopped bleeding," Hawk said, glancing down at Wilma's mid-section.

"When we have taken our victory over the Oargon, then I will find time to tend to it," Wilma replied.

"Do you have any new orders I should alert our troops to?" Hawk asked.

Wilma turned to Hawk. "Take out the commander and sub-commander of the Oargon troops," Wilma replied.

"Elias Huer and Buck Rogers will be no more before this day is out," Hawk said.

"Good," Wilma replied, showing some discomfort from her wound.

Hawk turns and leaves.

In the food court, Buck and Huer are tucked away into the hallway just before this place due to a firefight aimed completely in their direction. Both of them have weapons but due to the situation are acting rightfully too timid to use them. There's a fallen table close by them.

"No way back, no way forward, the Marata's forces are too many!" Huer said.

"Not for long," Buck replied, staring at the table. Buck looks back up at Huer and smiles. Huer has no idea what Buck is planning. Buck holds the table up like a shield. Then, running, Buck charges through the Mess Hall taking the gun fire on the table. Once at his former comrades, his enemies, now he fires off his blaster at them and everybody drops. Buck looks at what he's done smiling, not noticing Taindair coming up behind him.

Taindair picks up a fallen chair by its legs. Buck hears Taindair's action and turns. In a snap Taindair reacts and slams Buck in the head with the chair. Buck rolls up his eyes and falls to the ground.

Huer starts walking towards Buck and Taindair. He unholsters his weapon and gets read to fire.

Taindair shoots then backs out of the room as blaster fire goes off in his direction.

Two alien ships, Oargon and Marata in origin, are coming from deep off in space, with Saturn in the background. Fire from the Z-87s zips out at them.

Inside the alien vessels, talking is exchanged between the two ships at a rapid speed in many voices.

The Z-87s are still moving in on them in tight formation, fire still lashing out from them.

The alien ships break away from each other in opposite directions. The Z-87s in turn break their formation also to better carry out their attack, which is only aimed at one of the two ships. The small alien ship ducks and dodges the fire being driven towards it by the Z-87 troop.

Inside the cockpit of one of the Z-87s. "This isn't working very well!" the pilot said.

"Until we have the proper ships it will have to do!" Pilot Two replied.

On one of the vessels, more alien chatter can be heard for a moment. The ship not being aimed at, the Marata ship, fires at the Z-87s in a massive swing by of fire that doesn't look fitting to such a small ship.

The Z-87s stop their attack one by one as they're hit, rocking and spinning away from their struck points.

The two alien ships move back into their formation and recontinue their path deeper into our solar system, the Z-87s drift in the void.

In a public restroom, Buck is sitting on the floor, propped up against the wall, Taindair and Mallory holding the same medical injector Taindair held earlier.

"Wha... go...?" Buck winces in pain and feels where Taindair hit him. "What happened?" Buck asked.

"You've wounded a third of the Defense Directorate staff as far as we know," Mallory replied.

Buck takes on a look of surprise, and opens his mouth in shock. "I'd never," Buck said.

"You have," Taindair replied.

Buck takes on a look of a person not feeling too well.

"But they'll be okay once things are back to normal," Mallory said.

"And you've gotten Doctor Huer unconscious and sick," Taindair said.

Buck raises his eyebrows not sure what to make of what he's just been told.


Chapter 3

In Corridor A-3, Buck is hugging the wall with his side as he moves along. Fox is moving at a normal walk. Both of them are holding medical thorns.

"Could you slow down?" Buck asked.

"Just because you're feeling worse off than I am doesn't mean I should do as you say. We have a mission to complete, remember?" Fox replied.

"That doesn't sound like you, Fox," Buck said.

Fox stops in his tracks and turns to face Buck. Buck stops moving now too.

"You're right, it doesn't," Fox replied.

"You need another injection," Buck said.

Fox gives Buck a big grin. Buck moves over to Fox ready to inject him.

"Gotcha," Fox said, jokingly.

Buck backs away a little. "That wasn't funny." Buck falls to the nearest wall and slides down it to the floor and into a sitting position. "I need to rest," Buck said.

"I'll move on okay?" Fox asked, looking down at Buck on the floor.

"Sure...I'll catch up," Buck replied.

Fox starts moving down the hall as Buck remains sitting on the floor.

Two of the engineers Wilma was dealing with earlier start coming from the opposite direction Fox is going.

"There will never be a better time," Fox said.

"For what?" Buck asked, looking towards Fox.

Fox turns back to look at Buck. "Gotcha," he says with a grin on his face.

The engineers take Buck down before he can get up in response to what Fox has just said. Fox moves out of range as Buck tries to fight his way up, his medical thorn falls. Buck grabs the fallen thorn and stabs it into one of the two engineers, who goes limp the moment he's hit.

The Other Engineer stops his attack and stares at Buck. "What have you done?!" he shouts.

"You're asking me?!" Buck asked. Buck then stabs the other Engineer with the medical thorn and once more at being stuck he goes limp. Buck moves them aside, looking at them as he gets up. He looks at his medical thorn. "Anesthetic huh?" Buck turns and breaks into a light run in the direction Fox went. "Really shouldn't confuse those buttons," Buck said.

Outside the Defense Directorate shuttle park, the two alien ships that landed earlier, only now completely destroyed. Unknown characters move fast and randomly around the ships chattering in an unknown language.

Four fighters holding blasters stand nearby the two ships, eyes directed outwards waiting for anyone or anything that might approach them. The fast paced aliens chatter of many voices starts up again.

Two alien ships hover high over head. They move away from the Shuttle Park and down over the edge of it, past the building. Not seen by the fighters.

Just outside of the Defense Directorate Main Entrance leading in from the streets of New Chicago. A man and a woman enter and head in the direction of the door leading to the further interior of the Directorate.

"At least it doesn't appear they've led their attacks into the street," the woman said.

"It won't stay that way for long, war is the only thing on their minds," the man replied.

"Then our peace with the Humans might be gone?" the woman asked.

They stop and look at each other. "We are an army in ourselves. If the saboteurs can conquer this place in the course of under a day, then surely we can do the same and return things back to how they should be," the man said.

"I'm glad you're allies with us now," the woman said.

They continue heading towards the door again.

Inside the Mess Hall, Mallory is holding a case which holds medical instruments and is settling down by one of the men Buck shot earlier. The noise of battle can still be heard in the distance.

"Well, you're hurt, but you're going to live," Mallory said, in a weaken state.

Mallory's patient moans softly.

Mallory removes a chemical and pad of gauze. "I'm not going to get you sick; the internal battle you're fighting right now should be enough to keep them busy," Mallory said.

The man and woman enter, as Mallory begins to treat his patient. "You're aware of what's taking place here?" the woman asked.

Mallory looks up at her. "I'm aware of what took place here. Who are you?" Mallory asked, looking at the woman and man.

"We're the representatives of the Marata and Oargon here to share our new union and thoughts with Earth," the man replied.

"Then who are the Marata and Oargon we've been dealing with?" Mallory asked.

The woman bends down to Mallory and his Patient. "I can help you heal him faster," the woman said.

After a moment of staring at her, Mallory nods his head.

She puts a hand on the patient's skin. Within seconds the patients wound began to heal. "You've been dealing with two military groups that would rather see either side annihilated than see peace," the man said.

"Can you stop them?" Mallory asked.

"We'll need more hosts," the woman replied.

Outside the Defense Directorate Shuttle Park, Huer is standing before a troop of ten fighters standing at ready like soldiers for him with Jade by his side. Hawk and Wilma enter, both unnoticed.

"Both ships have been destroyed by gunfire miss-aimed, but when the enemy comes our aim must be true. The Marata sent a troop of space fighters to destroy our representatives, it is unknown if this mission was completed. Our numbers have dwindled greatly ever since our hosts have taken ill. But will that stop us!" Huer shouts.

Wilma and Hawk walk up behind Huer and Jade. "No!" the troop shout all at once. Janet, who's in the troop, aims her blaster at Huer.

Huer noticing this. "And who do you serve?!" Huer asked, pointing his finger at her.

All at once from the whole troop but Janet in a lower voice, "The Oargon!"

"He is not our enemy, Ms. Ward," Jade said.

"No, but they are," Janet replied, pointing at Wilma and Hawk.

Huer and Jade turn to face Wilma who's aiming a blaster at Huer and Hawk who has one pointed at Jade. Huer slowly puts up his hands.

"Smart thinking," Wilma said.

"Where is your sub-commander?" Hawk asked.

"Taken captive by your forces," Huer replied.

"We don't have Rogers," Wilma said.

"Then he is on neither side and ill," Jade said.

"Then he doesn't matter. We don't need him for what I have planned," Wilma replied.

Just outside Huer's Office, being pushed through the Phasoft-door Huer enters, followed closely by Wilma and Hawk.

"Make the broadcast," Wilma ordered with her blaster trained on him.

Huer glares at her then sits down at his desk. Looking back at Wilma he pulls out a transmitter mic that looks to be the size of a cigarette, its color like a deep metal charcoal with a button facing outwards. "Attention all Marata, we surrender," Huer announces.

Wilma goes up to Huer and puts her blaster at his throat. "That was bull and you didn't even transmit it!" Wilma shouts.

"Again?" Huer asked, swallowing hard.

"Again," Hawk replied.

"Attention all Marata, all troops, all civilians, your Government Military Commander has something of immense importance to announce," Wilma said softly in a low voice.

Looking Wilma right in the eye, Huer clicks in the button on the transmitter mic. "Attention all Marata, all troops, all civilians, your Government Military Commander has something of immense importance to announce." Huer depresses the button still looking at Wilma.

Wilma backs away from Huer a little but still holds her blaster on him. "We are surrendering to the Oargon. They are our conquerors, our superiors and should be treated as so," Wilma said still in a low voice.

Huer breaks his gaze from Wilma and looking down presses in the button again on the transmitter mic. "We are surrendering to the Oargon. They are our conquerors, our superiors and should be treated as so," Huer said.

Huer depresses the button on the mic.

"Thank you commander," Wilma said as she puts down her blaster. Huer puts his face in his hands.

"Wow, what a performance, if I thought it was worth anything I'd cheer you on your victory, but there is none," Buck said.

Hawk turns to find where the voice came from, which is Theopolis'es face in the wall "Rogers?!" Hawk asked.


Chapter 4

Wilma and Hawk have a shocked look on their faces from hearing Buck's voice. Huer takes his head out of his hands.

"Rogers, where are you? How did you just make that broadcast?" Wilma asked.

Inside testing lab one, Buck is sitting down against the wall speaking to Twiki who has the mobile Theopolis linked into not only Twiki but the built into the Defense Directorate Theopolis as well. Goodfellow, Mallory and Taindair are standing close by, along with the man and woman who are acting as the representatives to the Marata and Oargon.

"Not right now Wilma, well, you're not really Wilma but you know what I mean. I'm not going to tell you where I am, you want me dead and I'm not going to let that happen so long as you're acting as if you're the commander of an alien species," Buck replied.

Back inside Huers office, Wilma grabs the transmitter mic from Huer and quickly presses in its button for broadcast. "Now you listen here sub-commander to the Marata Military we've won! The Marata have failed in their conquest to conquer the Oargon! Our whole planet knows it and your commander just made the broadcast!" Wilma shouts.

"You made that broadcast into the whole of the Defense Directorate and no where else. And by the way, I'm no longer the sub-commander to the Marata Military," Buck replied.

"What?!" Wilma asked.

"Sick, wounded, then born again Oargon and not only Oargon but house speaker to the Oargon government's president. There's been a treaty signed, we're not at war like it or not," Buck said, looking at his friends in the room with him.

"Get Huer on," the man said.

"Doctor Huer, did you get that?" Buck asked.

They waited for a moment for an answer. "I heard you Rogers," Huer replied.

"You want this madness to end now just as much as I do right?" Buck asked.

A moment later. "There isn't much choice in this matter, is there?" Huer asked.

"No, there isn't," Buck replied.

A few seconds later. "You win," Huer said.

Back inside Huers office, Wilma throws her blaster to the ground in anger.

"Do we surrender?" Hawk asked, as Wilma's blaster hits the ground.

"The war is over, it's been over, it's just you don't want to accept it," Buck said.

"We surrender!" Wilma replied, in a low growling voice.

"Now stay where you are and we'll close this matter, okay?" Buck asked.

Wilma looks like she wants to break something.

A while later in Huers office, Buck and the representatives of the Marata and the Oargon. Wilma is holding Huer's desk for balance as she starts to cry.

"What have I done?" Wilma asked, weeping.

"It's going to be okay," Buck said, rubbing her back.

"They're still alive, we never like to harm our hosts," the woman said.

"They're just adrift in space, cold space, no air," Wilma said.

"All of their ship's systems were disabled but life support," the man replied.

"I'm sorry about all of this," Huer said, looking at the man.

"None of it was your fault, you have nothing to be sorry for," the man replied.

"Wilma?" Buck said, softly.

Wilma hugs Buck tightly. "It's going to be okay," Buck said softly holding Wilma.

"Everything is going to return to normal," Hawk said.

"We are at the dawn of a new age of peace and understanding, Doctor Huer. I hope, "we" hope what has happened here will never occur again," the woman said.

"Your troops?" Huer asked.

"Have all been put into submission," Buck replied.

"How?" Wilma asked, looking at Buck.

Inside Testing Lab One, a capped test tube of slowly moving dark red liquid labeled "Contaminated Clorex: warning bio-hazard".

"They've been transferred to a battle field with no end just as they always wanted it," the man replied.

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