"The Might of Mice"
Written by: Erin Weinstock
Novelization verison by: Reba Grayladyfalcon
I don't hold any of the copyrights in this story, and this story was made without profit.

Outside of the flight hangar, Huer and Admiral Aleekeyta are entering the flight Hangar. Huer looks troubled but Aleekeyta has a calm face.

"We couldn't handle them and we're not sure how Compart Defense would handle them, please, Elias?" Aleekeyta asked.

"Alee, after that encounter I'm not sure I could either, but I understand your point about them," Huer replied.

"So you're going to go with me on this and have Deering and Dantin teach them?" Aleekeyta asked.

Huer leans against a wall. "Even though they're trained instructors I doubt they could handle them," Huer replied.

Aleekeyta crosses her arms and gives Huer a stern look. "If the Draconians attack their home world, and I might add their only world since they have no colonies, "Elias"?" Aleekeyta asked.

"They aren't the only ones who I know could serve as a teacher, but there's only one I know could handle them as well," Huer said.

Huer starts walking away, Aleekeyta starts following him. "I can read your mind on this one," Aleekeyta said.

In Hawk's living quarters, the place is empty but for a few furnishings that come as standard to everyone else's living quarters that are in the Defense Directorate. Hawk is roaming the room sniffing it. A moment later he makes a face of finding a foul odor. He walks to his couch and puts his nose to it sniffing. Quickly he takes on the same disgusted look. He backs his face away and with the fingertips of one hand picks up a pinch of light fur from the couch and holds it up to look at it. Shaking his head Hawk moves away from the couch to the access panel for the living quarter's entrance, looks at the access panel for a moment before hitting it and leaves through the door, still holding the fur as though it was something dead and gross.

Outside of his living quarters, in Corridor S-11. Hawk is walking quickly down it still holding the fur out before himself. Some of the Defense Directorate staff walk by him, some look at him in wonder going by. As he walks, he rolls his eyes up and makes muttering angry noises too.

After a few minutes, Hawk in a snap stops moving, lowers his arm and down at the sound of a high pitched yelp.

A two foot tall creature called a Lillypan that looks like a kangaroo with shorter feet and more upright, crossed with an armadillo by plating on its nose, forehead, around the eyes, on the shoulders and down the back. Also crossed with a porcupine having spikes moving down from the forehead to the lower back on its armor. The Lillypan is holding one of its feet up, nuzzling it with his mouth. The hand not holding the foot is holding a long thin sword. As he's holding his foot he's making sounds of annoyance.

"I'm sorry, I didn't see you there," Hawk said, looking down at this strange creature.

The Lillypan puts down the foot he's holding and looks up at Hawk. "Do you work for the Defense Directorate?" Lillypan One asked.

"No," Hawk replied.

The Lillypan cocks his head to both sides taking in Hawk. "Are you a bird?" The Lillypan asked.

"Yes," Hawk replied.

Lillypan One walks around to Hawk's back as Hawk watches him for as far as he can without moving. Quickly the Lillypan leaps on to Hawk's back, taking hold of him by his shirt collar.

"Ggaah!" Hawk growled.

"Fly me to my instructor!" The Lillypan said, pointing his sword forward from Hawk.

Hawk, shaking, trying to get the Lillypan off his back. Dropping the fur in hand he reaches back to try to grab the little alien. "I'll do no such thing! Get off my back!" Hawk shouts. In trying to grab the alien off, his hands get spiked by the spears covering the Lillypan's back armor.

"You must, I order you!" The Lillypan said.

Hawk looks at one of his cut hands that's bleeding slightly. "What kind of creature are you?" Hawk asked. Hawk taking the hand he was just looking at and so with his other, grabs the tail of the Lillypan and throws it over his head and off of him.

The Lillypan, collecting his senses, sitting on the floor. Buck, walks up to the Lillypan. "Need a hand?" Buck asked, lowering a hand to him.

Lillypan One takes Buck's hand. As Buck pulls him up, seven other Lillypan all holding swords of different lengths are walking up behind Buck. Hawk gets a dumbfounded look on his face.

"What are they?" Hawk asked.

Buck looks at Hawk. "They're Lillypan and they're my students," Buck replied.


Chapter 1

Hawk standing a few feet away from Buck, who has a troop of seven Lillypan by him.

"What happened here?" Buck asked.

"He made me fly, but not how I wanted," Lillypan One replied, in a cross voice.

"Hawk?" Buck asked, looking at Hawk.

"He, the Lillypan jumped on my back and wouldn't get off!" Hawk replied.

Buck looks down at Lillypan One. "The "Hawk" stepped on me, it was only fair I request the bird fly me to you," Lillypan One said.

"I don't fly," Hawk replied.

"But you're a bird," Lillypan said.

Buck puts his hand on his forehead in frustration. "Both of you tell each other you're sorry," Buck said.

"Apologize to me," Lillypan One said.

"I'm sorry, now you," Hawk said.

"No," Lillypan One replied.

"Why not?" Buck and Hawk asked, at the same time.

"He stepped on my foot," Lillypan One replied.

"It's really hard to argue with these guys, I'd give it up if I was you," Buck said, facing Hawk.

"What are you teaching them?" Hawk asked.

"Earth's Defense Directorate combat techniques," Buck replied.

All of a sudden, all the Lillypan but Lillypan One, pointed their swords in the air and shouted, "For Zeerdonia!"

"It's a waste of time," Lillypan One said.

Buck crouches down to Lillypan One. "We haven't even started yet," Buck said.

Lillypan One folds back his ears. "After meeting that Hawk, I don't see the point to this training if people like him are let in here," Lillypan One said as he starts walking off in the direction Buck and the other Lillypans just came from.

"You need to know this," Buck said, loudly.

Lillypan One continues walking as if he didn't hear Buck.

Buck looking down to the other Lillypan. "Could one of you get him to come along?" Buck asked.

One of the Lillypans nearest to Buck's left side by the name of Xces. "Why?" Xces asked.

"Hawk, could you please help me with this? They keep wandering off and it's a trick to get them back," Buck said.

Hawk starts going after Lillypan One. "I think I already know of one of the places they've been today," Hawk said. Hawk, by Lillypan One, starts to move for one of his hands. Lillypan One jerks away the hand and points his sword at Hawk. "Fine then," Hawk said. With one hand Hawk takes hold of his sword and with the other his tail.

"What are you doing?! The sword should be hurting you!" Lillypan One asked.

Hawk lifted the little alien a couple inches off the ground. "It's dull, you won't take my hand, and your back is covered in sharp spines," Hawk replied.

"Put me down! Put me down, I'll go with you!" Lillypan One shouts.

Hawk gently sets down the little alien and lets go with both hands.

Lillypan One gives Hawk a cross look before running to Buck and the others.

"Where was one of the places, Hawk?" Buck asked.

Hawk sighs. "Where Doctor Huer has put me to live. There's a foul odor and fur covering everything," Hawk replied.

"We don't smell!" Lillypan One said.

"They weren't in your quarters, Hawk. That comes from some friends of mine who recently moved out of there," Buck replied.

"I didn't know Humans shed," Hawk said.

"They weren't Human. I'll get someone to clean up your place," Buck said.

"That would be much appreciated," Hawk replied.

Buck waves for Hawk to come with him as he and the Lillypans return to walking where they were heading. "Come on," Buck said.

Inside the Defense Directorate Shuttle Park Higher Level. A wavy force field flutters.

"What's that for?" Xces asked, pointing at the force field.

Buck with Hawk by his side. A small table before them that's just the right height for the Lillypan to use, on it are eight blasters. "It's to keep you from doing any real harm," Buck replied.

One of the Lillypans, named Zoman starts walking towards the force field.

Zoman gives it a few strikes with his sword and stops. "What a stupid protector," Zoman said.

"Why's that?" Buck asked.

"It doesn't prevent harm, it just takes it," Zoman replied.

"It's a bearer, that's all it is, it doesn't move. Please put down your sword and take a blaster." Buck turns to the rest of the Lillypan. "That goes for the rest of you as well," Buck said.

"We can't," A Lillypan by the name of Yoomak replied.

"Why not?" Buck asked.

"They are what gives us our rank and they're our protectors," Xces replied.

"How's that?" Hawk asked.

"They are our first spikes, the longer the spike the higher the rank. Our spikes protect us and our first spike is always our thickest and therefore our best protection," Sothoz replied.

Buck tries to contain his laugher.

"What's so funny about that?" Hawk asked, looking at Buck.

Buck puts a hand on one of Hawk's shoulders. "A difference between our cultures I guess, since you don't know. I'll explain later," Buck replied.

Buck after regaining his composure. "Please guys, it's important for your training. Please use the blasters and not the swords," Buck said.

Zoman, whipping around his sword for show. "See it is a powerful weapon." Stopping and holding the sword out for Buck to take. "I bet you've never used one in your whole life, that you're used to these toys." Zoman waves towards the blasters. "Use it just once in fighting and you'll see how useful it can be," Zoman said.

Another Lillypan, Kuzan, gets into a fighting stance for Buck.

"I've used a sword in the past and I didn't find it really useful, thanks but no thanks," Buck replied.

Kuzan hands Buck his sword. "I don't want it," Buck said.

"Hold it for me," Kuzan said, then moves over to the table and takes the nearest blaster to him.

"All right then," Buck said.

Buck, turns towards the force field and looks down to the next level, turning to the other Lillypan. "The rest of you now," Buck said.

The rest of the Lillypans put down their swords carefully, looking at each other walk over to the table and each one picked up a blasters. As they start moving back to where they were, a long bullet zips up into the air behind the force field. "Fire!"

Lillypan One looks at his blaster, then to the bullet, which has slowed down in speed to being nearly stopped in the air, hovering. The bullet is behind the force field. Lillypan One smiles at his comrades at what he has just done. After a moment, Lillypan One looks back to the force field and the bullet. The bullet, is now drifting down. In a snap it pops outwards like an umbrella and continues floating down.

"Fire!" Buck repeats.

Four of the Lillypans bolt off down into the entrance used to get to the level of the interior of the Defense Directorate. The other remaining four shoot to the ground and curl into balls, folding back their ears and trying to puff their spikes out in an attempt to look menacingly.

"I'm not familiar in dealing with alien cultures, is this normal?" Hawk asked, turning to Buck.

Buck looks at Hawk for a second before kneeling down to the nearest Lillypan, Towtuk. "What's wrong here?" Buck asked.

"It changed shape, the weapon made it change shape, it didn't die," Towtuk replied.

"It was never alive, it was just a target, it can't harm you," Buck said.

"It can't?" Towtuk and Zoman asked together.

"It can't," Buck replied.

The other Lillypans start to uncurl and Buck backs up, not wanting to be stuck by the spikes.

"Any idea where they might be?" Hawk asked.

Buck walks up to the force field and looks down.

"What happened?" Wilma asked.

"A few ran," Buck replied.

"Great," Wilma said, looking down at the entrance way.

"Could you help me?" Buck asked.

Wilma throws her arms up in the air and walks off into the interior of the building.

"One of us has to stay," Hawk said.

"Or we could take them with us," Buck replied.

"Oh no," Hawk said, shaking his head.


Chapter 2

In corridor E-9, Buck is walking with Sothoz and another Lillypan named Zedht before him. Both Lillypans as they move holding their swords look by pose like they could be in a marines ad. Buck is looking around low spots for the missing Lillypan. A moment later, Zedht roams up to a door. Zedht, tapping his sword on the door and looks at Buck. "What about in here, Instructor?" Zedht asked.

Buck looks to the door which above reads "Locker Janus."

"I think if they went in there we'd already know it," Buck replied.

"Why?" Sothoz asked.

"You don't want to know," Buck replied.

"But you're our instructor," Zedht said.

At the Defense Directorate Main Entrance. Aleekeyta standing about 20 feet away from Asimov, who's carrying a duffel bag and is ready to head out the door.

"Wait just a minute there Admiral, I'd like to have a word with you," Aleekeyta said.

He looks back to her, stopping in his tracks. "You work for the Defense Directorate now?" Asimov asked.

Aleekeyta walking closer to Asimov. "No, I'm still with the T.D.A. Mister Asimov, I'd like to talk with you about your experiences on Throm," Aleekeyta replied.

Behind them, the four missing Lillypan that Buck, Wilma and Hawk are after race down the corridor. Asimov, hits the door's access panel. "No more, I'm done talking about that place and those darn birds!" Asimov shouts.

Aleekeyta rushes to stop him from leaving. As Asimov is exiting the Defense Directorate.

"The Thorcomen Defense Administration would like to know as much as it can," Aleekeyta said

The Lillypan, at the same moment Asimov leaves the Defense Directorate, zip out and back into the further interior.

Outside of the Defense Directorate on the New Chicago street, Aleekeyta has just exited from inside the Defense Directorate. Asimov is ready to get a good distance away from it.

"The Thorcomen Defense Administration wants to make technology based off theirs. Admiral, both of us have lost due to them, they're better than us so we need to know how to be better than them," Aleekeyta said.

"Alee, can I call you that?" Asimov asked.

"Normally I only let Elias call me that, but for now yes," Aleekeyta replied.

"Alee, what do you want to know?" Asimov asked.

In Corridor S-11, Hawk and Mallory are by the door to Hawk's living quarters. Goodfellow is coming towards them. Mallory is putting the access panel back on for the door.

"I'm not sure this will work "Hawk"? That's your name right?" Mallory asked, glancing at Hawk.

"That's correct, and to how these so-called doors work, with what you just did to this one I'm sure this will firmly hold them," Hawk replied.

"So-called door?" Mallory asked.

"It has no hinges, lever, knob. Besides our attack fighters there's nothing like this technology where I'm from," Hawk replied.

Waving a finger at Hawk. "Have you been hanging out with Rogers?" Mallory asked.

"Very little since we came to Earth. Why do you ask?" Hawk asked.

Mallory fits the panel firmly in place. "I think you two would get along great," Mallory replied.

Goodfellow is listening to Hawk and Mallory's conversation. "My boy, you'll find as you live here that most Humans are like Buck and myself," Goodfellow said.

Mallory turns and gets ready to leave. "I'd still keep an eye on that door if I was you. "Zeerdonians," Lillypan whatever you want to call them, they're a very stealthy and sly lot. I haven't heard of any type of containment that could hold them for long," Mallory said.

"I'll keep that in mind," Hawk replied. Mallory nods and walks away.

"What.. What were you two talking about?" Goodfellow asked.

"Buck's students," Hawk replied.

"He's a teacher too?" Goodfellow asked, surprised.

Buck is covering the door and access panel that lead into Locker Janus, the Lillypans are lightly poking Buck with their swords.

"I don't see how this is helping things, we should be looking for your class mates," Buck said.

"But they might be back there," Zedht replied.

"We must know," Sothoz said.

"But, you only want to go in here because I don't want you in here, don't you?" Buck asked.

"You feel the need to protect it greatly," Sothoz replied.

"We must know why and see," Zedht said.

"And see if they're there," Sothoz said.

"The only thing behind this door is something only meant for the Defense Directorate to know about and no one else. Please, let's move from here!" Buck said.

"Is this a lesson?" Sothoz asked.

"What?!" Buck asked.

"What he said, is this a lesson?" Zedht asked.

"Are we being taught a lesson right now?" Sothoz asked.

"Thank heaven," Buck said to himself. "Yes it is," Buck said in a louder voice as he starts to move forward despite the fact the Lillypan's swords are still on him. "Withdraw your swords please," Buck said.

"That is the lesson?" Sothoz asked as he and Zedht withdrew their swords from Buck.

"No," Buck replied.

Both Lillypans look at one another before holstering their swords and pulling out their blasters now on Buck.

"That's better guys but, not at me," Buck said.

"Tell us," Sothoz said.

"Yes, tell us," Zedht repeated.

"First stop pointing your blasters at me," Buck said.

Both Lillypan holster their blasters.

"That when you're invited to a planet you're allies with, you as guests shouldn't do bad things to your host," Buck said.

The Lillypan shaking their heads "yes" to each other. "That would be wise," Sothoz said.

"We can move on now, right?" Buck asked.

"I don't know, you tell us," Zedht replied.

"Jesus," Buck mutters under his breath.

In the Defense Directorate Shuttle Park, underneath one of the ships, sit the four missing Lillypan messing around with some bullets.

"It's not alive," Lillypan One said, examining some of the bullets.


Chapter 3

"There's a mechanism inside it," Xces said.

"That's what makes it change shape I bet," Kuzan replied.

Yoomak hits a bullet with his sword a few times, pushing it away. The pushed bullet rolls out from under the ship. "You did something wrong," Kuzan said, watching the bullet.

"It didn't change," Lillypan One said.

Yoomak pulls out his blaster.

A moment later, a few feet from past the ship, two sets of human size feet appeared.

"Wait, don't fire!" Xces whispers

"Why?" Yoomak asked, turning to see what has caught Xces'es attention as he lowers the blaster.

"How do I know I can trust you? They could be false," a man's voice asked.

"That's something you'll have to discover for yourself. I do mean the things I say; for two mill, I'll get those specs for you," the traitor replied.

"You took an oath to the Defense Directorate," the man's voice said.

The Lillypan move forward a little. "Don't you ever get tired of seeing this place stand all high and mighty? After this I'm leaving, I'm sick of it here, that's what I need the money for," the traitor replied.

Kuzan folds back his ears and creeping as to not be seen moves towards the bullet that rolled out from underneath the ship. "And just how good do you think these specs are? Just what do you think they're worth to the Draconian empire? We've heard the Juno series fighters won't be in production for another few years," the man said.

Kuzan taps the bullet close to one of the sets of feet, looks up to whom the feet belong to that are nearest to the bullet, then bolts back to being far underneath the ship with the other Lillypan. "There's this hotshot Colonel we got that gets to see this stuff ahead of time before it's built. The Z-87 Wolf series we use now didn't have the same kind of secrecy this series does. When she left Earth for a few days, well I had never heard of the Juno series before going into her office and decoding her computer's data chips," the traitor said.

The set of human-size feet nearest to the bullet, which belong to Traitor, move a little. "If you double-cross me?" the man said.

"Then feel free to shoot me, because to you I'd never go back on my word," the traitor replied.

The traitor steps on the bullet and in a snap it pops out in its way catching Traitor off-guard. "Aah!" the traitor shouts.

"What?! What's wrong?!" the man asked, looking around.

Traitor bends down and picks up the popped-out umbrella bullet. "Must have done some training out here earlier, the bullet caught me off-guard," the traitor replied.

"Do you think they'll come back to continue?" the man asked.

"Maybe or maybe come back to clean up this place," the traitor replied as he drops the bullet.

"For in case of either we should leave now," the man said.

The lillypans under the ship watch as their feet walk away.

"Further training?" Xces asked.

"I thought that's what they were part in for us," Kuzan said.

"Why else would they be out here now?" Yoomak asked.

"For the Draconian Empire?" Kuzan replied.

"We must reunite with our instructor," Lillypan One said.

Buck is peering underneath a Z-87, with Sothoz and Zedht behind him along with Hawk. After a moment, the Lillypan bend down with Buck. "ANY idea where they are?" Buck asked.

"No," Sothoz said.

"No," Zedht repeated.

Buck stood back up. "Hawk, what you did.."

"Was necessary," Hawk replied.

Buck turns to Hawk. "If you thought the state of your quarters were bad already?" Buck asked.

"They'll be cleaned, I'll live," Hawk replied.

Zedht and Sothoz stop bending down.

"That served no purpose," Zedht said.

"We have to find your classmates," Buck said.

"No we don't," Sothoz said.

"Yes we do," Buck replied.

"No we don't, there they are," Zedht said, as he points to the now no longer missing Lillypans running towards them.

"Where the hel..!" Buck took a deep breath to calm down, "Where have you been?" Buck asked.

"Being guests of the bird-man," Towtuk replied.

"But we got tired of that," Zoman said.

"So we reactivated the mechanism in the door to leave," Towtuk said.

Buck turns to look behind and down from himself. The four Lillypan who didn't run off earlier by him and now the no longer missing Lillypan coming towards the group.

"I wasn't talking to you." Buck returning his attention to the approaching Lillypan. "Where have you been?" Buck asked again.

One at a time the four no longer missing Lillypans spoke up.

"Corridor A-1, Corridor A-2, Eating Lounge, Testing Room 4, Corridor B-9," Kuzan said.

"Utility Closet, Main Entrance, Huer's Office, Deering's Office, Weapons storage," Yoomak said.

"Corridor C-10, Testing Room 5, Testing Room 6, Public Restroom," Xces said.

"Green House, Lt. Jade's Living Quarters, Corridor D-13, Corridor D-14," Lillypan One said.

"Stop right there!" Buck said loudly.

They all became quiet, then a moment later. "You told us to tell you where we were," Lillypan One said.

"Now..now we'll continue but before we do." Buck took one of Wilma's bullets out of a pocket. "You see this?" Buck asked.

"We see it," Kuzan replied.

"You can't see it?" Yoomak asked.

Buck presenting the bullet to them. "I can see it just fine. Listen they're not alive, they can't hurt you," Buck said.

"We studied them in the Shuttle Park," Lillypan One said.

"And that's why we found you," Xces said.

"You were in the Shuttle Park?" Hawk asked.

"You already know we were in the Shuttle Park," Kuzan replied.

"But you weren't in there when we studied the bullets there," Lillypan One said.

"Instructor, were the men plotting in the Shuttle Park a lesson of some sort?" Xces asked.

"What men plotting in the Shuttle Park, what were they talking about?" Buck asked.

"Unknown who they were, but one works for the Defense Directorate," Yoomak replied.

"And the other was interested to know what.." Kuzan said.

"To see the specs on the Juno series fighters," Lillypan One added.

"To know what they're worth to the Draconian empire," Kuzan said.

"That wasn't a lesson," Buck said, scratching his head. A moment later, Buck bends down to Xces, Yoomak, Kuzan and Lillypan One. "I think they might have been pulling your leg about this. I've never heard of any series of fighter named Juno," Buck said.

"But they didn't see us," Xces said.

Buck turns his head towards Hawk.

"How is that?" Hawk asked.

"We were studying the bullets under a ship. We're so small," Xces explained.

"Nobody ever notices us," Yoomak said.

"These specs, where are they coming from?" Buck asked.

"The man working for the Defense Directorate said from a colonel," Lillypan One replied.

"Wilma," Buck said. Buck standing back, turns towards Hawk. "I need to cancel my classes with them for the day and get to the bottom of this. Hawk could you?" Buck started to ask.

"No," Hawk replied, quickly.

"But you don't even know what it was I was going to ask," Buck said.

"They are your responsibility, not mine," Hawk said.

"There's no need for us to stop our lessons for today on account of this, Instructor," Xces said.

"This is official business of the Defense Directorate, you're here as honored guests. I can't have you doing that," Buck replied.

"Then don't call us guests for the time being," Lillypan One said.

"Call us what we are," Kuzan said.

"Allies of Earth's Defense Directorate willing to help as allies do," Xces said.

Buck nods an acknowledgment that he's okay with this.

In the Archives room, all sorts of relics from our time and before litter shelves and tables. Wilma is looking around as if to find the Lillypans.

Buck enters the Archives room. "Wilma, I need to speak with you," Buck said.

Wilma turns towards him. "You found them?" Wilma asked.

Buck's class walks up behind him. "They found me. Wilma, have you ever heard of a series of fighter called Juno?" Buck asked.

"How do you know about that?" Wilma asked, with a surprised look on her face.

Buck, looks behind him at his class. "I've been told people are looking to take its specs," Buck replied.

"How do you know this?" Wilma asked.


Chapter 4

Inside Wilma's Office, its furnishings are arranged differently about the room and she has the 26th century idea of a desktop computer on her desk. On her desk, piles of papers and on top of one of the piles is a little cannon paperweight. The door opens and Wilma rushes in, followed by Buck and his class. She gets to her desk and starts immediately typing at her computer. Buck starts to move to where she is. Wilma stops typing, still looking at the computer. "This is not good," Wilma said in a nervous voice.

"What is it?" Buck asked.

"I just looked up to see if anyone has accessed this computer in the last 24 hours besides myself." Wilma lowers her head in shame. "The Juno series specs were just uploaded to another computer minutes ago along with the location," Wilma said.

"It's built?" Buck asked.

"No, but new parts, experimental parts have been. They're meant for the series," Wilma replied.

"This is bad, isn't it?" Buck asked.

Wilma looked up at Buck. "Very," Wilma replied.

"Since this happened just a little while ago, I doubt they could have been taken already," Buck said.

"Then we'd better get there first," Wilma said.

Hawk had just entered his living quarters. A few moments later he comes back out and Taindair is passing by his door. Hawk has a paled expression on his face due to where he just was. Taindair looks almost like he's ready to go to the beach.

"Something wrong?" Taindair asked, noticing Hawk.

"Are all mammals messy or just the ones I've encountered?" Hawk asked.

"You get used to living with them after a while. You're that alien from out of the Altaira Galaxy aren't you?" Taindair asked, pointing at Hawk.

"I'm from there and technically I'm not an alien. Why are you dressed that way?" Hawk asked.

"No decently made patches on this planet, so I'm going to find a nice dark colored ship in the park to lie on," Taindair replied.

Hawk gives Taindair an odd look. "You have a lot to learn don't you?" Taindair asked.

"I guess I do," Hawk replied.

"Taindair," Taindair said, holding his hand out to Hawk.

"Hawk," Hawk replied, not returning the gesture.

In Corridor M-1, standing outside of the door of Locker Edwards are Buck and Wilma, along with Buck's class. It's a large room that's nearly empty except for a few large devices that don't look fully built. The Lillypan are busy looking around at everything. As Towtuk starts fooling around with one of the larger devices. "Please don't touch that!" Wilma shouts.

"Why?" Towtuk asked.

"It's what we're here to protect," Wilma replied.

Towtuk climbed off of the devise.

Buck whispering. "Tell me what does it do?" Buck asked.

"It forces outer-dimensional folding like what happens in the micro-par stream," Wilma replied, whispering back.

"You mean how the ship gets compacted but the interior of the ship remains the same size?" Buck asked, still whispering.

"Uh-huh, this device if it fully tests out will let ships deform themselves to avoid fire," Wilma replied, whispering back.

"The Defense Directorate puts a lot of trust in its pilots," Buck said.

The door opens and the Traitor enters, who notices immediately he's not alone. "What are you guys doing here?" the traitor asked, with a surprised look on his face.

"I could ask you the same thing, only a few engineers and myself know of what's in here," Wilma replied.

"Is this what was in Locker Janus!?" Zedht asked.

"That's still none of your business," Buck replied, looking down at Zedht.

"I'm one of the new engineers on the project," the traitor replied.

"No you're not, I'm betting my career you're the one who accessed my computer a short while ago," Wilma said. Kuzan crawls up to Traitor's feet.

"What is this thing doing?!" the traitor asked, pointing down at Kuzan.

Kuzan now staring up at Traitor from right by his feet. "He was one of them, I recognize him now!" Kuzan said, loudly.

"You're busted," Buck said, walking over to Traitor.

Traitor starts walking towards Buck. "For what?!" Traitor asked.

"For being in league with the Draconian empire," Xces replied.

Traitor looks at the device Wilma told Towtuk to get away from. "I'm not a rat, but you guys are." Traitor starts moving around the device. "You know this sort of looks like a gun," Traitor said. Pointing the device at Kuzan. "You're right Colonel Deering, I'm not an engineer, I'm an exterminator," Traitor said.

"I wouldn't mess around with that if I were you," Buck said.

Traitor points the device outwards from himself at Buck. "Try and stop me," the Traitor said, with an evil grin.

Buck and Wilma suddenly shields their eyes. A blinding blue and golden light flash wildly then calms down a few minutes later. Buck and Wilma uncovers their eyes and looks down towards the floor.

"I think it tested out right," Lillypan One said.

"You heard me?" Wilma asked.

"We hear everything, Deering, nothing misses us," Yoomak replied.

The blue and golden light dies away.

"Except maybe Hawk," Buck said.

On the lower level of the Defense Directorate Shuttle Park, a jet-black ship that's about medium in size. Taindair, who's sunbathing on it wearing dark shades. Hawk enters.

"I'm sorry for earlier," Hawk said.

"Accepted. You're not much for interaction with others are you?" Taindair asked.

"I'm not used to being around many who are not my kind. I don't know what you are, but I've been told I should be more trusting of Humans," Hawk replied.

Taindair takes off his shades. "I'm a Saurian and most Humans aren't bad. I'm good friends with one who happens to be the Directorate's top pilot," Taindair said.

"Think I'd like to meet that one," Hawk said.

Taindair puts out a hand for shaking and this time Hawk takes it. "I'll see to that later, Hawk," Taindair replied, shaking Hawk's entended hand.

Located just outside the Shuttle Port Station. Nothing but maple trees and grass, a little area meant to make New Chicago look prettier than it is for the sake of tourists entering the city. Asimov and Aleekeyta are on the edge of it that's nearest to the Shuttle Port Station. Asimov is leaning against a tree with his duffel bag at his feet and Aleekeyta is in front of him.

"I don't like any of them and the Defense Directorate won't do anything about them. Why don't you attack them? They won't attack you, you're not Human. The information I've learned over the years about their ships, that you now have. Admiral?" Asimov said.

In the background a passenger shuttle getting ready to land. "Not unless they attack us without what they deem as just cause. I don't carry out preemptive strikes. But I do like knowing what sort of actions along with what sort of technology a foe might have. That's all our talk has been, Asimov, and nothing more," Aleekeyta replied.

Asimov stops leaning against the tree, picks up his duffel bag. "I think my shuttle has just arrived. I'm not a bad man, I just believe in protection that goes past what the Defense Directorate normally thinks of as being enough," Asimove said.

"Goodbye Admiral," Aleekeyta said.

Asimov starts to head towards the Shuttle Port Station. "If you ever need me, remember it's New Raleigh where I am, due to I don't want to be anywhere close to that bird nesting here," Asimov said.

Aleekeyta watches Asimov walk away. "One day those featherheads will attack Earth. Sooner or later it's going to happen and that day you'll wish you'd done what I advised you to do today," Asimov said over his shoulder.

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