"Back to the Skies"
Written by: Erin Weinstock
Novelization verison by: Reba Grayladyfalcon
I don't hold any of the copyrights in this story, and this story was made without profit.

Hawk at four or five years old, with soft gray feathers for his plumage, is in bed with the covers pulled up to his head. His older sister has just tucked him in.

"Do you feel all snug for the night?" Lantay asked.

"Uh-huh," Halle replied.

"Have good dreams then, Halle," Lantay said as she leaves going up a curved stairwell.

"Good dreams to you too," Halle replied, softly.

After she's been gone for a few moments, Hawk looking impatient like only a kid can, wrecks up his blankets to be free of them, revealing some of his chest that's covered in the same gray feathers as his head and climbs out of bed to reach far underneath it. He pulls out a thick and very old looking book with no title on it. Reaching over, he turns on a small light he then opens it up to study its pages with joy.

It's a book showing constellations, ones made up by the Tangata manu. On some of the pages, the ones near the beginning of the book more, the drawings are outlined in many shades of yellow and in the center of the binding between the connecting pages is Earth as it was thousands of years ago in shades of red. Later in the book the drawings turn into being outlined in shades of blue and multiple planets crossing the pages to being outlined in shades of green.

Hawk smiling at the open book, then after a moment he closes it and looks up.

In town that evening, Hawk is leaving one of the dome-shaped buildings with a look of awe on his face, holding the book to his side, he walks out of town taking in everything with a look of wonder. At the edge of town he opens the book again, stares at it before looking to the sky. He looks back to the book just as his dad, who has more black on his feathers than white, walks up behind him.

"Boo," Valwert said.

Hawk nearly drops the book and turns around to his dad, pale.

"It's okay, but it's early and I would have liked to have done it as a family," Valwert said.

"I had to see it, the urge kept bugging me," Halle replied.

"As it does all of us," Valwert replied.

"Why?" Halle asked.

"Because we were meant to be up there," Valwert said, pointing towards the sky.

"That's silly," Halle said.

"Halle, long ago we could, but not anymore," Valwert said.

"Huh?" Halle asked, with a confused look on his face.

"We could fly," Valwert replied.

"Still silly," Halle said.

"That book you're holding, you weren't meant to see till you were older," Valwert said, pointing at the book.

"But it has no words, I can't read much, I like it," Halle replied.

"Turn to one of the pages in the beginning," Valwert said.

Hawk did what his father said to do, then looks to his dad, who then points to Earth.

"Long ago we came from that planet. Its name, Halle, is Earth," Valwert said.

Halle looks back to the book. "Why'd we leave it?" Halle asked.

"A species known as Human came to our land and killed most of us," Valwert replied.

Hawk takes this in with a look of wide-eyed shock.

"We had wings, Halle. We could soar and they killed us because of that. We were different from them and that couldn't be," Valwert said.

Hawk starts crying, still wide-eyed at what he's just been told.

In the town court circle, Hawk and everyone else is there. Lark's dad comes out from the crowd towards him.

"These Humans have been brought to you for your judgment in wounding my daughter," the father said.

Rage builds on Hawk's face and he begins to mouth words. But before he can say anything, a man that looks to be around his late 60's rushes up beside him.

"Hawk, please before you pass your judgment on them LISTEN to them!" Goodfellow shouts.

Hawk stops moving his mouth and continues looking to them coldly. "Tell me what happened," Hawk said.


Chapter 1

"She invaded our space, I had to do something about it," Zack said.

"Do you know where you are?!" guard two asked, turning to Zack.

"Among freaks," Zack replied.

"You are on the colony of Throm, you own no space here," Hawk said.

"My ship crashed here, if it is not repaired we'll NEED our space," David said.

"Not until I have said it is so, and at the moment that seems to be something you will not have for a long time," Hawk replied.

"Being ordered around by a pigeon, I don't believe this," Sam said quietly to himself.

Guard Two hits Sam. "You'll show respect Human," guard two said.

"I have issues with creatures who look like what brought down the ship, you don't have my respect," Sam said.

Goodfellow turned to Hawk. "I think you should call a recess before something happens." Goodfellow glanced over at the Seeker crew. "I might be able to talk some sense into them," Goodfellow said, softly.

Hawk smiles. "You're the only Human I trust at all and you're lucky for that, but these ones..." Hawk replied, as he waves a hand towards the Seeker crew.

"One of them carried Lark all the way back to town and gave her back to her family," Goodfellow said.

Hawk turns his attention back to the crowd. "I'd like to call a recess at this time," Hawk said.

"And also so the judge and I can talk with the accused." Hawk looks to Goodfellow coldly. "I've been gone for ten years, they're from Earth," Goodfellow said.

Inside the Crescent Building, unlike its dome counterparts it goes down in to the ground with levels being connected by a widening stairwell cut into its center. Hawk, Goodfellow, Buck and Wilma accompanied by their guards stood, Hawk leans against the far wall opposite of the rest.

"We're not going to hurt you," Buck said, looking at Hawk.

Hawk continues staring at them. "He's judging you now, he won't talk while he's doing it," Goodfellow said.

"Oh," Buck replied.

Wilma, putting out a hand to Goodfellow. "Colonel Wilma Deering of Earth's Defense Directorate," Wilma said, introducing herself.

"Earth's Defense Directorate really?! I used to help out the Directorate once in a while back before I retired," Goodfellow replied.

Goodfellow looked at Buck. "Boy, do you know what good her people do?" Goodfellow asked.

"I'm one of them," Buck replied.

"You are, well that's incredible!" Goodfellow said with excitement in his voice.

"So is Asimov," hawk said.

Buck and Wilma turn towards Hawk. "I'm sure working for the Defense Directorate you might have heard of Admiral Asimov at some time. He used to run the Directorate you know? Not too wild about the Tangata manu I'm afraid," Goodfellow said.

"Admiral Asimov is here?" Wilma asked.

"Tangata manu?" Buck asked.

"Admiral Asimov and a few others and myself. OH graynesses I forgot to introduce myself!" Goodfellow said. Goodfellow shaking hands with Buck and Wilma. "I'm Doctor Perry Goodfellow."

"Doctor Goodfellow"?" Wilma asked.

"Yes?" Goodfellow replied.

Buck pointed at Goodfellow. "You designed the Crichton series," Buck said.

"And many others that I can be proud of too," Goodfellow replied.

"How did you and the others get here?" Wilma asked.

"That's an explanation I started to go into a short while ago. We came to this galaxy to research planets rich in minerals of great value. The ship we were on, its name was the Searcher and..." Goodfellow

"The Searcher?" Buck asked, interrupting Goodfellow.

"A fine ship, despite being well-armed and having the admiral in command." Goodfellow hesitated. "We were still brought down by..." Goodfellow stopped, looking over at Hawk.

On a school yard playground, all the little bird kids are around Lark's age. They're all playing but Hawk, who's ordering around as many others as he can, none who are near him like this.

"The dirt isn't for playing in, it's messy, leave it alone!" Halle said.

"What's your problem?" a kid holding a ball asked.

"Go over to them and play with the ball!" Halle ordered.

"Whatever," the kid replied, leaving Hawk while bouncing the ball on his way.

Hawk makes an annoyed sound just before a girl his age comes up to him. Hawk notices Koori and gives her a look like he's not sure what to make of her presence.

"They don't like what you're doing, you know," Koori said.

"But they don't know what's best for them, I know what's best for them," Halle replied.

"I know what's best for you, how to make you stop," Koori said, smiling.

"That would be?" Halle asked.

Koori gives him a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Eww yuk, what'd you do that for?" Halle asked, wiping his cheek.

"Do you still want to order them around? If you still do I'll kiss you again," Koori said as she started to lean towards Halle again.

Hawk takes a moment to think then laughs.

"Let's play on the swings," Koori said.

Back in the Crescent Building.

"The others, you sure them not being here is such a good idea?" Goodfellow asked.

"They didn't come out this way for the crew of the Searcher, only for its data," Buck replied.

"Well they're not going to get what they came here for, not if they continue to act in the fashion they have been," Goodfellow said.

Out by the Icy Sea, the guards with the Seeker crew are watching David, Jacob, Sam and Zack move from ice sheet to ice sheet peering through its cracks into the water below.

David, shouts to one of the guards because he's a good distance from them. "How far does the debris go out for?" David asked.

The guard didn't answer and David gets an annoyed look. "I know you're not deaf, how far out does it go?!" David shouts again.

Still not getting a reply, David heads towards the guards. "Are you even listening to me?! My ship has been trashed, what's here are the remains of a ship that maybe just maybe could be combined with what's left of my ship, plus information the ship collected before it was shot down!" David said.

"It wasn't shot down," Guard Three replied.

"And just how would you know that?" Daivid asked, as he starts walking out into the ice sea again. "Your people are penguins living in this frozen wasteland, yuh don't have any ships to go into space, you couldn't have known whether or not it was shot!" David shouted over his shoulder.

"It was ripped apart, we saw to that," Guard Three said.

David stops in his tracks and turns around. "You ripped it apart?" David asked.

"We built what you call the unknown eagles," Guard Three replied.

"Humans have no business being in the Altaira Galaxy, it's our home, you'd just wreck it up if we let you travel through it," the Forth Guard said.

"We just want to mine," Jacob said.

"Not here you won't. And the data you're seeking isn't here either, Hawk has it," Guard Three said.

"That buzzard of a judge has the data!" David said.

"You were told to treat him with respect," the Fifth Guard said in a sturn reply.

Jacob reaches down in to the water for a sharp shard of metal. "Do we have to respect you?" Jacob asked.

In Hawk's Home, Hawk is on the porch holding a ring coated in many jewels, showing it to a male Tangata manu close to his age.

"Think she'll like it?" Halle asked.

"I'm not sure it's such a good idea, Halle. She's been avoiding you for a few weeks now. I don't think marriage is on her mind, at least not with..." Swen said.

"I haven't seen her with anyone else and we've been together for years," Halle replied.

Hawk heads for the door to go outside. "I think something big is going on with her, wait it out and then propose!" Swen said.

"Nonsense, everything will be fine!" Hawk replied.

Koori is standing at the edge of a perfectly round very large crater. All of her belongings are by her side and packed up. Hawk is racing up to her.

"Koori! Koori, what are you doing here?" Halle asked, running up to her.

Koori turns to Hawk. "What are you doing here?!" Koori asked.

Nearly out of breath. "We've known each other since forever." Hawk gets down onto one knee. "And I'd greatly like it if that could continue, officially," Halle said.

Koori starts to weep and Hawk gets off his knee.

"What's wrong? Don't you want to?" Halle asked.

Behind Koori, a massive shape moving up from the crater shaping itself in a glowing liquid state. "Halle, I have some bad news for you," Koori said, weeping.


Chapter 2

The massive shape forming behind Koori out of the crater is starting to take on some definition in shape, like a spire with lines moving down from its top.

Hawk has a dead look on his face. "What, what is it?" Halle asked, softly.

"I'm needed on the Colony of Taleis. I've been called for military duty," Koori replied.

"Why?" Halle asked.

The massive shape behind Koori is forming new lines that indent between the ones already there at the top, creating an almost feathery look. "I've been trained to do this," Koori replied.

"But on Throm," Halle replied.

"I've been called," Koori said.

"But I need you," Halle replied.

The feathery look at the top starts peeling down and outwards, now looking like massive growing thin feathers waving about. "I'm sorry," Koori replied. Koori hugs Hawk and picks up her things, the feathery shapes from the shape all at once lean towards the two of them. "Goodbye," Koori said as the feathery shapes admit lighting at her which makes her disappear in a flash with her things.

"Goodbye," Halle said softly.

On the outskirts of town, David, Jacob, Sam and Zack, out of rushed metal are creating the framework of a space ship large enough to hold them all. A few Tangata manu watch them from a distance. Jacob, notices how they're acting, flares his blowtorch smiling and laughing. Some of the younger Tangata manu back away in fear.

"Doesn't take anything, dumb birds," Jacob said as he continues his work.

"They're behind the unknown eagles and those are past any kind of military technology I've ever heard of," Sam said.

Asimov starts walking towards them. "Those guards were easy but that Hawk, I'm betting he won't be the same, not with those goodie Directorate people around," Zack said.

"And just what makes you call the Defense Directorate people "goodie"?" Asimov asked.

"You're one of the Searcher's crew, aren't you?" David asked.

"I was until the ship met its fate," Asimov replied.

"It hasn't fully met its fate yet," Jacob said, patting a piece of metal.

Asimov walks around the ship frame work. "You're going to build a whole ship from the wreckage of the Searcher?" Asimov asked.

"And from our old ship," David replied.

Asimov shakes his head ligtly. "Gentlemen, you're not the sort of folks I'd normally call upon, but then again the Defense Directorate and I haven't always seen each other eye to eye. How would you like a good ship? A real ship, and what you came here looking for?" Asimov asked.

Zack stops his work. "We're not the sort you're used to? What are you, one of those Directorate people?" Zack asked.

"I was until I retired, joined up on the Searcher's quest because I wanted one last adventure in life. The Defense Directorate and I had different ideas of what was right and wrong half the time. Living here as long as I have has given me no love of this planet's people," Asimov replied.

David walks over to Asimov. "David Harris," David said, introducing himself and holding his hand out to be shook.

"Alec Asimov," Asimov replied, shaking David's hand.

At Lark's Home, Lark's in her bed nearly asleep with her mom by her side with a thin book in hand. Hawk enters the room. "Is it okay to talk with her?" Hawk asked, softly.

"The medicine is kicking in, she'll be asleep soon. You can talk with her but I'm not sure how much she will," her mother replied.

Hawk goes to Lark's bedside and crouches down. "How are you doing?" Hawk asked, softly.

"Still painful but better," Lark replied in a weak voice.

"Do you mind if I ask you a few questions about what happened?" Hawk asked.

"You haven't locked them up yet?" Lark asked.

"Well that's what I'm wondering if you could help me out with. Are they all guilty or just a few?" Hawk asked, looking into Lark's eyes.

"Just one," Lark replied.

"Which one?" Hawk asked.

"The meanest," Lark replied.

"That's hard for me to tell, they're Humans. Do you mean the one called Zack?" Hawk asked.

"Yes," Lark replied.

"The others were mean as well?" Hawk asked.

"The lady and the man who carried me didn't talk mean," Lark replied.

"Thank you for your help," Hawk said as he gives Lark a kiss on her forehead before leaving her bedside.

"Can I speak with you?" her mother asked.

"Of course," Hawk replied.

"Not here," her mother said softly, Looking towards Lark then going to the stairs and indicating Hawk to follow.

In a room above Lark's, Hawk and Lark's mom stand by the stairs.

"I want them all gone," her mother said.

"But not all of them are bad," Hawk replied.

"Despite what my daughter says I don't trust those two other Humans as well, there's too many of them here, we have to get rid of them!" her mother said in a hushed tone.

"I've come to be friends with one of them," Hawk said.

"We all know that, but we have to get rid of them before they get rid of us!" her mother said.

Hawk takes on an irritated look. "Good day madam," Hawk said as he disappears up the stairs.

In the Crescent Building on the Jail level. Buck and Wilma are being led down the stairwell that greatly widens here to enter the room through a door that's barred to prevent escape. Their guards are there and so is Goodfellow.

As the Active Guard, unlocks the door leading into the jail. "How long do you think it will take Hawk to make a decision about us?" Buck asked, looking at Goodfellow.

The guard opens the door for Buck and Wilma to enter. "I don't know and due to your crew mates having vanished that only adds to the mystery," Goodfellow replied.

Buck and Wilma walk inside the jail cell. "Could they have left Throm?" Wilma asked.

"Not without Hawk's say so, they couldn't," Goodfellow replied.

The guard starts to close the door but Goodfellow stops him. "In a moment," Goodfellow said looking at the guard.

Goodfellow goes inside the jail, which brings on a look of shock from both Buck and Wilma. "Doctor Goodfellow?!" Wilma said.

"I say the two of you are far from guilty. This is my way of telling Hawk that." Goodfellow turns to the guard. "You may close and lock it now," Goodfellow said.

"You wild old coot," Buck said.

The guard locks the door and leaves with the Active Guard up the stairs.

"Birds of a feather you know, I want to know what I've missed while away," Goodfellow said.

"Did you help program Theo as well?" Buck asked.

"Doctor Theopolis? Why do you ask?" Goodfellow asked.

Buck sighs. "No reason," Buck replied.

"I had a hand in Theopolis'es upgrades at one point, but I'd like it better if both of you explained," Goodfellow said.

Buck turned away. "Not again," Buck said softly.

"I'd explain better," Wilma said.

"Somehow you've been living under a rock too?" Goodfellow asked.

Buck, whose back was turned, just waves him away.

Suddenly Hawk starts coming down the stairs with the key in hand that will unlock the trio's jail.

"You've come to a decision about the crew and us?" Wilma asked.

"Goodfellow, what are you doing in there?" Hawk asked.

Crossing his arms. "They're good people Hawk. If they are to go to a bad fate, then I'm to go with them," Goodfellow replied.

Hawk shakes his head and smiles. "Where are the other Humans, the rest of the Seeker crew?" Hawk asked, looking around inside the cell.

"We don't know same as you," Buck replied.

Hawk unlocks the jail and opens its door. "Would you trust them with your life?" Hawk asked Goodfellow.

"Yes, why do you ask?" Goodfellow replied.

"You have to leave here, if you don't you might die," Hawk said.


Chapter 3

Goodfellow walks out the door to the jail. "Danger, Hawk what danger could there be here? Sure the others of their crew aren't of a good sort but I don't think they'd hurt their own kind," Goodfellow said.

"They're Humans, I wouldn't put that past them, but that isn't the threat," Hawk said.

Buck and Wilma left the jail cell looking at Hawk. "It's no longer safe for Humans to remain on Throm." Hawk starts walking up the stairs. "We need to find an answer that will allow you to leave," Hawk said.

Inside the Crescent Building, Hawk, Buck, Wilma and Goodfellow are coming up from below. A loud knock comes from the door.

"Expecting company?" Buck asked.

"Stay back, I'll answer the door," Hawk said, motioning for them to stay back.

Hawk goes to the main entrance and opens the door, finding David and Asimov standing together with Jacob, Zack and Sam behind them.

"May we come in?" Asimov asked.

"That all depends on your intent," Hawk replied.

Asimov and the rest of the Seeker crew come in anyway. "Admiral?" Wilma said.

"Captain Deering, it's been a long time. Tell me, do you like it here?" Asimov asked.

"It's Colonel Deering now. Asimov, we need to leave this planet," Wilma replied.

"I couldn't agree with you more, but before we leave." Asimov turns to Hawk. "The data you're holding from the Searcher, I'd like it back," Asimov said.

"To protect this colony and all others like it from Human invasion I can't give it back to you," Hawk said.

"Rogers, Deering, old man, are you with us or the bird on this?" David asked, looking at Buck, Wilma and Goodfellow.

"I've been told eons ago we drove Hawk's kind from Earth nearly killing them all before they left. We have no right to be here, I'm with him," Buck replied, pointing at Hawk.

"Same with me," Wilma said.

"Do you have the Searcher's data here?" David asked.

"That is not for you to know," Hawk replied.

Jacob pulls a device out of his pocket. "I have a wild bet it is, go to the stairs and go down them," Jacob said.

"Leave," Hawk ordered, pointing towards the door.

"No," David replied.

"Admiral, these aren't good people, you shouldn't be with them," Wilma said.

"After ten years of being treated like a worthless pile of crap by them and being told I can't leave due to they don't want more Humans to come here. Deering, I know they're not the right sort but I just don't care anymore, I want them to get what they want," Asimov replied.

Hawk walks up to them. "Leave now," Hawk said, staring into David's eyes.

Asimov, David, Jacob, Zack and Sam go out the door due to Hawk looking like he could hit them at any time. With the door still open. "You should come too," David said.

"He's right; you need to keep an eye on them," Buck said.

Hawk goes out outside but before he can close the door Jacob throws the device inside the building and it explodes.

At the Ice Sea, rain and a large smoke trail can be seen moving down from the sky into a patch of water with no ice around it for twice the size of the smoke trail. Off in the distance, debris falls from the sky randomly with smoke trails into the icy water. A group of over a dozen Tangata manu are running over to the hole.

"It looked like some kind of ship, not one of ours!" Lead Bird said.

"Aliens!?" Second Bird asked.

"They're drowning, it doesn't matter," Lead Bird replied.

One of the crowd dives into the water and Lead Bird follows. The Second Bird stares in to the water, shakes his head no then dives in as well.

The Tangata manu swim down towards the Searcher that's hull has been ripped up. It stands on its tail end, its jet-rockets still trying to fire into life despite the water surrounding them, a massive ring before them is trying to turn but is being stopped by a mechanical malfunction unseen. Lead Bird starts dragging Asimov through the loose ice to thicker ice where he sets him halfway out of the water, unconscious.

Asimov's face shows him ten years earlier. Lead Bird who's staring at him in confusion.

"They're Human, throw them back in," Old Bird said.

Old Bird starts pushing an undecorated member of the Searcher's crew towards the water. Lead Bird turns to the Old Bird. "Stop!" Lead Bird shouts.

Old Bird stops in his tracks. "Why? What do we owe them!?" Old Bird asked, pointing at the body.

"They aren't the same ones, we don't know why they came out here," Lead Bird replied.

"Then let's find out!" Old Bird turns to another Tangata manu who dives back into the water. Old Bird then turns back to Lead Bird. "We'll let Halle decide what to do with them, but I say death," Old Bird said.

Back at the Crescent Building.

"Not all of them survived," Swen said, handing Hawk a data chip that's rather large.

Hawk takes the chip. "What is it?" Halle asked.

"It's used for data storage, they came here to invade the colonies," Swen replied.

"A single ship?" Halle asked.

"To collect information on our planets for mining," Swen replied.

"I'll hold on to this," Halle said.

"What do you want done with them?" Swen asked.

"They are outcasts of this land, they should be treated as so," Halle replied.

"Maybe you should tell that to one of them," Swen said.

"Oh?" Halle asked, looking at Swen.

While the six others who survived the crash are with the Tangata manu, of whom some have taken hold of the strangers in their midst while others just stare at them, Goodfellow however wrapped up in a blanket like his shipmates isn't with the rest. He's studying the paintings coating the side of the building, talking to a female Tangata manu with near fully black feathers who doesn't seem to really care what he's saying.

"They have a special meaning don't they, these paintings?" Goodfellow asked, pointing at a painting. He turns his attention back to the wall continuing his studying. "They remind me of paintings, ancient paintings I've seen back home on Earth." The black-feathered lady beside him rolls her eyes.

"Has he done anything to you?" Halle asked, entering the room.

"He knows of us," the Black Feathered female replied with a slight grin.

"Then what will you do about that?!" Hawk asked.

"My, nothing, I think it's fascinating you're still alive," Goodfellow replied as he puts out a hand to Hawk in friendship.

"What's that mean?" Halle asked, looking at the extended hand of Godfellow.

Goodfellow tries to take one of Hawk's hands but he pulls it back from him.

"I see we have much to learn from each other, bird-man, a lot has changed over time," Goodfellow said, smiling.

Back in the present day in the Crescent Building, A fire has filled the inside the building. The Seeker crew but Buck and Wilma, look either pleased with themselves or wear a blank look on their faces. Jacob isn't one of the ones with a blank look on his face. Hawk started going back into the building, but turning his head back towards them. "Why?!" Hawk asked.

"Because we want to get off this snowball with or without what we came here for and only you can grant that," David replied.

Hawk takes on a very cold expression and returns to heading inside. "There's more where that came from, we loaded up before leaving Earth!" David said loudly.

The main entrance door open with Asimov and the rest of the Seeker crew standing there. Hawk makes his way in carefully to Buck, Wilma and Goodfellow who are waiting inside.

"Next time it will be more than your home and your friends!" David shouts.

"Goodfellow, Deering, Rogers!!" Hawk calls out.

"Hawk, we're over..!" Buck replied.

Hawk takes a step forward and in a snap the wood splinters and caves in, taking down Hawk in a massive cave-in with the crackling of fire.


Chapter 4

Inside the collapsed crescent building. Little lighting comes from the burning fire of the wreckage where Buck, Wilma, Hawk and Goodfellow are. Hawk makes a sound that indicates he's in pain.

"Hawk?" Wilma calls out, looking in the direction the noise came from.

Blaster fire and shouting is heard from a distance, Hawk raises his head listening to the noise his head feathers puff for a moment. Returning his attention to his surroundings. "Goodfellow?!" Hawk calls out.

A moment passed and no answer comes. "Wilma, Hawk can you see him?" Buck asked.

Wilma is trying her best to hold up the collapsed burning wreck over her head and looking at Goodfellow just off to the side below her at the same time. "I can I just hope he's simply unconscious," Wilma replied.

Buck whose back is holding up wreckage over him. "Hawk, we can still breathe well down here. Where's the ventilation coming from?" Buck asked.

Hawk, who's trying to move a bad leg and having debris fall on him as he does so. "Every level has five ventilation..." Hawk moans from the pain. "Five ventilation tunnels to the outside," Hawk replied.

"Are you hurt?" Buck asked.

"My right leg is hurt badly. I'm trying to move it," Hawk replied.

Wilma turns her head to a side and sniffs the air. Wilma: "I think I'm by one of the vents," Wilma said.

"See if you can find its cover, I'll give you its code," Hawk said.

Wilma carefully moves away debris as to not make more fall on to her and Goodfellow. "Code?" Wilma asked.

"There is a prison in this building, remember? Don't want people to use the shafts for escape," Hawk replied.

"Could a Human fit through one of these?" Wilma asked.

She got no answer for a moment. "I'm sorry," Wilma said.

"If anything it will be tight," Hawk replied, still gripping his leg in pain.

"You're coming too," Buck said, as he started making his way towards Hawk.

"Why?" Hawk asked.

"Why? Why?! Hawk, do you want to die?" Buck asked.

"I'm not one of your kind," Hawk replied.

"That doesn't matter. We need to get out of here before the whole structure breaks down," Buck replied as he makes it over to Hawk.

"You're a very unusual man," Hawk said.

"How bad is it?" Buck asked, looking at Hawk's leg.

"It hurts to move it," Hawk replied.

"I've found the cover," Wilma shouted.

"Punch in the numbers,21825," Hawk said.

"That's the code..21825," Wilma repeated as she punches in the code on a small keypad. She opens the cover of the shaft, which is just large enough for a small person to move through. She looks to Goodfellow. "Well this is going to be a trick," Wilma said.

"I can't rig up a stretcher in here, take my hand, you're going to have to move that leg, I'll pull you along," Buck said.

Hawk reaches out and takes Buck's hand.

On the cliff on Throm, Hawk is standing looking out over the sea. It's still ten years ago. After a moment he turns his attention to the sky as Swen walks up behind him.

"You've taken one too?" Halle asked.

"It better connects us to Earth, I picked out one for you," Swen replied.

"What's yours?" Halle asked.

"Raven," Swen replied.

Raven walks up beside Hawk. "You'll be up there one day, soaring high, like a Hawk," Raven said, looking up at the sky.

"Such an amazing bird," Halle replied.

Raven putting a hand on Hawk's shoulder. "It's good you feel that way, because that's the name I chose for you," Raven said.

Hawk looks at Raven. "Thanks," Hawk said.

Inside the town ventilation system. The ground is covered in dozens of holes half covered over in ice. A few Tangata manu holding blasters stand by some of the holes. Wilma moving on her stomach backs out first, lugging Goodfellow after her. A couple of the Tangata manu turn their blasters towards her. "You should have stayed in the building," the first guard said.

Wilma drags out Goodfellow. "He got knocked out in the fall, Hawk got injured too," Wilma said.

"Is Hawk with you?" one of them asked.

Wilma gets clear of the hole as Buck climbing with his arms, has Hawk holding on to his legs.

"I'm here, don't shoot!" Hawk calls out.

"How'd you know?" Wilma asked.

Buck comes out of the hole with Hawk holding on to him. "I had a feeling this would happen, that's why I told you it wasn't safe to remain here," Hawk replied.

"You're a good friend to him," Wilma said.

"Why do you want to help them?" the second guard asked.

Buck climbs fully out of the hole with Hawk who immediately as best he can goes over to Goodfellow. "We helped them ten years ago, why not now?" Hawk asked.

"There's getting to be too many of them here," the second guard said.

Hawk checks Goodfellow for a pulse. "I'm going to let them leave Throm," Hawk said.

"Then how will you ensure their actions, that they won't lead others here?" the first guard asked.

Hawk looks at the first guard.

A ship that looks like the one Koori left in earlier, fully formed out and waving its feather tendrils in the air. Hawk, wearing a thin cast, is standing looking up at it with Raven by his side and Buck, Wilma, Goodfellow, and the six remaining crew members of the Searcher. Asimov is also there, but he's bound by bonds covering him completely but his mouth, he's not able to amke any movement.

"Are you sure you want to do this? I mean there're other ways to ensure their actions," Raven said.

"I don't want them dead. Besides, I trust your judgment," Hawk replied.

Raven turns to Hawk. "I'll be keeping in touch," Raven said.

"I was hoping you'd say that," Hawk replied.

"Is this safe?" Buck asked, looking at the ship.

"The eagles won't attack our ships," Hawk replied, looking at Buck.

"How do we get in it?" Wilma asked.

"The ship will transfer you when it's ready," Raven replied.

The ship's lighting hits Buck and he disappears, Wilma gives a little shriek.

"It's ready," Hawk said.

Wilma gets hit by the lighting and disappears, and three of the Searcher crew have it happen to them soon after.

Goodfellow, looks at Hawk. "You're getting what he promised to you long ago you know?" Goodfellow said, smiling.

"What's that?" Hawk asked.

"You're going to soar, Hawk," Raven replied. Goodfellow is struck by the lighting and so are the rest of the Searcher crew and Asimov.

"Thanks," Hawk said, smiling.

"Goodbye my friend," Raven said.

Hawk being taken by the lighting. "Goodbye my friend," Hawk replied.

The ship takes off with Raven watching. As it moves higher up, its tail end which is much larger has more of the feather tendrils, but with a glow brighter than the rest of the ship.

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