"If Scorned"
Written by: Erin Weinstock
Novelization verison by: Reba Grayladyfalcon

I don't hold any of the copyrights in this story, and this story was made without profit.


The room's wall are one solid piece, with a changing image of outer space on it. The floor is a highly reflective black stone. There is a wedding taking place here and so the room has been furnished to that purpose. It's a crowded place and everyone in it is in fancy garb. The wedding is a Draconian one. Preacher smiling over a Man and Woman standing before him. The Man is wearing a collar.

"I now pronounce you man and wife," Preacher said.

The Woman clicks a button on the Man's collar and it lights up, then she kisses him as a pained expression enters his face. They stop kissing and the Woman continues smiling at him. The Man's face looks dead as he stares at her.

"Forever," the woman said.

"Forever," the man replied in a low, whimpering voice.

The crowd watches as the couple moves through the crowd till it reaches the sight of a woman hunched over. "Our empire is yours as well!" the hunched over woman said. She raised her head it was Princess Ardala looking pissed making little mock expressions on her face.

They proceeded to the Dinning Room, where many tables are arranged for the crowd from the wedding. There are people at every table chatting away. Everyone is sitting with another person but Ardala who's sitting alone. Ardala's knife being played around in her food.

Three women walk towards Ardala. Their names are Auka, Detana and Lacan. "Are you sure? I mean all of the others are now," Detana said.

"Not Ardala, she's as picky as a Tiericken Puffer Bird about her men," Auka replied.

Ardala presses her knife down hard on the food.

"Has she ever met a man she's fallen for? One she really wanted?" Lacan asked.

"Let's ask; I have a hard time believing King Draco's last unwed daughter has a problem finding one," Auka replied.

Ardala hearing what was said, stabs the knife into her food sharply.

"Leave me alone," Ardala said, in a low irratated voice.

"We can't Ardala, we want to know what's wrong? Is it true? That you've never found someone?" Lacan asked.

Ardala looks up at Lacan coldly. "I did find someone and there's rumor that he thwarted father's plan of battle back when we last dealt with Earth!" Ardala replied.

"But it's just a rumor, right? You don't know if it's true," Lacan said.

"No one is sure how it happened. Somehow the troop of Earth's Defense Directorate fighters meant to just escort the cargo ship to the Albersay space station found out about our forces hiding behind the nearest star to the station. BUCK was one of the fighters, he was also the only one of them to really have stepped on board the Draconia," Ardala said.

"Buck? As in Buck Rogers of Earth's Defense Directorate? He's the one you fell for?" Auka asked.

Ardala looks at Auka like she could kill her.

"I didn't mean anything bad by that, the man isn't hard on the eyes you know. He's rumored to be one of their top fighters, but a spy? I haven't heard that rumor," Auka replied.

"There is no proof but Kane insists I stay as far away from the man as possible," Ardala said.

"Because of a rumor that's unconfirmed? Ardala, if you want this Buck, I suggest you show him you have affections for him. Show him some Draconian hospitality," Detana said.

Ardala gives a wicked smile and gets up from the table. "Detana, Lacan, Auka you tell no one of my plans," Ardala said.

"You're going to see him alone?" Auka asked.

"Well I might need a crew to man the ship," Ardala replied.

"Can I come?" Lacan asked.

"This is no business of yours, none of you are coming with me!" Ardala replied.

"Kane won't let you set one foot on board your ship if he knows you're bound for Earth," Auka said.

"Then I'll, I'll find another ship!" Ardala said.

"I have a ship," Lacan said.

Ardala rolls her eyes.


Chapter 1

In outer space the Earth, the Moon and a Star-Port in between the two. A ship comes through slowly due to its sheer size. It's dark and has a very foreboding look to it. The ship near its rear releases three little flying devices that move backward towards the Star-Port. Each of these devices simultaneously settles down on the three sections that make up the Star-Port as the ship moves forward more. All at once the Star-Port explodes in an amazing display of color that looks to be from the micro-par stream it opens up. The ship still moving forward.

In Buck's living quarters, Buck holds an arrow in a bow that looks very old-fashioned, in a way that looks like he's ready to fire.

"You going to keep this?" Buck asked.

"No, I made it after I got back, same with the rest of them," Fox replied.

Buck looks at a number of items that look to be Native American on his coffee table while Fox sitting beside him on the couch. Buck loosens the bow and arrow's stance. "Then I must say you did a fine job at remaking what you saw. Tell me how did it feel to do that, step back in history that way?" Buck asked.

"Very strange at first. All I kept wishing for was that I could be back home. But in that mean time it was the coolest thing that's ever happened to me," Fox replied.

"Has Rick seen any of these yet, or your grandpap?" Buck asked, still looking at the items on the table.

"My dad, besides Doctor Huer. Doctor Huer was the first person I saw after I got back, well got back permanently. I told him what had happened, he told me it happened to a few others as well. Dad, he went into shock and talked to me in the way Huer talked to us during the event. He loves them," Fox replied, pointing to the items on the coffee table.

"Captain Rogers I've just been informed of a video transmission meant for you and you alone. Would you like me to put it through?" Theopolis asked.

"I can go," Fox said, as he gathers up his things to leave.

Buck gives him a wave of goodbye as Fox leaves.

"Patch it through Theo," Buck said.

Buck turns on a little projector on the coffee table. The screen snaps into the air and Ardala appears in its center. "Hello Captain Rogers, Buck," Ardala said.

Buck taken back. "Ardala, what are you, long time, what are you doing calling me?" Buck asked.

"Buck, I've missed you ever since we parted, we need to be together again, it's your destiny to rule beside me in my empire. I've come back for you and I won't take no for an answer," Ardala replied.

"Still living in the fast lane aren't you?" Buck asked.

"Over the next few days, every day I'll be giving you a present of my affection till you're in my arms again. This is my present to you today," Ardala said, as she makes a movement with one of her hands.

The screen floating before Buck changes from Ardala's image to an image of space showing the Star-Port that was blown up earlier. On the floating screen history repeated itself, showing Ardala's ship coming through the Port then the Star-port being destroyed with the bombs.

Buck watches the display in horror.

The floating screen returns to Ardala's image. "Tomorrow it will be something else I use to show you my love for you. I'm not sure what yet, Earth is such a big planet," Ardala said.

All Buck can do is make a drawn out sigh.

"Should I expect you soon?" Ardala asked.

Buck just gives a shocked expression to her.

"One hour Buck, you hear that? You call me in one hour with an answer. This is my transmission code," Ardala said. A moment later the numbers 101007648 appears on the screen. A moment later, the image the screen snaps to being black and dies.

Huer is standing as Buck is quickly pacing.

"I don't know how many days she plans to do this for or what targets she plans to pick!" Buck stops pacing and stands before Huer. "She blew up Star-Port One!" Buck said with concern in his voice.

"Then I say all that can be done now is you go to her," Huer said.

Buck raises his brows in a look of shock, then moves a hand over his head and turns from Huer.

"And see if you could disable her ship's weapons," Huer said.

Buck turns back to Huer. "Your idea sounds better with its attachment," Buck said.

"Tell no one of your plans, Buck. The Draconians may have people on Earth working for them and we don't need anyone alerting Ardala of what you're about to do," Huer said.

"I'm not proud in the least about what I'm about to do. Trust me, telling people I'm about to have a date with Princess Ardala is the furthest thing from my mind," Buck replied.

In Wilma's living quarters, the lighting is dim and all that can be seen is Wilma's coffee table with two unlit candles on it. One of Wilma's hands, with her nails painted, she's holding a lighter which she uses to light the candles. In Wilma's Kitchen, two plates of food that look like they could have come from a four star restaurant. A moment later, in Wilma's bedroom the bed covers are being straightened. Wilma folds down a few blankets and a sheet from the top of the bed. Wilma turns and gazes into the mirror, straightening up the evening dress she's wearing and touches up her make up. She turns to a desk by the bed then opens a little box sitting on it. She takes out a hand full of music chips and studies them. A moment later. "Doctor Theopolis, where is Buck right now?" Wilma asked.

"Moving through Corridor H-24," Theopolis replied.

"Has he gone past my quarters yet?" Wilma asked, picking out the music chip she likes.

"No," Theopolis replied.

Wilma smiles as she quickly walks towards the door. Wilma pokes her head out of her door as Buck is approaching from down the hall. Stepping out from the door a little. "Buck?" Wilma said with a smile.

Buck, not looking to Wilma. "Not now Wilma," Buck said as he walks past her.

Wilma frowns, then after a moment slowly disappears back into her quarters. Wilma has her back pressed against its door giving a pouting look with her arms across her chest. The living room besides being dim with the two lit candles on the table has other things that have been done to it to give it the romantic mood she hoped to bring to it, flowers in tall vases, the couch before the table has a short blanket on it in the same shade as the flowers and pillows set to either end of it neatly.

"Theopolis?" Wilma asked.

"Yes, Colonel Deering?" Theopolis replied.

"It took me hours to set this up, where could he be off to, that he doesn't even notice?" Wilma asked, as she puts a hand on her face.

"Unless you state who this him is you're referring to I can't answer your question, Colonel," Theopolis said.

"Where is he going off to in such a rush? I was hoping to have a perfect evening with Buck tonight," Wilma said.

"I'm afraid I can't divulge the details of that to anyone even by orders," Theopolis replied.

"It's a mission for the Directorate? Will he need help?" Wilma asked, taking her hand off her face.

"This is something Captain Rogers must handle alone, I'm sorry," Theopolis replied.

"Theopolis, without giving any details as in names, places or its importance to the Directorate, could you tell me what the mission is?" Wilma asked.

"The point of that?" Theopolis asked.

"At least if I don't see him again for a while I'll know why." Wilma sits down on her couch. "Please tell me," Wilma begged.

"Buck has an engagement with a female that cannot wait," Theopolis replied.

Wilma jumped up from the couch. "What?!" She shouted.

"Buck has an engagement with a female that cannot wait," Theopolis repeated.

"I heard you the first time! Who is she?!" Wilma asked, turning towards Theopolis'es face in the wall.

"As I told you before, Colonel, I can not reveal such details," Theopolis said.

"Do I know of her?!" Wilma asked.

"Yes," Theopolis replied.

"That's good enough for me. Buck is going to need help on this mission!" Wilma said, as she headed for her bedroom.

"Did you hear me, Colonel? He must do this mission alone," Theopolis said.


Chapter 2

In the flight hangar, Buck is opening the canopy to a Z-87 as Wilma comes up on him without his noticing. Wilma in her normal uniform for the Directorate.

"Important mission, Buck?" Wilma asked.

Buck, climbing into the Z-87. "You could say that," Buck replied.

"I was told you didn't need any help with what you're about to do, are you sure you can handle this all alone?" Wilma asked.

Buck, as he's closing the ship's canopy. "Wilma, this is a buttoned lip assignment, there's no choice in the matter." Buck shakes his head upwards rolling his eyes. "I have no choice on going through with this, as much as I'd much rather not go," Buck replied. The canopy lid closes down onto the ship.

Wilma backed away from the ship as it's powering up for flight. As she does she focuses on a set of numbers on one of the craft's wings, "544". She watches as the Z-87 heads down the runway towards a launch tube with many others on the hangar's far end.

On the Draconian ship in the flight hangar. Lacan enters and quickly takes on a devilish smile. Buck jumps off his Z-87.

Lacan is coming towards him. "Captain Rogers?" Lacan asked.

"For our last talk having not even been an hour ago, you can put on some amazing make-up in that time, Ardala," Buck said.

Lacan laughs lightly. "There's that great humor I've been told of." Lacan holding out her hand to Buck. "I'm Lacan, a sister to Ardala," Lacan replied.

Buck kisses her hand. "Has Ardala left you in her standing?" Buck asked.

Ardala quickly enters with Tigerman. "She most certainly has not! Tigerman!" Ardala shouts, pointing towards Lacan.

Tigerman forcefully takes hold of a fearful Lacan.

"Hey wait now! No rough handling Okay!" Buck said loudly.

Tigerman growls at Buck, still holding Lacan in a painful looking grip.

"Do as the Captain says, Tigerman," Ardala said, smiling at Buck.

Tigerman looks to Ardala coldly.

"She may have acted out of line with him but he is our guest here, do as he pleases!" Ardala said.

Tigerman lets go of Lacan, looking her up and down, then he looks to Buck with the same cold look he gave Ardala.

"I'm not here for a rematch, so take a catnap will you?" Buck said.

Tigerman switches his gaze back and forth between Ardala and Buck and backs down.

In outer space, a Z-87 has just broken out of Earth's atmosphere. Inside the Z-87, the computer screen normally used for the ship's radar. Showing on the screen, "Compensating for loss of atmospheric distortion, tracking of Z-87 Wolf 544 to recommence now". The computer screen changes showing, "The coordinates of Z-87 Wolf 544 stable at x121 by y076 by z121". Wilma sitting in the cockpit, looks at the computer screen in front of her. She puts a finger on the screen staring at it in concentration till looking up to the ship's windowed canopy to have her mouth slowly open in shock.

Wilma's Z-87 is underneath the Draconian ship, which is massive compared to hers. Wilma closes her mouth and starts working with the ship's navigational controls. The Z-87 underneath the Draconian ship that looms over it starts moving out from under its larger visual companion.

Buck is standing in front of the doorway to Ardala's quarters.

"Ardala, destroying a Star-Port isn't something I see as a present. In fact I see it as..." Buck is cut off in his speech by Ardala's hands grabbing him by his shirt collar and quickly pulling him into her quarters.

Inside Ardala's quarters, Ardala is in front of him making wide steps backwards towards an upright folding changing station playing with a thin scarf while she's doing this.

"Ardala," Buck said.

"If you don't like presents of that type I can think of many others I can give you, you might like," Ardala said, softly.

"Not attacking Earth would be a good one," Buck replied.

"I can't promise not to do that. Daddy's wishes you know," Ardala said.

"Then for the time being?" Buck asked.

Ardala gracefully disappears behind the changing station. "Will you join me behind here shortly?" Ardala asked, as she throws the scarf over the top of the changing station.

"Will you stop your attacks for the time being if I do?" Buck asked, as he takes a step forward.

"But they're a show of my affection, Buck," Ardala replies, as she throws her top over the top of the changing station.

"They're only a show of devastation, Ardala," Buck said.

The ship starts rocking, the changing station falls and Ardala screams.

Buck runs over to Ardala who's completely underneath the changing station. "Ardala, are you Okay?" Buck asked. Buck takes hold of what used to be one of the changing station's upper corners and starts lifting up the station.

"What happened!?" Ardala asked, as she starts creeping her arms out from under the station where Buck has lifted it.

"I don't know," Buck replied.

The ship starts to rock again and Buck tries his best to keep holding up the edge.

Ardala pokes her head out from the station. "Hand me my shirt!" Ardala said.

"Um, Ardala?" Buck asked.

"Hand me my shirt now! I need to find out what's happening!" She says as it starts to rock again.

Buck, after a moment takes on a look that says, "sure, whatever" and he lets go of the station. Ardala lets out another scream.

Ardala is leading Buck by the hand in a forceful grip as she fixes up her appearance from a battered look. They enter the main cabin of the ship with all its controls, Auka and Detana is inside. Ardala letting go of Buck's wrist. "What is going on here! Can't either of you control this ship correctly!?" Ardala shouts.

Detana turns to Ardala. "We were being fired upon, the threat has been taken care of," Detana replied. Buck rubs his wrist where Ardala was gripping it.

"You've destroyed the ship?" Ardala asked.

Auka not turning back to Ardala. "It's been captured and its pilot has been imprisoned," Auka said.

"Who was the attacker?!" Ardala asked.

"A Defense Directorate fighter," Auka replied.

"Release the fighter!" Buck yells walking up behind Ardala.

Auka at the controls, takes on a look of shock then slowly turns back towards Buck and Ardala in a mean look.

"Don't give orders, it's my ship!" Ardala said.

"No it isn't," Detana said.

"Shut up!" Ardala shouts.

"Where is the prisoner?" Buck asked.

Ardala quickly turns to Buck, pointing a finger at him. "Stay here while I take care of our unwanted guest!" Ardala said as she storms out of the room, Buck watches her go.

Buck turns back towards Auka and Detana and walks to them. "So these are the ship's controls huh?" Buck asked.

Chapter 3

Ardala heads towards the first of five jail cells on one wall she fails to take notice of Wilma cross-armed against the opposite wall.

Ardala quickly moves to the second cell and Wilma starts walking towards her. Ardala takes on an annoyed look after looking into the second cell. She moves to the third cell and looks more angry now after having looked into this cell. Ardala moves on to the fourth cell and Wilma is only four feet behind her. Ardala then balls her fists in rage at having looked in the current cell. Ardala then moves to the fifth and final cell and looks in and shakes her fists in more rage, then makes a noise of anger. Wilma is now right behind her.

Wilma wraps an arm across Ardala's chest making a tight hold. "Why are you here?!" Wilma asked.

Ardala struggles against Wilma's grip. "I know that voice, but I can't pin... WHO ARE YOU!" Ardala asked still struggling to get free.

"Colonel Wilma Deering, we met the last time you came to Earth!" Wilma replied. Ardala pushes down out of Wilma's grip and quickly turns to Wilma to give her a hard slap. Wilma gives a hard punch across Ardala's face and kicks her in the gut, knocking her down into the cell.

"How dare you!" Ardala shouts.

"You destroyed a Star-Port, it had a crew of eight people manned on it! Why are you here!?" Wilma asked.

Ardala stands up and faces Wilma. "To claim what should be mine already," Ardala replied.

"Earth and all its allies will fight you to the end, Ardala!" Wilma said.

"I wasn't talking about Earth!" Ardala replied with a wicked grin.

"Then what were you talking about!?" Wilma asked.

"I was talking about Captain Buck Rogers!" Ardala said.

Back in the main cabin, Buck is standing between Auka and Detana with his hands pressed on the edge of the dashboard before them. Both Auka and Detana look like they really don't want to be listening to him.

"So Kane confiscated her ship?" Buck asked.

"No, he just didn't want her to come to Earth," Detana replied.

Buck: "Then he's on the same page as Earth's governments, that we don't want an invasion by you guys?" Buck said, as he's looking back and forth at the two ladies.

"Kane didn't want Ardala to come to Earth for you," Detana said.

"Really?" Buck asked.

Auka in a very non-enthusiastic tone. "Hard to imagine that fact, isn't it?" Auka asked.

"Actually I'm mighty flattered by it." Buck points towards the dash. "Are any of these buttons right here for the ship's communications outside the ship?" Buck asked.

Auka and Detana look to each other in annoyance and hate for Buck's question.

"He's a risk," Auka said softly to Detana.

"But we can't lock him up like the other, there's no way Ardala would allow it," Detana said, in a soft voice.

"What if we lock him inside a closet like Lacan?" Auka asked, softly.

"Do you want Ardala to burn all your possessions?" Detana asked.

"Guys, I can hear you," Buck said.

"If I could have my way right now, you wouldn't even be on this ship," Auka said in a normal voice.

"I don't even want to be here, but here I am," Buck replied, as he walks around the cabin. "If you could talk Ardala out of her little love attacks on Earth and objects orbiting Earth I'll gladly leave," Buck said.

"She won't listen to us, only if you agree to marry her, then she'll stop her attacks," Detana said.

"Could Kane get her to stop her attacks? Because that's why I wanted to know that information about the ship's communications," Buck said.

Auka and Detana look to each other again. "I was wrong, he can be trusted," Auka said.

"So are you going to show me how it works?" Buck turned to Auka. "Will Ardala harm the fighter?" Buck asked.

"Ardala has never been a very good fighter, if she plans to do anything to the pilot she'll make Tigerman do the work for her," Auka replied.

In the corridor, Wilma is dragging Ardala by her hair in a large bundle down the hallway as Ardala unwillingly tries to match Wilma's pace.

"Tigerman!" Ardala calls out.

"You are to disable all of this ship's weapons, make no more attacks on Earth or its neighboring planets," Wilma said.

"I can't do that for you, you br ... yow!" Wilma gives a hard yank to Ardala's hair. "Tigerman!!" Ardala calls out again.

In Tigerman's quarters. Tigerman is in looks to be the size of a large closet. On its walls are numerous speakers of numerous sizes for Tigerman to hear activities throughout the ship. He's sitting on a bed looking at a book with some tarot cards laid out near by.

"The empire is to no longer send people to the Defense Directorate to damage it," Wilma said.

"TIGERMAN!" Ardala yells out. Tigerman still looking at his book shakes his head "no".

Back in the main cabin, the dashboard that is meant for the ship's communications. A yellow light is blinking that after a moment it turns to red.

"Sent and delivered," Detana said.

"How long until he's here?" Buck asked.

Detana takes on an annoyed look.

"How long until we can expect Ka..?" Buck asked again.

"Okay, so there is something to regret about. Since the Star-Port is gone, it will take longer than it should," Detana replied.

After hearing a noice outside the main cabin door, Buck, Auka and Detana looks at the cabin's entranceway. The door opens and Wilma comes in dragging Ardala with her. "Which one of us Buck?! I need to know," Wilma asked.

"What?" Buck asked, confused.

Wilma lets go of Ardala. "Do you?" Wilma looks like she's having some difficulty with choosing words. "Do you love her or me?" Wilma asked.

Buck's mouth drops open and he looks like he wants to blush.

"Which one?" Wilma asked again.

Buck goes over to Wilma, looks her in the eye smiling and hugs her.

Ardala goes into a rage with her look.

Ardala yells at Auka and Detana. "Fire on Earth's Defense Directorate!!" Ardala orders.

"Ardala." Detana gets up from her seat and goes up to Ardala. "Before you came in here we were talking how on second thought blowing up that Star-Port was a bad idea. Kane was right, you don't think things out correctly when you're love-struck and I won't do as you say, fire on Earth's Defense Directorate simply due to your deranged sense of mind right now." Detana said.

Buck and Wilma stop hugging and look at the two.

Ardala's rage grows looking at Detana who is calm in her face.

Ardala, looking to Auka: "Auka!" Ardala yells.

"I'm with Detana on this," Auka replied.

Ardala turns to Buck. "Buck?!" Ardala said in a soft voice.

"My relationship with Wilma has been developing for months. You're fast with me Ardala, you always have been fast, and you want to conquer Earth. These facts don't help to make the bare bones of a relationship, Ardala. Sorry," Buck said.

Buck turns back to Wilma. "A couple of questions, Wilma. First off you fired on the ship," Buck said.

"I was targeting its weapons, and if the second question is what I think it is, I tracked your ship," Wilma replied.

Ardala begins to cry in her rage and runs to Detana and pulls a blaster from its holster at her waist. Ardala taking aim at Buck and Wilma, sobbing in anger. "I always get what I want!" Ardala screams out loud.

Buck takes on a negotiator look. "Princess, there's no need to fire that. I'm sure there are plenty of men out there who would love to be with you, that are of your morals and likes," Buck said.

"I've been looking for years! For years! You're not like the others..." Ardala looks to be breaking down more into her sorrow. "I need someone, not like the rest," Ardala replied.

"Ardala it's a large universe out there with many places in it untouched by the Defense Directorate and Draconian Empire. Surely you have not seen the universe for all it is, there is someone out there for you Ardala, you just need to look harder," Wilma said.

Ardala grits her teeth. "No!" She fires at Buck and hits him in the lower chest.

Buck holds himself at where the shot hit. Auka takes hold of Ardala's firing arm and makes her let go of her weapon.

"No!" Auka shouts. "You seem to have an issue taking that for an answer," Auka said.

"Buck, are you ..?" Wilma asked.

"Fine, but I'd like to see a doctor," Buck replied, weakly.

The ship gives off a massive quake that catches everybody off guard.


Chapter 4

In the main cabin, the quack finally stops after a moment.

"Another fighter? No one was supposed to know about this," Buck said.

"I never told anyone I was .." Wilma was cut off.

"Princess Ardala, I request your presence during this transmission now!" Kane ordered.

Auka forces Ardala over to the dash where there's a screen built into it. The image of Kane appears.

"Commander Kane?" Ardala asked, choking in sorrow.

"Princess, is Captain Rogers on board?" Kane asked.

Ardala looks down and nods. "Yes," she replies softly.

"I'd like to have a word with him," Kane said.

Ardala turns away from the screen and to Buck, who comes with Wilma with a hand on one of his shoulders to where she is. Ardala stares at Wilma, Wilma looks back at her in anger.

"This is Captain Rogers," Buck said.

"I see you've been shot, how did this happen?" Kane asked.

"Ardala," Buck replied.

"Are there any pieces of Defense Directorate on board Princess Lacan's ship besides yourself?" Kane asked.

Buck gives a weak laugh. "The Defense Directorate doesn't own me. Another pilot and two fighter ships," Buck replied.

"I'd like to have a word with Princess Lacan now," Kane said.

Buck looks to Detana who shakes her head "no". Buck looks back to the screen. "I've just been told that cannot happen at this time sir," Buck said.

"Have you harmed her?" Kane asked.

"No, Sir. Why did you fire on this ship?" Buck asked.

"I have not fired on the ship you're in. I have merely made it tethered to my ship by an energy line to take it back into the Draconian Empire. Captain, I'd like it greatly if before I start towing this ship all Defense Directorate property is removed from it," Kane said.

"No rejections from me, it will be done, sir," Buck replied.

"And come to my ship when you're done with that," Kane said.

"Sir?" Buck asked, concerned.

"I'm going to make sure you're treated for the injury Ardala has given you," Kane replied.

Buck smiles.

ext: Outer Space:

The non-fighter Draconian ship is towing Lacan's ship as two Z-87s speed away. In space, music can be heard coming from one of the fighters, "Fly me to the Moon".

In Wilma's living quarters, the room is lit only by candles and all the music plays softly in the background. Wilma and Buck are dancing in civilian clothing.

"Are you sure this doesn't hurt?" Wilma asked.

"The Draconian Empire may be brutal about many things, but not in how they heal people, I'm fine," Buck replied.

"Did you ever kiss?" Wilma asked.

"I can't stand the woman, of course I didn't kiss her," Buck replied.

"Are you sure you're not in any pain? Because I know of something that would quickly make you feel all better," Wilma said, tightening her arms around Buck.

"In that case I guess I am feeling a bit sore from that shot she gave. Could you heal me?" Buck asked, stepping closer to Wilma.

Wilma embraces Buck in a kiss he gives back to her in passion, while still in a slow dance.

The kiss stops, "You know I almost pity her?" Wilma said.

"How?" Buck asked.

"I'm not sure she'll ever find love," Wilma replied.

Buck dips Wilma in the dance. "Wilma, if there's one thing I've learned that comes into life greatly over the last few months it's that none of us can ever be sure of what lays beyond the next sunrise. As you said, the universe is a big place," Buck said.

The dip ends with Buck pulling Wilma back up to him. "With infinite possibilities for every day that comes with it," Wilma replied.

They continue dancing as the music continues playing.

The End

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