"The Wandering Planet"
Novelization verison by: Reba Grayladyfalcon
Written by: Erin Weinstock
I don't hold any of the copyrights in this story, and this story was
made without profit.

On the edge of our more commonly known solar system, Neptune, the planet is moving. At the moment it looks to be filled with deep blue and greens that seem to have been matted over white. The white in places completely covers whole large areas, and clouds are scattered all over its atmosphere. Past the planet deeper in to the solar system just past Jupiter, a black ball with lines moving all over its surface.

At the Defense Directorate.

"The Scientific Research Directorate, what could they want with us?" Huer asked.

Huer is in his office alone putting his weight on to a hand touching his desk.

"A planet has entered this solar system," Theopolis said.

"So somehow they've discovered a new planet in this solar system," Huer said.

"That isn't what I meant Dr. Huer. I meant, "A planet has entered this solar system. And according to them it's still moving but not in an orbit they've determined yet. According to them it's a passing planet moving through our solar system and many more to follow," Theopolis said.

A look of shock and a bit of terror comes to Huer's face. "Is it headed towards Earth?" Huer asked, with a worried look on his face.

"No, but in prediction it will pass close by," Theopolis replied.

Huer relaxes his look and tone. "Then I assume why I've been contacted with this information is to alert all Defense Directorate fighters and transportation vessels there is no need to worry about a threat from this wandering planet," Huer said.

"That isn't why they contacted you about this planet Dr. Huer," Theopolis said.

Huer starts to take on a worried look again.

Inside a Shuttle, Buck, Wilma, Taindair, and Huer are there. Huer is at the controls.

"So tell me again why the Scientific Research Directorate needs us again?" Buck asked.

"They believe this planet might pose a possible threat to Earth and they want us to determine which this might be true or not," Huer said.

"Did they say why it might be a threat?" Wilma asked.

"No. They said that we'd have to see this with our own eyes. That otherwise we'd tell them they were making this all up," Huer replied.

"Well, this is a rather odd predicament they've put us in," Wilma said.

Taindair looks to Buck.

"Taindair, I view everything in this century as an odd predicament. So asking me about this whole thing wouldn't be a good idea," Buck said.

Wilma has something catch her eye and she moves over to Huer to stare at the controls. "What was that?" Wilma asked, pointing out the viewing window.

"What was what?" Huer asked.

"Something came in to the ship's radar detection for one moment then disappeared. It.. it didn't look like a ship. Well, not any ship I'm familiar with," Wilma replied.

"What did it look like?" Buck asked.

"Like nothing I've ever seen before," Wilma replied.

Suddenly a dragon swoops past the window.

Everyone had a drop-mouthed expression on their faces.

Wilma in a weak voice. "Like that," Wilma said, pointing at the creature.

"What on Earth was that?" Huer asked in disbelief

Buck stared at the creature for a moment to make sure of what he was seeing. "A dragon," Buck replied.

"Magnificent beast," Taindair said.


Chapter 1

The shuttle as is heading down towards the planet.

"Buck, how is it you know what a dragon is and I've never heard of them before. Have you had an encounter with their species before?" Huer asked.

"No, they aren't real, at least I thought they weren't real," Buck replied.

"How can you say you've known of a species that up until now you didn't think was real?" Taindair asked.

The dragon comes up to in front of the shuttle, flapping its wings it's trying to hover to get a better look at the ship. The dragon's body is shaped in the European style. Only in difference from its classic form, it has a mane that appears right after the head and trails down its back, which has sharp spines coming out of it.

"You've never heard of dragons before? They're classic in fairy tales and myth," Buck said, gazing at this magnificent creature.

The dragon flies off and downwards. A moment later, a man totally covered in a suit of armor holding a lance, riding a Pegasus flies after it.

Inside the shuttle, everybody still looks stunned by what they've just witnessed. Huer lets go of his steering controls without noticing his own action.

"Buck, do you... do you know what that other thing flying was too?" Huer asked.

Wilma notices that Huer has let go of the controls. "Dr. Huer!" Wilma shouts.

Huer grabs the ship's steering controls.

"They're headed towards the landing coordinates I was given," Huer said.

"That was a Pegasus. That was a "knight" riding a Pegasus," Buck said softly, as the look of shock continues to stay on Buck's face.

Taindair looks from Buck back towards the window. "I think I understand now why this is something we would have to see with our own eyes," Taindair said.

At the Stadium, the dragon comes down in a controlled descent on its back with the knight on winged-horseback coming after it. A lance looking like it's digging in to it's chest. Inside the stadium, the occupants are creatures of myth and fantasy. There are almost no humans to be seen.

The dragon still in control of its movement falls on its back, puts its forearms on its chest, sticks its tongue out and rolls its eyes back, the crowd cheers.

The knight on the Pegasus lands and the crowd cheers louder some shouting, "Samos! Samos! Samos!"

The knight dismounts the Pegasus and lifts up his visor. "Thank you, thank you everyone. It was my honor to slay that dragon for you," Jason shouts loudly. He points to the dragon that is playing dead.

A satyr walks out to where Jason is standing and shouts. "The show may be over folks..," Pangor shouts.

The whole crowd makes a sound of disappointment.

"But I'm sure my good friend here, Sir Jason Samos, would be willing to sign a few autographs at a fair price by the entrance to this stadium!" Pangor announces.

The crowd now cheers louder than ever now after Pangor's last line. Jason bends down a little to Pangor. "The visitors the off-world magicians talked about are here," Jason said softly.

Pangor in the same tone and looking around the stadium: "Where are they? I don't think I see them," Pangor said, softly.

"I saw their metal carriage coming while I was in the air, heading down towards near here," Jason replied.

"Do you think these visitors will be as the magicians promised?" Pangor asked.

"If they are, I feel we'll find out soon enough." Jason starts heading towards the entrance of the stadium. "They will be told to meet us here, we'll greet them at the entrance, I have some autographs to sign." Jason replied, as he walked towards the entrance of the stadium.

The shuttle set down in a clearing that has woods and the stadium just past it. Just behind the shuttle entrance is a pack of what looks to be wolves.

"Are you fellows the off-world visitors we've been told of?" Wolf One asked.

Wolf Two turns to Wolf One. "Of course they are, look at how they are garbed. No one of our territory or beyond it to this world dresses like that," Wolf Two

The wolf pack moves past the entrance to out of view to Huer, Buck, Taindair and Wilma. "This one looks even more strange than the last one. Looks like it was built to scale dead sea-serpents," Wolf Three said looking at Taindair.

Buck exits the shuttle, being followed by the others. The wolf pack of five is slowly walking around the ship looking it over.

"Talking wolves?" Buck asked.

"I beg you pardon!" Wolf Five asked.

"I'm sorry then what are you?" Buck asked, confused.

"We, sir, are werewolves," Wolf Four replied.

"Huh?" Buck said, tilting his head to one side slightly.

"This world just keeps becoming stranger and stranger," Wilma said.

"And what's so strange about being in the presence of werewolves?" Wolf One asked.

"This is not happening," Huer said.

"Well what is it? Haven't you ever met a werewolf?" Wolf Two asked.

"No we haven't, we didn't know you were real, in fact how is it you're real? And dragons and Pegasus, and if you're werewolves why aren't you attacking us now?" Buck asked.

"Heavens, why would we want to do such a thing?!" Wolf One asked.

"You're werewolves," Wilma replied.

"Yes," Wolf One said.

"Werewolves attack people and turn them into one of their own," Wilma explained.

"Oh the utter nonsense you off-worlders have come to believe of us. We wouldn't hurt a fly unless we were in our Human form, it's only then that you should really worry about us," Wolf Two replied.

"We'll be close by Earth's moon tonight," Wolf Four said.

Wolf Three turns to Wolf Four. "Ha...ha then it'll be one big party for us then tonight," Wolf Three said.

"Um wolves.. werewolves.. have you by chance encountered a group of people saying they're from Earth's Scientific Research Directorate?" Huer asked.

Wolf Two turns to Wolf One: "I told you these fellows are the off-world visitors we've been waiting for," Wolf Two said.

"We were to meet up with the ones from the Scientific Research Directorate here. Do you have any idea were they might have gone off to?" Wilma asked.

"We were sent here by them to get you, they're at the stadium," Wolf Four replied.

Being lead by the wolf pack, Buck, Huer, Wilma, and Taindair follow. In the approaching foreground they can see the stadium with its crowd, most of which are leaving but some are staying behind and look to be grouped together around something unseen.

"The ones from the Scientific Research Directorate, have they acted as surprised as we have about all of this?" Huer asked.

"You off-worlders aren't used to anything not fitting into your idea of the norm are you?" Wolf Three asked.

"I've had odd things out of the norm happen to me and I've accepted the fact they've happened," Wilma replied.

"Like what?" Buck asked.

"Like losing what I believe to be reality and having it replaced by a fantasy one," Wilma replied.

Buck makes a noise at that. "I know where you're coming from on that note and I can relate to it on double," Buck replies.

"I don't understand what you could be meaning on that, care to explain?" Wolf One asked.

"I'd prefer not to go into that," Buck replied.

Huer runs his hand across his forehead. "Wolf, I see a crowd gathered around the stadium, but no one that looks like they could be from the Scientific Research Directorate. Are you sure they're here?" Huer asked.

Wolf One, known as Alouto. "My name is Alouto, and with how the opening to that stadium looks right now, it's my guess they're stuck in there wanting to get out. Seems Samos has drawn in a larger crowd than normal to want his autograph," Alouto replied.

A crowd of mainly myth beasts and fantasy creatures has Jason surrounded. Pangor is by Jason's side taking money from the ones who want Jason's autograph and are holding out slips of paper for him to do it.

"One at a time please, one at a time; I swear none of you will be let down," jason said.

"His next show will be tomorrow at two PM, my fellow beasts you won't want to miss it," Pangor shouted.

"And why's that?" Fairy One asked.

"Because in tomorrow's show you'll get to see me fight twenty goblins," Jason announced.

Fairy One does a backwards flip in the air and takes on a look of pure delight at what Jason has just said. As this has been happening in this scene the werewolf pack, Buck, Huer, Wilma, and Taindair have been trying their best to make their way through the crowd into the stadium. As they get closer to where Jason and Pangor are.

"And just where do you think you're going to, off-worlders?" Jason asked.

The group stops.

"You're the man we saw up in the air," Taindair said, looking Jason up and down.

Jason puts out a friendly hand to Taindair. "Sir Jason Samos, glad to meet you. Tell me, which of you are knights, off-worlders? Renceson is in the woods, and the Scientific Research Directorate said they had sent for knights to battle it," Jason said. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Chapter 2

Close to the Stadium Entrance, three members of the Scientific Research Directorate are pushing their way through the crowd.

"Excuse me?" Huer asked.

"Which of you fellows are knights? I already know the maiden isn't one, um.. are you their lord?" Jason asked.

One of the Scientific Research Directorate followed quickly by the other two, to where the group is standing, "We're sorry we forgot to inform Dr. Theopolis about this," Member One said.

Buck looked at Member One. "I, and I'm sure the rest of us have this question on our minds towards you guys, why and what the hell is going on?!" Buck asked.

Member One turned back and forth from Buck and Huer. "We asked you here for what you were told about, and this fighting the Renceson thing, that's something, well they could really use your help with. After all you're with the Defense Directorate and we're just scientists," Member One replied.

"You are going to fight the Renceson, correct?" Pangor asked, looking at Buck, Huer, Wilma and Taindair.

"Oh silly little satyr, Samos is our protector. He can kill the Renceson," Fairy One said.

Pangor turns away from the fairy. "Jason, off-worlders, I think it's time we left this place to get ready for battle," Pangor said.

"Now hold up here, we haven't agreed to do anything; we don't even know fully what's going on!" Buck said. Pangor gives Buck a good kick in one of Buck's lower legs. "Hey watch those hoofs, bucko!"

"The name's Pangor." Pangor takes a moment and looks like he's trying to calm down. "Now yes or no, you are protectors, correct?" Pangor asked.

"That is our duty," Huer replied.

"And one of you will fight and kill the Renceson? We will be on our way now to get ready for the fight?" Pangor asked. A moment later, Pangor starts giving the body language that says he's ready to kick Buck again.

"Hey!" Buck says, loudly. Buck backs away from the satyr.

"We will fight this Renceson you speak of," Huer said.

At Jason's home, it's twilight and the only good lighting is from the windows of the house and blown glass lanterns hung from rods in the yard. Buck and Jason are eight feet in front of a stump throwing axes at it and talking. Jason is wearing normal looking middle-age clothes but he's still wearing armor on his legs. Wilma and a female centaur are working on a load of laundry. Wilma and the centaur are working with a washboard and bucket to do the job. The female centaur is wringing out a dress by twisting the fabric.

"You wear all these dresses?" Wilma asked.

"Not all of them no, some of these I haven't worn since I was a colt," the female centaur replied.

"Then why have you brought them out now?" Wilma asked.

The centaur lets the twisted up dress she's been wringing out flop out, down full in her hands so Wilma can see it. The upper part of it looks like a fancy middle-age white-collar, but after the waist of it, it flows down long to looking like a bad joke on its length; cut off in the front.

"You, maiden, do not dress properly for a well-behaved lady. You need a dress," the female centaur said.

"I..I'm not sure, I don't think that would fit me. But thanks for the offer anyway," Wilma replied.

"Well it's far too small for me anymore. When dry you'll feel it's made of the softest velvet you've ever touched. Are you sure you won't take this gift?" the female centaur asked.

Wilma smiles. "Thank you," Wilma said as she takes the dress which the centaur hands over to her.

The female Centaur smiling. "Now what to do about your manners."

Wilma stares at the centaur giving an inquisitive look to it.

"You, I'm told, like to do the men's jobs and not a lady's. Do you not know how to do a lady's work?" the female centaur asked.

"The gift you've given me is really kind. How would you like a gift from me?" Wilma asked.

"Thank you, I would like that. What is it?" She asks happily.

"How would you like to know the kind of power women can hold on Earth in the 26th century?" Wilma asked.

"Oh tales of that wondrous land I've only heard about in legends. I'd love to hear about the world you come from!" she says, as she thumps around her horse legs in excitement.

"In the 26th century..." Wilma said.

"With what I've noticed of this planet so far, it forces me to ask. What is this Renceson thing?" Buck asked.

"Massive, six eyes that are blood red, armor plating that makes steel look weak, talons larger than what any bird of prey could ever hope for, spines as sharp as daggers that run down to the end of its tail, where at the tip of that are too many jagged points to count," Jason replied.

"I think I'm getting the picture," Buck said.

"But I'm not done yet," Jason replied.

"Go on," Buck said, looking at Jason.

"Ten forked tongues," Jason continued.

"Is that it?" Buck asked, with sarcasm in his voice.

"And a pair of wings that look like they were forged by the devil," Jason replied.

"Done now?" Buck asked.

"That's what the Renceson is," Jason said.

"How did this happen?" Buck asked.

"What? How the Renceson came to be?" Jason asked.

"This myth, this fantasy, how is it all real? How is it this planet is roaming the galaxy?" Buck asked.

"Earth has purely forgotten its sister hasn't it?" Jason asked.

Buck is in deep thought for a moment. "Venus?" Buck asked.

"It happened eons before the first Humans ever set foot on this planet. The ring of rocks that encloses first four planets of this solar system was once this planet's moon, Merlentis." Jason hesitates for a moment. "When Merlentis exploded by the might of Florn's magic, this world was sent tumbling out of its orbit to out beyond the confines of the four planets," Jason said.

"But how did the myth beasts come about?" Buck asked.

"Most were of this world when it was born, others have come from other worlds, some by magic," Jason replied.

"So how did Humans get here?" Buck asked.

Jason stops in his tracks of being ready to throw an ax, he puts down his throwing arm. A moment later. "This planet has been wandering the galaxy for millions of years. Every thousand six hundred years it returns to passing past its old home. On the last pass explorers from this world traveled back to Earth to see what had become of it since our last visit. Fifty men and women came back with them. That's how Humans came to this land," Jason replied.

"You don't like it here?" Buck asked.

"On the contrary, I love it here. It's the only home I've ever known," Jason replied.

"Well that isn't how you sound about it," Buck said.

Jason just stares at Buck. "Have you ever used a sword before?" Jason asked.

"No," Buck replies.

"Come with me, I'll teach you," Jason said. He put the axe down and started walking away, followed by Buck.

Inside Jason's Home, a fairy has a very worried on her face. Underneath her, a table. Taindair is sitting in a chair that's right in front of the fairy. Huer is having a talk with the three from the Scientific Research Directorate.

"Why are you looking at me that way?" the Fairy asked.

"You are the most interesting looking insect I've ever encountered," Taindair replied.

"I'm not an insect!" the Fairy replied, placing her hands on her hips.

"Mind if I put that fact to the test?" Taindair asked.

Huer turns toward the Fairy and Taindair. "Taindair, don't," Huer said.

"Why, what did the dragon have in mind?" another Fairy asked.

"I'm not a dragon," Taindair said.

"Then we're even," Fairy Two replied.

Jason bursts the door open. "He's not a knight, he's a wizard!" Jason shouts.

"What are you talking about?" Huer asked.

"I've never seen magic of this type in any land, I don't know what he did!" Jason replied.

Huer moves towards Jason. "Let me see this, Buck Rogers is no wizard," Huer said.

Outside Jason's home, it's darker outside. The Scientific Research Directorate people are standing in the doorway. Huer is walking towards Buck, Jason is close by to Huer.

"Buck, you're not a magician, so tell me what you did that has this man thinking you are one?" Huer asked.

"I hit the stump," Buck replied.

"You hit a stump. How can he consider that magic?" Huer asked.

"It's how I did it, Dr. Huer," Buck said, holding his blaster by his side.

"Show me," Huer said.

Buck leads Huer with Jason following to the stump that earlier him and Jason were throwing axes at. Huer and Jason are behind him.

Buck points his blaster at the remaining part of the stump. Buck fires his blaster at it.

Chapter 3

Outside the front door of Jason's home, Buck is leaning against the house looking out in to the woods. There's no light coming from the home, only from one lit lantern on a pole by where Buck is. Wild nonsense shouting is coming from out of the woods from many people. A moment later, Jason comes out of the house and looks at Buck.

"I wouldn't be out here right now if I were you," Jason said.

"Why's that?" Buckasked, still looking outwards.

"Unless I add some fuel to that lantern soon, when it burns out the werewolves will stop keeping their distance from this place and move in," Jason replied.

"Is that what I'm hearing out there? Werewolves?" Buck asked.

Jason looks at Buck. "You call it tech-no-logy, when we call it magic. Things we are not used to coming across that are man-made. How much of this technology has this planet done without over the eons?" Jason asked.

"You want technology from the Defense Directorate?" Buck asked, turning to look at Jason.

"No, I was wondering if what you see as normal? What is wonderous to this planet, would it be normal to off-worlders?" Jason asked.

"Like what?" Buck asked.

"Would people see me as normal off this planet?" Jason asked.

Buck looks down. "I wouldn't be," Jason replied.

"You'd be just as out of place as I am," Buck said, looking up at Jason.

"But you're just visiting here, you'll be back home soon," Jason said.

"I'll be back on Earth," Buck replied.

Jason looks out back towards the woods. "We should really be getting inside now," Jason said, he turned and walks back into the house.

Buck starts to move to go into the house.

The next morning, out in a near-by clearing, the dragon from the show the day before looks bored and is preening itself and looking around. Buck and Jason are 15 feet away from the dragon, Huer, Wilma and Taindair are by the shuttle along with the werewolf pack. Buck and Jason, are both are holding swords.

"Now sir Buck, I know you'd prefer to use your fancy pistol on this beast but its armor I assure you, won't allow a good strike. Today I'm going to teach you how to hit a moving target," Jason said.

"I think that's the same dragon I saw you pressuring yesterday," Buck said.

"She's a good friend of mine, quite tame, she won't harm you at all." Turning to Buck. "Take a swing at her," Jason said.

"I don't want to hurt her," Buck said.

"It's practice, you don't need to hurt her, just learn from her," Jason replied.

Buck goes up to the dragon and gives it a little whack with his sword.

The dragon holding her head in one of her hands, shaking its head from side to side.

"That's attacking?" Jason asked.

Buck turns back to Jason. "You want me to strike her harder?" Buck asked.

"It would help, you are going up against the Renceson later today. Learning how to fight properly is the point of this," Jason replied.

Buck gets a mean look on his face and gives her a hard whack with his sword. Then Buck looks up to the dragon in expectation. Buck's face now takes on a look of annoyance and he lowers his sword. The dragon grabs the sword from Buck.

Smiling at Buck the dragon gently puffs out her large underside scales and puts the tip of the sword in one of the openings between the scales. Then she hands the sword back to Buck.

By the shuttle. "He's not much of a knight is he?" Wolf Three asked.

"He's a captain and a Defense Directorate fighter pilot," Wilma replied.

"A sea captain and a fighter and he's never used a sword before?" Wolf Two asked. Alouto backs into the shuttle and gets onto his hind legs.

"You can tell he's a sea captain?" Taindair asked, with a surprised look on his face.

Alouto is rubbing his back up and down the ship.

"Well what other types of captain are there?" Wolf Two asked.

Wolf Two looks over to Alouto. "What in Merlentis name are you doing?!" Wolf Two asked.

"Rrwoho, I think I've found out now why this craft has soo many ridges. Transport and back-scratcher. Wwooo!" Alouto replied.

"It's designed that way to let it move faster through Star-Ports!" Huer said.

Alouto stops rubbing up and down. "You don't like this do you?" Alouto asked.

"I'd prefer you not do it," Huer replied.

Alouto slides down the ship. "I'll stop."

The dragon is playing with Buck's sword, resting on one of its palms is the sword's blunt handle end, the other end is being twirled around in the ground as the Dragon moves its hand.

"So what are you going to do now that she has it?" Jason asked, looking at Buck.

"How well does she understand English?" Buck asked, glancing over at Jason.

"Quite well, why do you ask?" Jason asked.

Buck look up at the Dragon. "Could you please release my sword, dragon?" Buck asked.

The dragon rolls its eyes and lifts the hand holding the sword and lets the sword drop to the ground. Buck walks over to it and picks it up.

"The Renceson doesn't know any tongue! Human or Beast by word, it won't understand you! It won't grant a favor just like that!" Jason said.

Buck turns to Jason. "Then why don't you fight the Renceson since you know so much about it, since you know what will and won't work against it?" Buck asked.

"I CAN'T!" Jason says loudly.

"Why not? Aside from being an entertainer I also get the impression you're some kind of big hero?" Buck asked.

"I'M A RETIRED HERO, NOT A HERO ANY MORE.. IT'S YOUR TIME!" Jason replies, louder.

Buck backs up. "Whoaa there, I didn't mean to push any buttons," Buck said.

"THEN ... then practice," Jason replied.

"Not until you tell me the full story of what's going on," Buck said.

Jason quickly walks up to Buck and holds the tip of his sword at Buck's neck Jason gets a mean look on his face, Buck doesn't even flinching. Then after a moment, Jason walks away.

"What did I say?" Buck asked, watching Jason walk away.

In the Stadium office, Pangor is sitting at a desk looking at papers The room has one window and portraits on the wall of numerous myth beasts that look fearsome. Buck enters the room.

Pangor not looking up from what he's doing. "You could knock," Pangor said.

"I'm sorry," Buck replies.

Pangor looks up from what he's doing. "Oh it's you, Jason's replacement," Pangor said.

"I'm not Jason's replacement," Buck replied.

"Of course you are, you're a fighter, a knight," Pangor responded.

"I may be a fighter but I'm not a knight. I'm just a visitor on this planet, this isn't my home," Buck said.

"You'll learn to love it here," Pangor said.

"Pangor, what is the deal with Jason? I know he's hiding something back in information about this whole ordeal and you have to tell me what it is," Buck said.

"What makes you think that I would know such things?" Pangor asked.

"You're his boss for these fake fights he puts on for others," Buck replied, getting a little irritated.

"And I'm also his oldest friend," Pangor said.

Pangor leaves his desk and walks to being in front of Buck. "Can you keep a secret?" Pangor asked.

"That depends, is it a harmful secret?" Buck asked.

"Only to those who adore Sir Jason Samos for the great battles he's won in the past," Pangor replied.

"He's not the hero everybody claims he is, is he?" Buck asked.

"No, that isn't it. He is a great hero around here, but that Renceson beast you're about to fight is the reason he can no longer truly battle," Pangor replied.

Buck crossed his arms on his chest. "I take it this Renceson thing is one hell of an opponent from what I've heard of it. What did it do?" Buck asked.

"Jason believed the Renceson was no threat to this land due to the fact its residence has always been said to be another land, till one day he was told it had attacked a family that had just moved into town. It killed all of them but one who then came to Jason with the news. Jason then went after the Renceson to avenge the deaths of the family," Pangor explained. Pangor looked at the ground with sadness in his eyes. "He failed in his fight against the beast." Pangor looks back up to Buck. "And ever since that lost battle with the Renceson he hasn't been fully Human," Pangor said, in a soft low voice.


Chapter 4

"What do you mean the fight with the Renceson left Samos being not fully Human? Did it turn him into some kind of half beast that I haven't noticed?" Buck asked.

"No, Jason lost one of his legs to the Renceson. When it got replaced that's what took away some of his humanity," Pangor replied.

"He got a transplant from something?" Buck asked.

"I think he must wish that was his case. No, he was given a mechanical leg by some kind fellow we met while passing his planet," pangor replied.

"Oh, so he's a cyborg," Buck said.

"You have a name for what he is?!" Pangor asked.

"Since I began living in this era I've met a few, mainly old war horses that fought during Earth's war with Sanopp," Buck replied.

"I think Jason might be happier on Earth, he'd fit in better," Pangor said.

"He seems to be fitting in here pretty well right now. So he's a cyborg and that's uncommon in these parts. You're the only one who knows this fact besides myself, right?" Buck asked.

"It's more than that, natives such as myself outnumber this planet's Human population ten to one. Now being Human is one thing, and being a Human such as the likes of Jason makes life all the more lonelier," pangor explained.

"You know when I fight the Renceson later, I think that will help things," Buck said.

Buck enters the woods. Normally clothed but has a shield in one hand and a sword in the other. Wilma, Huer and Jason are standing just before the edge of the woods, watching.

"You'll do fine, you shouldn't fear the Renceson, it should fear you!" Jason shouts.

Buck looks back to Jason and glares at him for a moment, then turns his gaze to the woods, putting his sword out before him. "Here Renceson. Here renny renny, Renceson," Buck says softly.

The woods completely surrounds Buck. Buck walking slowly but having a hard time due to the wild growing vines with thorns piercing his hands, still holding the sword out in front of him. "Renceson?" Buck asked, softly.

He puts down his sword. "Maybe it no longer lives in these woods," Buck said, looking around.

A moment later, Buck hears rustling behind him. Buck turns around to look for where it came from. He shrugs his shoulders and starts to move again. All of a sudden from his side, the Renceson does a jump attack at him, knocking Buck down to the ground.

Buck looking at the creature. "Man you're ugly, Samos didn't tell me that part."

The Renceson growls.

Buck puts his arms up, hands on both sides of the beast and he throws it off.

Buck gets back on to his feet. He's holding his shield out further in front of him than his sword. The Renceson, still growling and looking like it's ready for a fight. Buck: "Huh, roll over?" Buck said, holding the sword out in front of him.

It starts to lunge at him again, but Buck quickly blocks the attack with his shield. The beast turns its head to the side, and against the shield and tries to knock the shield away, but fails. Then it quickly lowers its head and bumps up the shield. Buck stabs at the beast. Renceson then gives a little noise of shocked pain. The Renceson then swiftly moves down its head to the side of Buck not holding the sword and slams him in the side knocking him down. It quickly bites Buck's side the best it can, before Buck noticing the coming attack lifts his shield to the beast to try to stave off the attack. Buck screams at the top of his lungs as the Renceson bites him.

On the edge of the woods, Wilma, Huer and Jason are waiting and watching. As they hear the distant scream they all take on a look of fear and worry for Buck. Jason's jaw drops. Wilma grabs out her blaster and starts moving towards the woods, but Jason grabs her too fast for her to really move. "No," Jason said, holding Wilma's arm.

"I have to!" she says angrily at Jason.

"It is not a woman's place to do such a job," Jason replies.

"Buck is my friend! And there's no way I'm going to let your centuries old view on what women can and can't do keep me from saving him!" Wilma yells.

"This isn't a matter that should be argued on!" Huer turns to Jason. "She's fully qualified to do the job Samos, let her go!" Huer said.

Jason lets go of Wilma and she starts moving into the woods.

Jason stares out at the woods. "She can fly better than a bird and she's fought aliens stronger than any ox, Samos. How do you think she'll do?" Huer asked.

"But she's never fought a Renceson before," Jason replied, with the look of fear for Wilma. Jason heads into the woods at a faster speed than Wilma, drawing his dagger.

Jason runs through the woods and passes Wilma, who's also in a run herself. Jason is running so fast Wilma can't help but take a look at him.

Deeper in the woods, Buck is trying his best to fight off the Renceson. He's wounded in multiple places and is bleeding, some of his sword has been cut off but it still has a jagged tip.

Buck notices Jason running towards him with his dagger drawn. "I thought you weren't coming?" Buck said.

"You shouting told me you were in need of aid in fighting this beast, I thought you could use the help," Jason replied.

"I shouldn't need your help remember? You're a retired hero, out of service. Should have let Wilma come," Buck said.

Jason towards the beast. "Renceson!"

The Renceson turns toward Jason and growls.

"Remember me?" Jason asked.

"Why come here Samos, why? I'm supposed to be your replacement?" Buck asked.

Jason while fighting the beast with Buck. "You handle your sword like a toy, I should have never let you go off to do this on your own," Jason replied.

"Well I'm not too used to fighting beasts that look like they could come out of Greek myth Okay. This isn't the sort of world I'm used to," Buck replied, as he hits down the beast with the arm that's hand is holding the sword.

Jason quickly throws down his hand with the dagger into the crack between the armor of the beast's back. Jason looks at Buck. "But it's the sort of world I'm used to," Jason said.

"Then why did you quit?" Buck asked.

Jason looks at the dead beast, then back to Buck. "I never quit," Jason replied.

Buck gives Jason a half smile.

"I performed for the public and taught those I thought might want to follow in my footsteps, but I never quit," Jason said.

Buck starts walking back from whence they came still smiling. Jason quickly follows after him. Buck as Jason catches up to him. "So you'll be fine with the fact that I'm not going to be staying on this world?" Buck asked.

"Always stay where you belong, Rogers. Yours is Earth and the heavens, mine is this Wanderer through the stars," Jason replied with a smile.

The End

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