Buck Rogers in the 26th Century
"Five Times Revenge"
Written by: Erin Weinstock
Novelization verison by: Reba Grayladyfalcon
I don't hold any of the copyrights in this story, and this story was made without profit.

In Buck's quarters, Buck has his head resting on a pillow. Not looking too fond of where he is.

"Why did you go out there?" Stevens asked.

"I had to see what they looked like," Buck replied.

"Were you aware of the danger the cavern presented to you?" Stevens asked.

"The only thing that went through my mind was the danger of a cave-in. But the odds of that? The LaBurns Bad Caverns have been around for thousands of years. Really? A cave-in?" Buck replied.

"But the spores from the mutated fungi that now grow in the caverns, they haven't been around for thousands of years. You're lucky you're not more sick than you already are," Stevens said.

"Well I don't feel as sick as you say I am," Buck replied.

Wilma is standing on the opposite side of Buck's bed from where Stevens is standing.

"So I see no reason why I have to stay in bed," Buck said as he sits up in bed.

"You need your rest," Wilma says as she pushes him back down.

"I won't get better just lying here," Buck replies.

"You feel restless because of your medication, it's a side effect," Stevens explains.

"Well can't you do anything about that? A sedative?" Buck asked.

"A sedative wouldn't do you any good. It will only counteract the medication," Stevens replies.

"Then I guess I'm lucky I'm not getting any other side effects," Buck replies.

"You're lucky I haven't called for Thomas to lock out your access to the doors. Now can I trust you to stay put?" Wilma asked.

Buck rolls his eyes.

"Now, can I trust you to stay put here and get better?" Wilma asks again.

Buck closes his eyes in unwanted acceptance. "You can," Buck replies.

Stevens and Wilma start to leave his bedside.

"That's good to know, I'll be checking up on you in a few hours," Wilma said.

Once they've left the room, Buck lies in bed then glances around. After a moment Buck gives a little smile, lifts himself halfway up in bed, and then proceeds to get out of bed.

In a park on another planet is a very large lake. Off the edge of the lake are park benches, and a dirt track. Charisse has just started tying a man up in rope.

"I'm a perceptive person don't you think? I mean I was able to find you in the middle of the woods. Blindly I might add, finding an intelligent mind midst a forest of wild animals," Charisse says.

"Please don't do this!" The man pleads crying.

"But this has to be done, for the sake of my self esteem and the local wild life," Charisse replies.

"Oh god," the man said weeping.

"I can kill anyone as good as the next assassin," Charisse says with confidance in her voice. She finishes tying him up and starts looking around. "Have As you seen my video recorder?" she asks.

The man whimpers as she moves around the area, where she is not as close to the edge of the lake. In a tall patch of grass she finds her camcorder. "Ah-ha!" Charisse says picking it up. Walking back towards the man, she sets the camcorder down in a spot where it's given a clear view of the man and the lake. She bends over and starts to roll the man quickly to the water's edge, then goes back up to where she put the camcorder. She sits down beside it to only then pick it up and put it to her eye, with its eye facing where the man is.

The man is squirming around, trying to free himself of the rope that's bonding him. But that's not getting him anywhere except closer to the waters edge.

"Please, you can't do this to me! Untie me now please!" the man begged as he weeped.

"That's it, keep shouting, the audience loves it," Charisse replied in a sweet enthusiastic voice,

The man is sobbing heavier now. Then after a moment a creature starts coming up out of the water behind him. It looks like a giant mudskipper with fangs. It nips him a couple times for taste, then grabbing the man by opening its very wide mouth in the man's mid-section, it starts moving backwards into the water. The man screams in terror until he disappears below the surface of the water.


Chapter 1

Buck enters the flight Hangar. He sees a lot of people moving about.

Janet walks up to Buck. "I heard you were sick. Feeling better?" Janet asked.

Buck doesn't want to answer her correctly on that, and that shows itself in his body language to her. Buck changes the subject quickly.

"Do you know where De-Pas is? I was told he was in here about something," Buck asked looking around.

Janet looking not wild about Buck not answering her question points to where De-Pas was. "He's over there working on Kate's Cheetah Bolt ship," Janet replies.

"Thanks," Buck says as he walks towards where she indicated.

De-Pas, who is under Kate's Cheetah Bolt ship. To his side is a tool chest. Kate and Ge-Ja holding Beu-Pas, are standing nearby.

"Why do you want her to see this?" Kate asked.

"I want her to see her father at work. And for her to see one of the many choices she'll be having to make when she gets older," Ge-Ja replies.

"What? Do you mean like fixing up battered ships for a career?" Kate asked with a puzzled look on her face.

"What she wants to do with her life," Ge-Ja replies.

"You're going to pay me for this?" De-Pas asked.

"What?" Ge-Ja asked confused.

"A career in fixing up battered ships?" De-Pas replies.

"De-Pas, we're just talking about what Beu-Pas could do for a living when she gets older," Kate explains.

Buck is walking up to Ge-Ja and Kate.

"Hey De-Pas, you busy much right now?" Buck asked.

"Does it look like I'm not?" De-Pas replied.

"Great then, ha ha I'm just kidding. De-Pas, do you have any plans after this?" Buck asked.

"Not really, why do you ask?" De-Pas asked.

"I was wondering if you might feel like kicking back with me. Have a beer or two, play checkers, chess, Gravity ball?" Buck asked.

"Drink a few beers? Play Gravity ball? Buck, rumor has it you're under the weather right now. You shouldn't be doing that kind of stuff. And besides I can't play Gravity ball," De-Pas replied.

"Why not?" Buck asked.

"It's an outdoor sport, I can't leave the Defense Directorate," De-Pas replied.

"That's right, I forgot," Buck replied.

"I think that rumor about you might be true. You look flushed," Ge-Ja said looking at Buck.

"It is, I know I'm sick. It's the medication I'm on. It has me a bit wired. I was hoping hanging out with you might wind me down," Buck said.

"Buck, get some rest first, Okay?" De-Pas said.

Waving off De-Pas, Buck starts to leave the hangar. "Fine, if everybody is going to ..." Then all of a sudden one of the Z-87s sitting in the hangar starts to fire it's weapons. Stopping Buck from finishing his sentence. At the same moment it fires. De-Pas lets out a yell "Ow."

"You hurt?" Ge-Ja asked with concern.

"No, I'm all right. I just hit my head on the ship. Did I just hear a ship fire?" De-Pas asked.

A moment later another Z-87 fire then another one and another.

"It did, they are. What's going on?" Kate asked trying to keep low.

"I have no clue," Buck replies. Just then another one fires.

"WHO EVER ORDERED THIS, TELL THEM IT HAS TO ..." Buck yells. Buck looks at the fighters and realizes they are have no one in them. "There's no one in the ships. They're firing on their own," Buck yells out.

More firing rings throughout the hangar. De-Pas slides out from under the ship and looks out at the event. "For the love of my ancestors, what's going on here?" De-Pas asked with Nuisance sitting on his chest.

"Kate, can your ship take a blast?" Buck asked loudly.

De-Pas stands up Nuisance scampers up onto one of his shoulders.

"No, why would you ever think it could?" Kate asked. Ge-Ja slinks backwards towards the wall just behind her, holding Beu-Pas to her tighter.

"It can hit force fields without getting a scratch right? Thought it could take a blast just the same," Buck replied.

"You want to run my ship through that gauntlet of fire?!" Kate asked.

"And have it take us to the safety of where the ships aren't firing off," Buck replied.

"Even if it could take a blast, my ship can only hold maybe two people," Kate replied.

"Ge-Ja?!" De-Pas called out.

"What are we going to do?! What are we going to do?!" Ge-Ja asked crying, holding Beu-Pas tightly.

After taking a moment of looking out at the firing ships. "The Z-87 limbo Ge-Ja. As low as you can go to the other side," Buck called out.

"I can't go! I can't risk Beu-Pas!" Ge-Ja replied crying.

"Are you insane?!" Kate asked Buck with a shocked look on her face.

"Do you have a better idea?" Buck asked.

A moment of silence then lightly nodding his head yes. "I thought so," Buck replied.

"You'll get killed; it's not worth the risk," De-Pas shouted.

"Somebody needs to get to somebody in charge about this to get it to end. I've faced firefights before. Can any of you ever say you've done so in the past?" Buck asked.

Once again a moment passed where no one was sure how to respond. Then Buck bends over and peers around at the laser fire, to try to note down what looks like near random movement.

"Good luck," Ge-Ja shouts holding Beu-Pas closely.

Under his breath. "Thanks, I'm going to need it," Buck says softly.

In a watchful run bent down low, he starts moving across the hangar. Suddenly one of the laserbolts hits close to one of his feet. "Woh!" Buck yells out.

A Z-87 that's hovering just above the ground as it fires a bolt.

Buck does a back, sideways type jump to avoid getting hit. After he jump, due to the bent-down shape he's in, Buck falls down on the floor. De-Pas with Nuisance still on his shoulder, Kate and Ge-Ja with Beu-Pas still in hiding from the firing weapons.

"The ships are targeting in on him!" De-Pas shouts loudly to Kate and Ge-Ja.

Buck who is running, dodging and twist-about jumping as he makes his way across the room through the laser fire. Most of the ships are firing, but only one at a time lifting up off the ground to try to get a better shot at him.

Buck bolts across the floor towards the door and quickly hits the door access pad. The phasoft-door opens and he swiftly moves fully through it, a laser hits the door just half a second later. Inside the hangar the Z-87s have stopped firing. The whole room has become silent.

In a darkened corner of a room. Joelin is standing and hitting his fist against the wall looking dis-traughted and mutters angrily to himself.

In the hallway outside of the flight hangar Buck is standing, as he flops back against the door. Eyes closed, breathing hard, not looking in good health, he slides down on the door.

In the green house, a partly clouded sky that looks to be sometime in the early afternoon. Buck is lying in a patch of green grass looking up at the sky. After a couple of moments Buck quickly comes up to a sitting position, holding his head. His face now looking regretful at having made the fast movement. He slowly stands up and pauses to get a little better look at his surroundings, which are mainly wildly overgrown plants. Buck hears the rusheling of leaves moving behind him. He turns to see Marcus coming at him from behind. With split second reflexes Buck tries to hold Marcus at bay. But Marcus overwhelms Buck's grasp, throwing down his hands with his own. As Buck is bent over from this, Marcus slams both his fists into Buck's upper back, knocking Buck to the ground.

Buck rolls over to where he's facing Marcus. Then kicks Marcus in both his legs, knocking him down as Buck quickly gets back up. Marcus gets up and starts again for Buck, trying to make a side swing at him as he does so. But Buck twists around to avoid the hit. Then slams Marcus, both fists balled together, hitting his ribs. Marcus stumbles nearly losing his balance. A split second later Buck delivers a roundhouse kick which makes Marcus cave in to his faulty balance. Buck gets to him fast and punches him in the face. The blow sends Marcus down with his head hitting a small patch of pavement and knocks him out. Buck stands back for a moment to look at his handi-work, panting and sweating up a storm, because of the fight. Then he turns and stumbles a little as he leaves.

In the hallway just outside of Huer's office. Buck, is leaning up against the wall near the door to the office exhausted. The door to Huer's office opens and out walks Wilma and Huer. Huer is the first to notice Buck, followed then by Wilma after.

"My goodness! Buck, what are you doing here?" Huer asked looking at Buck.

"I...I need to tell Dr. Huer... Tell Dr. Huer I just got attacked. One of the ones who's a part of the League of Assassins. Tried to.., I was attacked in the green house," Buck said leaning against the wall.

"Buck, you need to rest. You can't be up and about in the state you're in," Huer said.

"But I need to tell Dr. Huer that ..." Buck attempts to reply.

"Buck, I'm Dr. Huer. Take a good look at me," Huer said getting closer to Buck.

Buck gives Huer more of a look. "Oh," Buck replies weakly.

"You need to get some rest, Buck. No more trips to see De-Pas today, or to the green house," Wilma said.

"Wilma, resting isn't a good idea. I saw my attacker in the green house. Somehow, someone tried to attack me in the flight hangar also. They're out to kill me today, Wilma. People want me dead. The League of Assassins, some how they're getting their revenge on me from jail. Their leader said I'd regret what I did in Galileo City to them," Buck replied.

"You need your rest; you've become delusional, no one is out there trying to kill you," Wilma said.

"But after I got out of the flight hangar, De-Pas got to me. They stopped firing after I left," Buck said.

"That's just a coincidence." Wilma takes one of Buck's hands. "I'll take you back to your quarters, okay? And I'll get one of the technicians to lock your door, so no one can get in. Does that make you feel any better?" Wilma asked.

"Thanks, but you only want to make sure I don't leave my place," Buck replied trying to stand up straight.

Wilma gives a smile as she starts leading Buck off.

Chapter 2

Buck is in his quarters, asleep in his bed. Twiki is standing against one of the walls hooked in to a devise in the wall. He doesn't seem to notice Thairact. Thairact enters the living area of Buck's quarters through the wall just beside the door. Thairact looks around the room. Buck is sleeping soundly as Thairact enters the bedroom and softly puts one hand over Buck's mouth, then pinches the fingers on his other hand on Buck's nose. Suddenly Buck's eyes shoot open and he begins to struggle against Thairact's hands to gain air.

In Buck's living room a noise of a struggle can be heard. A moment later Twiki snaps to life, giving his head a little "no" shake. After the head shaking stops. "Buck?" Twiki calls out.

Twiki moving towards the couch in the room. "Buck, is everything okay?" Twiki asked.

He was almost to the couch when he discovered it was empty. "Would you like it if I got a nice big bowl of chicken noodle.., uh-oh," Twiki says as he runs towards the bedroom. "In his bed, I should have known," Twiki said. Twiki starts to enter Buck's bedroom. "My stars!" Twiki says loudly. Twiki goes over to Thairact and gives him as good a kick as he can in the leg.

The only thing that accomplishes with Thairact is a one moment distraction towards the robot, Buck takes the advantage to finally gain the upper hand in their struggle.

Buck gets out of the bed. "Theo!" Buck yells out.

In a calm voiced, "Yes Captain Rogers?" Theopolis answers. Buck starts moving around the bed towards Thairact.

Buck takes a swing at Thairact. "Another one from the League is here in the Directorate! I want you to send for .." Buck stops in mid-sentence as Thairact quickly fades out of existence.

"To send for what, Buck?" Theopolis asked as Buck was getting up from the floor.

"He's gone! He's just vanished into thin air!" Buck replied.

"Who vanished into thin air?" Theopolis asked.

"One of the ones who's in the League of Assassins." Buck hesitates for a moment. "He was here, he tried to kill me," Buck replied.

"That is an impossible case for me to concur with you on. You and Twiki have been the only ones in your living quarters for over three hours," Theopolis replies.

"How could you not notice there was an extra person in here a moment ago! You're built right into that wall! You can see and hear everything I do!" Buck replies.

"Captain Rogers, it has been my observation of you, that you have an intense want for privacy from me. My monitoring of your living quarters as the result of that has been boiled down to only monitoring your bio-signs," Theopolis replies.

"Since when have I ever shown you an intense want for privacy?" Buck asked.

"Shall I begin with when you presented all the building materials you needed to build a second "ship in a bottle", what you called it?" Theopolis asked.

"Okay I get it. But didn't you notice anything amiss about my bio-signs a moment ago?" Buck asked.

"Captain, your bio-signs have been amiss ever since you got sick," Theopolis replied in a calm voice.

"Now you listen here, you generation one computer! Buck was attacked, I was there!" Twiki blurts out.

"Theo!" Buck said.

In Huer's office Dr. Theopolis is talking to Huer. Huer sits at his desk.

"Dr. Huer, with what you have said of him, and of what I have monitored of him. I think it's safe to say that there are only one of two conclusions that could be right about Buck Rogers' case right now. One of the two is he really does have a mark on his head right now for to be put to death by the League of Assassins. Or his state of health in combination with him medication has truly put the man into a delusional state," Theopolis said.

"I agree with you on that, Dr. Theopolis and personally I believe it's the latter of the two that's true about Buck right now," Huer replied.

"Then is there anything you think could be done for Captain Rogers?" Theopolis asked.

"I'm not too sure on that. Maybe, maybe showing him the current file reports that show that the League of Assassins are all still in their jails, will calm him down," Huer replied.

"I think that is a wise choice, Dr. Huer," Theopolis agreed.

"Good then, I'll get right on it," Huer replies as he reaches into his desk to pull out a computer that is only as big as a standard piece of paper and is as thick as a piece of cardboard.

"Why not have me retrieve the information?" Theopolis asked.

"Because you have more important duties than dealing with the delusions of a sick man," Huer replied.

In New Chicago, leaning on a building at a street corner, Kellogg stands looking straight forward, unaware of Charisse coming up from behind him. She has a large satchel hanging off to one of her sides. As she walks up beside him she smiles and taps him on one of his shoulders.

"Charisse, what do you want?" Kellogg asked.

"Hunff, and I'm the psychic," Charisse replies.

"I've sent the others away, and you're the only one I know who taps me like that," Kellogg says.

"I've got something to show you," Charisse replies with a smile.

"Unless it's Buck Rogers' corpse I'm not interested," Kellogg replies taking his eyes off her and back on to the city.

Making a pouting face, Charisse moves around to Kellogg's face.

After a moment of looking at Charisse. "Okay, Okay, what is it? If it's anything that will help me in getting that man killed, I'm all for it," Kellogg says.

Dropping out of her pouting face and opening up her satchel. "Proof that even though my psychic powers aren't what they once were, I can still do my job," she replies.

She pulls a video chip out and shows it to him.

"Oh you're a sweetie Charisse, how many?" Kellogg asked.

"Five, one for every one of us to chose from which death each of us likes best," Charisse replies smiling as she hands them to Kellogg.

"You didn't need to do that for us, but it'll make a nice view. What do you say after all this is over with Rogers, we sit down with some popcorn and watch what you did, hum?" Kellogg asked rubbing one of her shoulders smiling.

"We're not done with Rogers yet? I thought your only lack now was his body," Charisse said.

In an old run down, dirty room the League gathers with out Marcus. In the room there's no chairs, but only junk which some try their best to rest on for comfort.

"And just how is it you missed?" Kellogg asked.

"He's fast, I've never seen anyone avoid gun fire like that before. Much less from a Defense Directorate fighter ship. The man makes a bull's eye look like an easy target!" Joelin replies.

"You managed to get inside a Defense Directorate fighter ship?" Thairact asked with a grin.

Pointing to his head. "I got in this way, you dummy," Joelin replied with a sarcastic voice.

"Personally I'm not sure how he could really accomplish what you say he did, Joelin, without you quickly giving up on him," Thairact says.

"Hey I gave it my best shot, mister Pha"soft". Never, ever doubt me! It's Charisse's mental abilities that are failing not mine!" Joelin replied glancing over at Charisse.

"Thairact, why do you say he didn't give it his best shot at killing Rogers?" Kellogg asked.

"When I encountered Rogers, he seemed under the weather. Now how a sick man could possibly be as fast as Joelin claims he was, I see as impossible," Thairact replies.

"You never did tell me how you failed with Rogers," Kellogg said looking over at Thairact.

"Arruh." Thairact says looking uncomfortable about the question. While Kellogg and Charisse just stare at him inquisitively, Joelin is giving him a look that says how happy he is with Thairact's failure.

"Speak up man," Joelin said.

Thairact gives Joelin an evil glare. "The Directorate's security was called on, I was nearly caught," Thairact replies.

Hearing this Joelin gives a little noise that says his pleasure in the moment. Charisse breaks his moment.

"You're all pitiful, you know that," Charisse says as she stands up.

The two word warring men give her a dirty look.

"And just what have you done to help this, HMMM?" Joelin asked sarcastically.

"Yes Charisse, I assumed by you coming up to me earlier you had some kind of plan in mind besides your home movies?" Kellogg asked.

"I don't even want to picture that," Thairact said.

"She videotaped her most recent kills, Thairact," Kellogg replies.

"Oh," Thairact says with some excitement in his voice.

Charisse is walking about in the center of the room. "Kellogg, please take no offense to this when I say it, but women notice many things about you men that you don't. Does anyone of you know a thing about Rogers?" Charisse asked looking around at them.

With no replies. "While you boys were out and about to do your thing, after I was told I was of no help to the team, I made a few kills for you guys AND I did a little background check on the captain," Charisse said with a smile. She paused for a moment. "He's a dinosaur, a relic from another age. I think I know of a way to get our cake and eat it too, as they would have said in his time. Of how to kill him and get our just deserve," Charisse said with a evil grin on her face.

Chapter 3

"Two things Charisse, number one, a relic? Number two, How?" Kellogg asked.

"I swear to you this is a fact and I am not lying. The man is over five hundred years old. Second thing .." Charisse was interrupted by Joelin.

"What a load. Where'd you get that fact about the man, Charisse? A news chip comic script?" Joelin asked snickering.

"For your information the population database for this planet, he was born in 1972," Charisse replied.

"Couldn't be human then, to be alive after all these years," Thairact said.

"Oh he's human, well at least that's what the records say. Listen gentlemen, remember that ambuquad of his, Twiki?" Charisse asked.

"You think we could all forget about that little tin toy of his after just a few weeks, Charisse? It was that ambuquad that helped land us in jail!" Kellogg replied.

Charisse goes up to Kellogg. "And it's that ambuquad that will make our wildest dreams come true," Charisse replies.

"What? Kidnap the tin toy and tell Rogers to come and ge'em then we kill the man?" Kellogg asked.

Charisse turns and walks away from him. "He'll come," she replies over her shoulder.

"You're the one who's a dreamer Charisse. Surely he'll know we're setting him up for a trap. And besides who in their right mind would put themselves at such high risk over such a dumb little thing like an ambuquad?" Joelin asked.

"Remember how dedicated he was towards that bot back in Galileo City? Remember this man is a relic. They don't make 'em now like they used to, he'll come," Charisse replied.

Back in Huer's office. Huer is sitting at his desk with the pad computer in hand. Huer reacts in shock at what he's seeing on the computer's screen.

"Oh my goodness," Huer says leaning back in his chair. He stands up from behind his desk looking very worried. "Dr. Theopolis," Huer says loudly.

"Yes, Dr. Huer?" Theopolis replies.

"Where is Buck right now?" Huer asked in a worried voice.

"In his living quarters. Did you find the information you wanted for him?" Theopolis asked.

"Eh-huh," Huer replied softly.

"I'm sorry what did you say Doctor?" Theopolis asked.

After a few moments had passed. "I found out the information. Theopolis, could you send for Buck. I don't care how sick he is right now, I need to speak to him," Huer said.

"Is there something wrong? He's awfully ill and I don't want to disturb him even if need be," Theopolis said.

"Theopolis, the League, they're out," Huer replies with a concerned expression on his face.

In the dirty room Kellogg and Charisse are standing while Joelin and Thairact are leaning against some old crates.

"That won't work, Charisse. Phil and Nagoris are gone. After we were taken to jail they were put to trial, then taken to a rehabilitation colony," Kellogg said.

"There are others," Charisse replied.

"But we don't have the contacts. The Golden ones are very hard to find and they like being scarce," Joelin said.

"So new plan then," Charisse replied with a evil grin.

In Buck's living room, Buck is on his couch with a device that looks like an mp3 player only a little smaller. It's big enough only to have a music chip fit inside it. Buck's pressing then depressing the player's soft exterior. Dr. Huer is standing to the side of Buck.

Buck glances up towards Dr. Huer and takes the pair of cordless earplugs out of his ears.

"I didn't catch that right, listening to some music," Buck said. Sounding sing-songy in voice. "But did I hear you right? That I was right?" Buck asked.

"This is no matter of humor, Buck. They're out there," Huer replied.

Still with the sing-songy voice. "I told you." Buck sits up on the couch. "Say it," Buck said.

"Say what?" Huer asked.

"That I wasn't making it up, that my life was in danger, that I've never given you false information before, that the proof I wasn't lying is lying in the green house right now," Buck replied.

After a moment Huer brings himself to say it. "You weren't making it up. Your life might still well be in danger. You've never given me false information before. And what proof in the green house?" Huer asked.

"Remember I told you one of them attacked me there? I knocked him out," Buck replied.

"No one was found in there, Buck," Huer said.

Kellogg, Thairact and Joelin were looking over at Charisse.

"We can't do this with Marcus?" Charisse asked.

"Rogers knocked him unconscious after what I can only presume was a vicious fight. I got him out of the Defense Directorate before he was found," Thairact replied.

"Where is he now?" Kellogg asked glancing over at Thairact.

"Some friends of mine that are very skilled in medication are taking care of him," Thairact replied.

Back in Buck's living room. Huer walks over to Buck and helps Buck stand up.

"You can't stay here, Buck. Not as long as they're out there," Huer said.

"Then where do you suggest I go then? Doesn't seem anywhere has been too safe for me today," Buck replied.

"My office, we need to work out a plan to deal with them if they return. Is there anything you think you'll need there?" Huer asked.

"A nasal decongestant and my blaster," Buck replied.

"I think my office will be safe from them, Buck," Huer said.

"Well to how I see it, no place is entirely safe," Buck replies as they start walking towards the door.

Back in the dirty room. Joelin is still leaning against the crates, but Thairact is standing along side Kellogg and Charisse.

"Oh come now guys, "that's" the best way to take him out that you can think of?" Kellogg asked.

"I could destroy his mind, make him a vegetable as it were," Thairact said smiling.

"You have no telepathic powers, you can't do that," Charisse replied.

"I have no need of telepathic powers to do that. All it would take is one hand to phase right in to his brain and then harden while still inside," Thairact replied holding his hand up in a fist. Thairact turns to face Joelin. "You could then play him like a rag doll if you like after that point, Joelin," Thairact said.

"I could play him right now like a rag-doll if I wanted to. How about I play rag-doll with him, turning him into a bloody pulp. Then you turn him into a vegetable to end his misery?" Joelin asked with an evil grin on his face.

Back in Huer's office, Buck is sitting at Huer's desk in his chair, with his head down on the desk. Huer is standing behind it, bent over towards it, using his hands resting on it for balance.

"With what they've tried with you so far, I doubt they'll just give up on you after only three failures! It's my bet that whatever they're planning for you right now, it will be the most deadly sort of plan they would ever think to conjure up!" Huer said.

In a tried voice. "You're making me feel real great right now, you know that?" Buck asked lifting his head a little and looking at Huer.

"Buck, have you ever seen the criminal records on these people?!" Huer asked.

Sounding as he did before. "No sorry, doesn't sound much like a fun read," Buck replied then placing his head back down on the desk.

"Well you should have! Buck, until these people are back where they belong, I want you to stay put in the chamber of the Computer Council," Huer said.

Raising his head with more difficulty. Buck looks at Huer. "I don't want to go to that place, it's creepy," Buck replies.

"Buck ..!" Huer said.

Back in the dirty room. All of the League is standing in an oddly formed circle.

"Rogers won't meet his end today if we all keep bickering like this! It will be first come, first serve on his torment to death by us! Understand!" Kellogg shouts. Kellogg looks around at his teammates for a confirmation. "Well?" Kellogg asked looking into the eyes of his companions.

Thairact, Joelin and Charisse glanced around at one another then turned their attention back to Kellogg.

"Understood," they all replied at the same time.

Outside the Computer Council Forum, Huer, is looking down the walkway towards Buck. Who's slowly entering the room, with one hand gripping a blanket and the other holding his blaster.

"I told you you wouldn't need that in here," Huer said.

"But I need it, you guys keep this room cold to keep these guys from overheating," Buck replied as he glances around the room as he enters. Buck is about ready to close the door.

"I meant the blaster," Huer said.

Buck forced a smile and closed the door. No more than he did that a muffled explosion happened down the hall and Buck rolls his eyes. A moment later, a pounding can be heard on the door. Buck sets his things down on the ground and hits the door's access pad. A man bursts into the room, nearly knocking Buck out of the way who reacts quickly to the new presence. The man turns to see Buck and smiles.

"Thank goodness, oh it's great you're here! People weren't sure where you had gone to! We were afraid you were in your living quarters! Then it's just only the ambuquad that was destroyed in the blast, thank goodness!" The man said.

Chapter 4

Buck's living quarters is a mess, plaster and cement chunks coating the floor. A giant hole in the wall to the outside, letting in more fresh air than any decent place of living needs. Along with Buck, Huer, and Wilma many people roam about the place, assessing the damage done.

"Twiki wasn't destroyed in the blast," Buck said looking around the room.

"How can you sound so sure of that, Buck? This place is devastated," Wilma replied.

"Twiki isn't the one they have their gun-sights on, it's me," Buck replied.

"What? Why are you saying that? Do you think they destroyed your place only to take Twiki to get you?" Wilma asked.

Huer, who's been talking with one of the people roaming the room, walks over, after listening to what the two have been talking about. Huer holding a slip of paper in his hand. "And that's precisely what they did," Huer said.

Huer hands the paper to Buck.

"And kind enough to give directions," Buck replied after reading the paper.

"Buck, you can't go!" Wilma pleaded.

"Yes it's a trap and we're aware of who set it, but I have to go," Buck replied.

"No, I won't let you go, I won't let you risk your life over a mere ambuquad. Unless you can somehow promise me you can take them out without laying a single hand on them. You're too sick!" Huer said.

Buck paused for a moment. "I have an idea, Huer, would you mind it if I helped myself to something small in the armory?" Buck asked. Huer raises his eyebrows at Buck's request.

Back at the dirty room, Buck opens the door and enters.

At first he doesn't see anyone. Then from different directions Thairact enters, followed by Joelin, Charisse, Marcus and Kellogg.

Pointing over his shoulder towards the door. "Is that the only exit?" Buck asked.

"Yes, and which I might add you won't be leaving through," Kellogg replied with a grin.

"What you say, .. um, do you or any of you guys plan on leaving this room?" Buck asked.

"Not until after we're done with you," Charisse replied.

"And, Twiki is here?" Buck asked looking around the dirty room.

Turning his head to one side. "Tin Toy!" Kellogg called out.

Twiki walks into the room. "Buck!" Twiki said in an excited voice.

"Oh enough with this, let's just kill him!" Charisse said.

Buck quickly pulls out of his pocket a gas mask used in the holographic training simulators. And then reaches in to his other pocket and pulls out a fist-sized metal ball with a hole on it. He puts the mask up to his mouth and as fast as possible throws the ball down on to the floor.

In a gassy, puffed flash the room becomes clouded.

Back in Huer's office. Huer is standing behind his desk. Wilma is standing behind Buck, who's leaning his head against the wall, with one of her hands on one of his shoulders.

"That was a very brave thing you did, Buck. Taking them all on alone," Wilma said.

"Well, foolishness would more be the word I'd use for it," Huer replied.

Wilma turns to Huer for a moment. "Dr. Huer!" Wilma says in a disapproved voice.

"Foolish, because it wouldn't have taken much for them to kill him, whether in good health or bad," Huer replied.

"Doctor, I am certain of it that they knew I knew it was a trap. So how am I the foolish one? Because it is they who should have known I'd be ready for them," Buck said glancing over at Huer.

"He didn't even need to lay one finger on them. And this time with them being put away, I think it's highly doubtful they'll ever return," Wilma said with a smile.

"Amen to that," Huer replied.

"Buck?" Wilma asked waiting for Buck's reply.

"Yea yea, amen to that," Buck finally said.

"Is something wrong?" Huer asked with concern.

"My home," Buck said with a sigh.

"Well you don't have to stay there. Not until it's been fixed up," Huer replied.

"I'm not bunking with the computers." Buck turns to face Wilma. "Wilma?" Buck asked in a pleading manner.

"On the couch," Wilma replied smiling.

At the Psychiatric Reimaging Center / Center Chamber.

This is a dark room with the exception of a light coming down from the center of the ceiling. The upper half of the room appears to be an inclined cone in shape, which gives a circle cut to the lower ceiling. Outside the circle cut in the room, it becomes pitch black except for multicolor lights coming from unseen machines. In the center of this room is a raised up table, which is slanted towards the ground. On the table, resting is Kellogg, who's strapped down to it. There are thick cables attached to either side of his head. These cables run down then to both sides of him, then to a machine nested under the table. A Loumis clad in black walks from out of the darkness of the room, to the table where Kellogg is. The Loumis then proceeds to detach the cables from the sides of Kellogg's head, and gently puts them to rest under the table.

"What is your name?" The Loumis asked.

"Occupant number 3748 dash 51 delta," Kellogg replies.

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