Welcome to the Fan Fiction of the 26th Century! These stories or episodes are based off the Buck Rogers in the 26th Century series. These episodes are non-canon so bare in mind they won't follow exact to the time line you readers of the series are familiar with. Any one can summit a story to this page. My only rule is the story doesn't contain slash content.

Now for people who have never heard the term "canon" before in regards to fan fiction. Here's what the Wiki website page has to say for it Click.

Episodes or stories summited so far 3:

| The Draconian Wars |

"The Five Hundred Year Duel"Click to Read
Author's note to the readers: this story is set after the events of episode 19: "If Scorned".

"Bombs Away"Click to Read

"The Prelude to War"Click to Read

"A Draconian Vacation"Click to Read

In a yes sense and in a no sense this is fan fiction based off the 26th Century series. This is a "teaser" for a video version of the series. Now whether any thing ever comes of it is up to the film's producer. Jessie Neumann of Jassian Productions, her website can be found by use of this link http://www.jessieneumann.com/.

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